the Seeing-off in army

Is closed

the Dramatized evening for recruits and their relatives, devoted to wires in army

the curtain Opens.

On a scene: the Waltz. Final ball. Steams are slowly turned. Dance is interrupted with sounds of a military pipe, station noise, diesel locomotive hooters, exclamations of military commands. Blackout. When it becomes again light, girls already on a scene one. At someone in hands a bouquet, someone holds a guitar, a package with products. They run out on a proscenium, peer into auditorium. The march "¤ЁюЁрэшх Рырт эъш" sounds; (soundtrack).

Girls: - Were in time! Here they have not left yet...

- Children... Boys... Boys... Soldiers... Well, in general... I wished to tell... Come back more soon, without you it will be boring.

- Kohl, I will keep your guitar, do not worry. You will arrive - we will sing... You Remember our favourite?

- Serega! I to you here in road have collected something. Itself has prepared, for the first time.

- I will wait for you, you do not think. On dances without you to a step!

- Hey! We will wait for you. Serve easy, for us do not worry. We will wait.

- And how many to wait? Year? Two?

- And how many it would be not necessary, so much and we will wait. A share our such female. Grandmothers waited, mums waited, and we will wait. Than we are worse?

- It is correct, little girls! But represent, what will be a meeting... For All we will make up!

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Girls close eyes. From auditorium on pass to them on a scene the military wind band and together with it guys in the military form rises. There is a joyful meeting, a cheerful cognizance each other, an exchange of news. Pass to a comic recitative:

  • the First girl : Here we look at you, children,
    Also we envy slightly:
    Kind such dashing,
    Also the breast is close for signs.
  • the Second girl : And boots shine,
    And mundirchiki sit,
    Let's tell directly - lovely sight!
  • the Third girl : Well, admit: in uvolnene
    There is no release from girls?
  • the Second girl : And on bearing, on growth
    You, children, though where!
  • the First girl : But we would want questions
    Which-what to you to set.
    Short, fair, not formal
    Everyone should be the answer.
  • the Second : How it was served as you?
  • Soldiers : Normally.
  • the First : How with ucheboju?
  • Soldiers : Normally.
  • the Second : And with sports as?
  • Soldiers : Normally.
  • the First : Something all at you "эюЁьрыіэю"!
    Unless words are not present more clearly?
  • the Sergeant : What words?!
    Could affairs
    To show the affairs!
  • the First soldier : Only is not present matchasti with us...
  • the Second soldier : Eh, the rifle though was.
  • the Sergeant : Yes a target...
    Yes though helmets
    And shovels, at last!
    How you will show?
  • the Soldier : Perhaps in dancing?.
  • the Sergeant : Itself has thought up?! Well done
    In dancing!
    More widely a circle, children,
    Well, have risen amicably all,
    That soldiers
    could themselves To show in all beauty.
    All here!
    Make room on...
    E - e - h!. For Soles do not feel sorry!.
    The dear maestro,
    Something... Become cheerful!

There is a performance - dance of military subjects performed by choreographic collective.

the Girl : Dance was remarkable. It would be possible, and to praise, here only something would not be desirable...

Soldiers : Why?!

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the Girl : we Have taken offence at you (winks at other girls) . Letters to us why seldom wrote?

Soldiers : the Lie! You seldom wrote it. When saw off us so promised?

the game rehash which joins spectators Begins.

(variants "яхёхээюую фшрыюур" Further are given; which young men and girls)

conduct among themselves
  • Soldiers : (V.Mokrousov's Music, S.Ostrovsky's verses)

    Oh, declines are beautiful over Volga...
    You saw off me in soldiers,
    Sting hand,
    Saw off. (3 times)
  • Girls : (E.Kolmanovskogo's Music, K.Vanshenkina's verses)

    We along sleeping houses passed,
    Since the morning we have not closed eyes...
    Here we spent you to army,
    It became sad children without you...
  • Soldiers : (V.Soloveva-Sedogo's Music , M.Dudin's verses)

    And for you, native,
    There is mail field.
    Farewell, the pipe calls,
    Soldiers, in a campaign!
  • Girls : (Muses. J.Frenkelja, M.Tanicha's verses)

    At us in a court yard a leaf fall,
    Mountain ashes are knocked on gates
    I wait for your letters, soldiers,
    And letters come not often …
  • Soldiers : (V.Soloveva-Sedogo's Music , S.Fogelsona's verses)

    We will correspond more often,
    It to us will reduce separation.
    Oh, if to love really,
    Time will imperceptibly fly by -
    Year two …
  • Girls : (S.Tulikova's Music, M.Pljatskovskogo's verses)

    And houses, in far storonke,
    Where downpours autumn pour,
    Offended by all postmen of the little girl,
    Little girls who wait.
  • Soldiers : (V.Shainskogo's Music , V.Haritonova's verses)

    Do not cry, the little girl, will pass rains,
    The soldier will return, you only wait!
    Start up far your loyal friend,
    The love on light is stronger than separations!
  • Girls : (Muses. J.Frenkelja, M.Tanicha's verses)

    Soon again it will be blizzed
    In our window.
    As as you it is served,
    With whom to you it is was on friendly terms,
    What to you dreams in the sleep?
  • Soldiers : (Muses. A.Lepina, A.Fatjanova's verses)

    And me, expensive, warm torments
    To sleep till the morning do not give.
    After all about you all accordions in district
    The best songs sing …
  • Girls : (E.Kolmanovskogo's Music , K.Vanshenkina's Verses)

    You serve easy, children,
    Let's wait for you, brave fighters.
    And so our mothers once
    Waited in a youth of our fathers …
    We know that your service -
    is difficult All uchenja yes early lifting,
    Only to you it is not necessary to doubt -
    You serve, we will wait for you.
  • Soldiers : (Muses. E.Rodygina, N.Kartasheva's verses)

    Wait for me, my Marusja,
    To thicket there were greetings,
    Soon I to you will return,
    Not in the spring, so in the summer.
  • Girls : (E.Kolmanovskogo's Music , K.Vanshenkina's verses)

    Our appointments will be sweet,
    The parental house will be cheerful.
    You soldiers, we yours soldatki
    You serve, we will wait for you …
  • Soldiers : (Muses. J.Frenkelja , M.Tanicha's verses)

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    The girlfriend of the guy expects
    The second maiden spring.
    And letters as if pigeons, fly
    To its far window.

    The soldier - it such!
    And not without reason speak:
    "Ррь№щ true, the most true,
    The most true person - ёюыфр=!"

Upon termination of game there is a dispute - who has won - young men or girls.

the Soldier : All! I offer an armistice. Who will resist, if fight was entered by heavy artillery? And as a sign of love and friendship I suggest all to sing a good song together.

Performed by the soloist the song about love sounds, it is echoed by all participants of evening.

the Girl : Yes... To Write to army it is necessary more often. In army the letter - both mother, and the father, and the beloved.

the Soldier : you Remember, how in a song...

  • "-=ю was at the front, on a first line,
    That will justify and will understand the fighter,
    Which, death and bullets despising,
    It is ready to dance at the sight of яшёіьхчр..."
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the Girl : And what warms soul of the soldier during hard time of service? Let's ask tell about it somebody from old-timers.

To a scene it is invited either the professional military man or the soldier recently demobilised from army. From auditorium can ask questions.

the Girl : And what place in the soldier's I build the song occupies?

the Soldier : the Main! Both in a system and in rest-hours. It to you everyone will tell: both veterans Domestic, and veterans of Afgana, and those who carries a soldier's blouse today. And well, where a guitar?

Taking a guitar, it starts to strum a melody. The poem on a soldier's song which alternates from the potpourri from songs of military years and modern (B.Okudzhava, V.Vysotsky, A.Rozenbaum, from O.Gazmanov's repertoire, group "-¦сІ" sounds; etc.). If there will be no the one who will execute fragments from songs, it is possible to mount a corresponding soundtrack with which it is possible to add slajdoproektsijami on a military theme.

(the Song always in a system)

  • We of songs on service have sung much,
    To us their each couplet,
    is expensive And the song marching with us walked
    Road of a hardship and victories...
    Believe to the soldier, there is no friend more wonderfully,
    More truly in work and in fight,
    And it is correct that old songs
    Today soldiers sing.

(the Block of songs of the Second World War)

  • After all each song - not simply story,
    And dyhane those memorable years,
    When bullets ringed, and the land mine,
    was torn Also did not heat an overcoat soldier's us,
    And the dawn began with fights.

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    In an open country, in entrenchments and tank ditches,
    In a thunder of guns, in a smoke of cannonades
    Were at war, with others on equal terms,
    Companies of songs, as companies of soldiers!

(the Block of the Afghani songs)

  • When, grumbling izmuchenno and angrily,
    War granted to people a respite
    Also bark of the tired out trunks,
    stopped On distant boundaries has got tired gasli flashes,
    The excited automatic machine
    ceased And the silence leant cargo -
    Then a song recollected soldiers
    And guns gave way to muses...
    Also there was a short front rest
    It is filled that bethovenskim by a chord,
    That in the inspired Pushkin line,
    That a joke naughty, a monologue proud,
    That of a songs about eyelashes and eyes,
    About a lovely spark, about solovinoj trills...
    And light soldier's tear
    Dewdrop stiffened on an overcoat...

(the Block of modern songs)

One of soldiers : Military songs business, of course, standing, but all the same during service more often the house you recollect, and such trifles on which earlier and did not reflect...

(lyrical music Sounds)

Other soldiers : - how at school lessons shirked, and teachers at our school class were, in vain shirked.

(Pick up) - how in a court yard in football drove...

- A Disco, there one little girl so danced, and I hesitated to get acquainted...

- And I recollected mum. As it in school awoke me. What pies of a scorching heat. As me, the goof - off, abused, brought up...

One of soldiers : Our mothers... Their feat is never estimated by awards, but they have deserved the highest honours. They fulfilled the duty to the Native land in the most terrible years of tests which were worried by Russia.

They gave it the sons, they waited for them home, taking up all cargo of cares, they nursed the children after wounds. Any victory could not come true without their sacred work.

Low to you bow, our mums. For you sounds Nikolay Starshinova's poem, the poet-front-line soldier, written in far 45th, but, unfortunately, not lost the present and to this day.


Soldier's mother

  • It has turned grey in separation
    For years of great war.
    Its patient hands
    Fire and work kreshcheny
    Those years it was necessary to it is unsweetened:
    All family has left to be at war,
    And houses it -
    And soldatka,
    And our soldier's mother.

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    But it took out troubles,
    Without frowning high eyebrows.
    It ploughed and mowed
    For the husband,
    For the elder son,
    For younger sons.

    Also I trusted again and again,
    That in each envelope I will find
    Its parent word,
    Its reduced:

    I knew these years abrupt,
    That each line of the letter
    With it Russia,
    together wrote Russia, Russia itself!


One of mothers of recruits is invited To a scene to give the parental parting word. After its performance the poem "Гртх=" sounds; D.Kedrina which leaders (both girls, and young men) under solemn raised music can read.


the Precept

  • At an o'clock of tests
    Bow to fatherland
    In Russian,
    In feet,
    Also tell to it:
    - Mother!
    You my life!
    You to me are more expensive than a life!
    With you - to live,
    With you - to die!
    Be true to it.

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    And how it was long
    And tjazhek day military majaty, -
    Kohl the plowman you,
    Give it everything, as Minin,
    Be to it Suvorov,
    Kohl the soldier you.
    Love it.

    Swear, as our grandfathers,
    Mountain to stand
    For its life and honour,
    To tell
    At desired o'clock of a victory:
    - And mine
    Here the honey drop is!

Soldiers : - time Has come to say goodbye. Little girls, do not cry. Years of service will pass quickly. Also there will come that day when to you your matured and grown up children will return. Only it is necessary to trust and wait.

the wind band Enters, he plays the same melody, as in the beginning of evening.

- Time spent to armies, hope, will be remembered to you by strong soldier's friendship.

- Will bring to you life experience and training.

- And for someone the military service becomes a trade.

- Good luck! Hold a head it is proud! As in a song it is sung "-х=, do not bend you, will be т№ёюъшьш..."

Girls : - Children...

- Boys...

- Soldiers! Serve easy. You will truly and with hope to wait your beloveds, friends, fathers and mothers, all your relatives.

- Come back with a victory.

- To a meeting, friends! "-ю appointments, boys, try to return эрчрф!"

Soldiers invite girls to dance.

the curtain


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