the Valentine's day

  • the Leader 1: Love not all: not bread and not water,
    Not a roof in a downpour, not nude clothes, '
    Not a trunk floating to sinking, when
    Forces and hopes have already run low.
    Does not replace air love,
    When dyhanja in lungs does not suffice
    Not srashchivaet the bone, does not clear blood,
    But without love at times die....

It is a lot of centuries back to soldiers of Roman empire the law did not allow to marry. It was on pain of death forbidden to consecrate such marriages to priests. But there was a person who, despite a severe interdiction, secretly consecrated the unions of the enamoured. When it became known, it has been executed. Him called Valentine. From more exact sources, the sacred Valentines died in Ancient Rome in 269 and esteemed in the same day, was two. One of them was in Rome the preacher and the doctor. Other Valentine - the bishop Ternijsky lived in 60 kilometres from Rome. Both have been executed. On February, 14th - day of memory both of them but why all the same it is a holiday enamoured?

the Leader 2: Legends and conjectures in this respect exists much. Also that the most surprising - almost all of them are beautiful and romantic. Day of honouring of sacred Valentine coincides with tradition of a guessing on promiseds. On ancient English poverju: on February, 14th, when the nature does turn by the spring, at birds the period of marriage games begins: they share on couples and by that open "ёхчюэ ы¦стш". And one more acknowledgement to that on February, 14th - day enamoured: expecting execution for the belief in one of the Roman prisons, sacred Valentine has composed the letter to the daughter of the supervisor and has signed its words: "-р° -рыхэ=шэ". Then has cured wonderfully it of blindness, but despite this noble act, has been executed.

the Leader 1: the Sad story, of course, but we are set up today optimistically and following tradition which occurs to England and the USA, we celebrate now the Valentine day. And, actually, why at us such holiday was not? After all at us so many enamoured people.

the Leader 2: Yes, perhaps, all are enamoured; who in the wife, who in the schoolmate, who in the film celebrity or platforms, who in the president, who in the trade etc. And time so such holiday should be and at us!

Our entertaining program for you if you have not turned to the definitive bore though time in a life has been enamoured and have not lost ability to rejoice a life.

(the Soundtrack: "+рсрэхЁр" from Bizet's opera "-рЁьхэ".)

the Leader 1: Questions to spectators:

How just sounded product is called? Who its author? Who has written a short story "-рЁьхэ"? (Prosper Merimee).

Who has executed for the first time a title part in ballet "-рЁьхэ-ё¦ш=р"? (Majja Plisetskaya).

the Leader 2: Now we invite to a scene of those whom call Valentine or Valentine. We will get acquainted more close with people who bear such fine name. I suggest to spend small a blitz-interview:

  1. you like your name? You know, what it means? (In a translation from Latin - strong, healthy).

  2. "¦юцэю many times to fall in love, but to love only one time .." It from an operetta of Kalmana "Ршыітр". And what you think concerning this statement?

  3. "Ї I remember a wonderful instant, before me was =№Е" you remember this instant? How it was?

  4. "-=ю it can be compared to my Matildoj. " you can so to say about the ladylove? Why?

  5. "-¦сюті it is unintentional эруЁ эх=Е" Or you consider, what all the same it is necessary to prepare for that event?

  6. One of musical heroes asserts that "ёхЁфчх beauties is inclined to шчьхэх" you join it? Or you have a point of view?

  7. "-¦сюті never happens without уЁѕё=шЕ" And often it was necessary to you or it is necessary to long during this period?

  8. As you consider, the car - the assistant in love or a hindrance? Or at you a separate opinion in this respect?

At us interesting acquaintance to Valentines has taken place. We thank you and in honour of the World day enamoured accept for memory souvenirs.

the Leader 1: And now for all participants of the today's program - small warm-up,

You name known people who call Valentine or Valentine. The one who will name the last, receives a souvenir of our program (Valentine Gaft - the actor, Valentine Kataev - the writer, Valentine Levashov - the composer, Valentine Nikulin - the actor, Valentine Pikul - the writer, Valentine Rasputin - the writer, Valentine Serov - the artist, Valentine Smirnitsky - the actor, Valentine Yudashkin - the fashion artist, Valentina Vladimova - the actress, Valentina Grizodubova - the woman - pilot, Valentina Legkostupova - the variety singer, Valentina Leonteva - the announcer of TV, Valentine Maljavina - the actress, Valentina Ponomareva - the singer, Valentina Serova - the actress, Valentina Talyzina - the actress, Valentina Telichkina - the actress, Valentina Tereshkova - the space pilot, Valentina Titov - the actress, Valentina Tolkunova - the singer.

(the Note: it is possible to play from the return, i.e. to name a name, a surname and to ask, who they).

the Winner of competition award.

the Leader 2: In February a name day not only at Valentina, but also at Anna, Maria, Victor, Evgenie, Ivan, Alexander, Dmitry, Xenia, Svetlana, Zoe.

We Invite at whom a name day in February, to a scene.

I will give to Each participant by a card on which it is written on one name of known literary and musical heroes. It is necessary for you to find as soon as possible the pair For example, Ruslan searches for the Lyudmila etc. As soon as "ты¦сыхээ№х" will find each other, they should approach at once to a microphone and to name names of the duet made by them.

(The Master - Margarita, Andrey Bolkonsky - Natasha Rostova, Evgenie Onegin-Tagjana Larin, Lensky - Olga, Ajvengo - lady Rovena (Walter Scott "+щтхэую"), Albert - Giselle (ballet Adana "гшчхыі"), Edvin - Silva (an operetta of Kalmana "Ршыітр"), Quixote - Dulsineja, Kaj - Gerd, Romeo - Juliette, Antony - Cleopatra, Tristan - Isoice, Petchorin - Is white, Chatsky - Sofia.

For winners of this competition one more small task.

In day enamoured to England and the USA send each other congratulatory cards, letters, parcels post, parcels with an obligatory symbol of a holiday - a heart. So, your congratulations....

(Participants approach to a microphone.)

(Rewarding of winners).

the Leader 1: And again competition for all participants of the today's program. Film auction. You know films in which names there is a word "ы¦сы¦" "ы¦сшь№щ" "ы¦сш=і" "ты¦сыхээ№щ" etc.

(to the Winner of competition the prize is handed over).

(addresses to it) And you know verses on love? Let's recollect well-known Pushkin "Ї I remember wonderful ьуэютхэіх..." we Will read together, I will begin, and you to continue.

  • I remember a wonderful instant:
    Before me (you were)
    As fleeting (image),
    As the genius (pure beauty).

    In tomlenjah grief (hopeless)
    In alarms noisy (vanities),
    The voice (gentle)
    sounded to me long Also dreamt lovely (lines).

    There were years. Storms an impulse (rebellious)
    Has disseminated former (dreams) .
    And I have forgotten your voice (gentle),
    Your heavenly (lines).

    In a solitude, in a gloom zatochenja
    Lasted silently (my days)
    Without a deity, (without vdohnovenja),
    Without tears, without a life, (without love).

    To shower has come probuzhdene;
    And here again (you were) |
    As (a fleeting image),
    As (the genius of pure beauty).

    And heart fights in (upoeni),
    And for it have revived (again)
    And a deity, (and vdohnovene),
    And a life, and (tears, and love).

Perfectly. Thanks. For you and for all a romance....

(Names a romance and the executor).

the Leader 2: Dear friends! In the conclusion of our meeting resolve some councils-aphorisms Kozmy Prutkova:

  • "-х joke with women; these jokes are silly and эхяЁшышёэ№",
  • "-ы¦сыхээ№щ in one person passionately - suffers another only on Ёрёёх=ѕ",
  • "- a building of human happiness the friendship puts up walls, and the love forms ъѕяюы",
  • "рхтэшт№щ the husband is similar =ѕЁъѕ".

the Leader 1: That's all. We thank for participation and we hope that "фхэі sacred -рыхэ=шэр" becomes tradition in our city and we will meet you on February, 14th the next year. Good luck to you, happiness, love!


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