Day of the teacher

the Scenario of the thematic evening devoted to Day of the teacher

the Scene is festively decorated. On a back - an inscription "¤Ёшьш=х ours яючфЁртыхэш ". Before a scene two TVs are established. The soundtrack "Пъюыіэ№щ трыіё".


Teachers are in foyer.

There are two leaders, the soundtrack calms down.

the Leader 1 . There is in a life one magic threshold which nobody can cross indifferently. It is a school threshold. Let the person is already old, all the same it not without shyness crosses a school threshold. And, having crossed, at once will recollect the school sonorous childhood, about teachers.

  • the Leader 2 . You remember: was around
    Sea of flowers and sounds?
    From warm mum's hands
    The teacher took your hand.
  • the Leader 1 . It conducted you in the first class
    Solemnly and respectfully.
    Your hand and now.
    In a hand of your teacher.
  • the Leader 2 . Pages of books,
    turn yellow Change river names,
    But you its pupil.
    Then, now and forever.
  • the Leader 1 . And if in a life big -
    It is free or involuntarily -
    You suddenly will palter,
    To it it will be very sick.
  • the Leader 2 . And if at severe o'clock
    You will stand, as the man,
    The smile will rush from eyes
    Beams of kind wrinkles.
  • the Leader 1 . Give on a fresh wind
    More brightly to it to inflame...
    From warm mum's hands
    The teacher took your heart!
  • the Leader 2 . Romanticists...
    And who they, these romanticists?
    Really on geologists - a wedge the earth?
    And if dreamers -
    Physicists, mathematicians, teachers!

Under music teachers enter, take seat for little tables.

  • the Leader 1 . Strict and tender...
  • the Leader 2 . Wise and sensitive...
  • the Leader 1 . At whom a grey hair on temples...
  • the Leader 2 . That who recently from walls institute...
  • the Leader 1 . That who, having told us secrets of opening,
    Learns to achieve in work victories...
  • the Leader 2 . To all, whom a proud name - the teacher...
    Together. Our grateful, hot greetings!
  • the Leader 2 . Let a celebratory bouquet
    To you all will tell for us,
    About that is so much years
    We very much love you.
    For honesty, modesty, mind,
    For clearness of your eyes,
    For your kindness, so rare now.

amateur performances turn is done.

the Leader 2 . The teacher! Word what close and expensive to heart! Much is forgotten by the person, much is erased in due course in its memory. Pass years, memoirs on the childhood and a youth grow dull, but memory of favourite teachers is not subject to time.

Among set of trades the teacher always stood and costs on a special place. All deal with it, whoever then they steels.

Is not present on the earth of the person which a kind word would not recollect the teacher who have given the permit in the big life.

We remember them always, our teachers, but in this holiday we would like to tell especially warm words of love and gratitude. Today it, our expensive, our favourite, all flowers, all kindest wishes!

Sitting in a hall give to teachers flowers.

the song "-р°ш ѕёш=хы ".


the Leader 1 . Dear friends! As they say, it is better to see once, than hundred times to hear. And now give together with you we will make small walk on our schools.

On the TV record of reportings from the schools which have been removed on a videocamera is shown.
10 - 15 minutes Are executed dance "-х=ё=тю".

  • the Leader 2 . Is not present on light pochyotnej work,
    Than teachers work uneasy.
    We will not forget you never
    And your love we will be worthy!

the Leader 1 . Teachers! In them we see that fine directness, that humanity, simplicity and keenness which are inherent in best of the best.

Work of the teacher Is hard, immeasurable. And today, this celebratory evening, it is necessary to recollect the teachers who have left on deserved rest.

surnames Will become engrossed in reading.

the Leader 2 . Expensive, lovely our teachers! Allow to tell to you great thanks for your self-denying work, for sincere generosity, for warmth the hearts given to the pupils.

the Leader 1 . Thanks you for your persistent work

From all from us who are present here!

the musical gift


the Leader 2 . The teacher's collective of our school looks younger every year. Here and today young experts have come to a family of teachers and have strongly taken a place behind a teacher's table.

the Leader 1 . They still do not know much. But experience comes in the course of time. Be not afflicted, if there will be failures: joyful and pleasant minutes too will be.

the Leader 2 . And not to draw upon itself anger of administration, it is necessary to remember 10 precepts of the teacher only.

There are readers and say precepts of the teacher.

  • the Reader 1. Listen to the director, he is better you knows, how many and whom to put the two.
  • the Reader 2. Before to put the two, think, who will correct it.
  • the Reader 3. Remember: for full progress all means are good.
  • the Reader 4. Still N.V.Gogol asked: "¦§, a bird-three, who you т№фѕьры?" Now we know that a three have invented for achievement of 100% of progress.
  • the Reader 5. Do not abuse trade-union committee for a divergence, to the unemployed too it is unsweetened.
  • the Reader 6. Honour the director of studies: otherwise it to you will make so much "юъюэ" that light you will not see.
  • the Reader 7. Do not forget that, except Days of health, Days of an aesthetics, is also Day of the teacher.
  • the Reader 8. Be upset Less, be more reconstructed.
  • the Reader 9. Do not blame for all sins of the director, is also formation Department.
  • the Reader 10. This precept concerns those who is already elderly more. Do not envy young teachers: it still so it is far to pension.

the musical gift Sounds.

the Leader 1 . Expensive teachers! And now I invite to a scene a propaganda team "ГрЁ эюёър" the Padinsky rural Recreation centre.

On a scene there are participants of a propaganda team.

the Participant 1 . You, probably, have noticed, friends how much today has appeared songs and verses on the romanticist?

the Participant 2 . It and is clear: romanticism, inspiring with dream, carries away us in space and lowers in depths of ocean, calls on a pole and in taiga distances.

the Participant 3 . And, if to speak fairly, romanticism has resulted us in school

the Participant 4 . After all the one who, despite the small salary, despite every possible problems and difficulties, learns your children, should be indispensable...

All . Romanticists!

  • the Participant 1 . Romanticism not a fantastic bird,
    Not a song about skitanjah brigantin,
    That romanticist who is young and aspires
    To reach in all unknown tops!
  • the Participant 2 . The teacher, it the romanticist since the birth!
    The teacher, it the romanticist from head to foot!
    And the school world - the country of courage and umenja,
    The cheerful world of little-used roads.
  • the Participant 3 . Romanticism! In its most nature,
    Romanticism - soul and its essence.
    Always and everywhere were famous in the people
    Besstrashe, boldness, dexterity, skill.

the Participant 1 . Dear friends, all of you know that the theatre begins with a hanger, well and school work begins with pedagogical educational institutions.

the Participant 2 . And here examinations are passed, has passed distribution, and our experts have left to destination.

Sing on motive "+фшэ Moscow ъхэ=...".

  • we Have finished ped,
    Have arrived to village
    To lift culture in weights!
    In eyes fire,
    burnt Played veins blood,
    Also was not to occupy enthusiasm. (2 times)

the Participant 3 . Stop, have arrived! Here Padinsky school № 4

the Participant 4 . Our experts have started the duties.

  • All sing: Oh as we have come to school to work,
    How many plans, workings out
    Daily here since morning,
    At lessons children,
    Both mugs, and discos,
    In plans - accuracy, as in a drugstore,
    Well and to us - love forever...
    In... And much which that.
    Oh, yes we it is vain in school were torn,
    Our wings have broken off
    The help, well, anywhere,
    How further we will live?!
    Money released a little,
    The municipal have taken away
    And the salary have detained...
    In... And it is more than anything!

Sing on motive "Кюярх= ьры№°".

  • Top, top, stamps physical hands,
    His fingers are all thumbs,
    Has worked, poor, all the day
    And, going home, has sat down on a stub.
    top, top, top, top.
    You go home.
    top, top, top, top.
    Tomorrow the day off.

    Time, two, three, four, five,
    The rain has passed, the sports hall again has begun to flow.
    Volleyball ball road -
    There is nothing to buy. Though a wolf howl!
    And rajono to the aid does not go
    And the children sickly grow.

    top, top, the skeleton,
    stamps It is ours of physical hands has come to naught.
    And problem circle - the whole warehouse,
    Also the salary does not raise.
    And can, to us of hands not to lower?
    And farmers in sponsors to call?

sobbings Are heard.

  • the Participant 1 . Our Tanja loudly cries,
    Does not sing and does not skip,
  • the Participant 2 . How many a grief and grief!
    To it the salary have detained

the Participant of 3 propaganda teams sings on T.Bulanovoj's motive "¤ырёѕ".

  • To crying! On you, my salary,
    Bitterly I cry!
    Tears, tears flow,
    It is impossible to appease them.
    But I trust, but I trust
    Also I hope for good luck,
    That will give the salary,
    I will smile again!
  • the Participant 4 . Will suffice you to roar. After all at us today a holiday!
    All. Day of the teacher!
  • the Participant 1 . The hall by fires,
    is decorated brightly Today you on a visit at us.
    For us, native, a meeting with you,
    As a light holiday, each time.
  • the Participant 2 . We meet with celebratory volnenem
    You expensive to us of people.
    Who could brag in day of a birth
    Such quantity of visitors?
  • the Participant 3 . How to us to remember your persons?
    To name all of you on names,
    But of you we have the right to be proud
    Allow to bow to you!


the Leader 1 . Expensive teachers! We wish you eternal spring, an eternal youth, eternal burning and in a gift we give this dance.


  • the Leader 1 . Do not dare to forget teachers.
    They about us are anxious, and remember,
    And in silence of the reflected rooms
    Wait for our returnings and messages.
  • the Leader 2 . They do not have not enough our meetings infrequent.
    And however many passed years,
    There is a teacher's happiness
    From our student's victories.
  • the Leader 1 . And we at times so are indifferent to them:
    On New Year's Eve we do not send them congratulations,
    And in vanity, or simply from laziness
    We do not write, we do not come, we do not call.
  • the Leader 2 . They wait for us. They watch us
    Also rejoice every time for those,
    Who again somewhere will pass examination
    On courage, on honesty, on success.
  • the Leader 1 . Do not dare to forget teachers.
    Let the life will be worthy their efforts.
    is famous for teachers Pupils bring glory to it.

    Together . Do not dare to forget teachers!

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