the school-leaving party Program

(the Hall is festively issued Sounds "-рыіё" G.Sviridov. There is a leader)

the Leader: This day will for a long time be remembered to all of you: to teachers, each of which has given knowledge to these girls and young men, learnt to their kindness of honesty; to parents who now with pleasure and alarm peer at the persons who somehow at once have matured, children. This day on all life will be remembered to you - graduates. It is last day when you still all together and it is possible to wander on a night city. Already tomorrow in your life new readout will begin.

As you from teachers often heard, parents: "- your years are time for solving definitively for a long time, than to be engaged in a life. Show the character, where yours шэфштшфѕрыіэюё=і?" And so, there has come this day, when the childhood cunningly irrevocably when you reflect on the future. In the world it is so much trades! How to find the business? Yes, has passed that time when carefree, under parental guardianship, you did not reflect on a forthcoming choice, about an adult life. And just now, having passed final examinations, you should become businessmen - students!

Dear visitors, teachers, the parents, expensive children! There has come the most solemn moment. For delivery of certificates I invite to a scene of the director of high school.

(the Congratulation of the principal. Solemn delivery of certificates)

the Leader: having passed last examination, you have closed behind yourselves a school door. So you have added a final chapter in the school novel. And if to look through pages of this novel it is possible to read about the first and last calls, about the first school opening, about the first appointment and about the first love, how have allowed to write off control to the neighbour in a school desk... Store this novel, do not lose page. Store friendship, store in memory of the person of the teachers, friends.

(the Song "+ъюэёхэ school Ёюьрэ")

the Leader: Will pass time, you receive a trade, you will have families, children will be born, but you will not forget school never. Never will forget the first teacher who then for 10 years was younger. As it would like, that you have grown umnenkimi-razumnenkimi, cultural, approximate. You will recollect, how it entered into a class, smiled and began usual and unusual lessons.

(the call Rings. On a scene there is a first teacher of graduates.)

  • the Teacher : Hello, children!
    You just heard,
    As the call has rung out in a corridor.
    Have quickly cleaned from a school desk all superfluous,
    We begin a new lesson!
    It not reading, it not singing,
    Not mathematics and not works,
    We will disassemble samples of behaviour,
    As should be conducted decently.
    Houses in all to submit to parents,
    In time to have supper, in time to sleep;
    At school attentively to listen to the teacher.
    To seniors road everywhere to concede.
    It is forbidden to beat to boys girls,
    To girls of boys not to call.
    After meal do not forget a plateau
    CHistenko to wash up and in a locker to clean.
    Every morning, having made gymnastics,
    To clean a teeth, to fill bed,
    Well, and then to put in order
    Footwear, clothes, apartment, portfolio.
    Loudly do not laugh and do not play pranks,
    Step go, hurry,
    Nose breathe, an eye look,
    Listen an ear and eat with a mouth.
    Strong love a cream of wheat,
    Onions, tomatoes, Fatherland and work.
    And here then about you will tell:
    "¦=ю good children Ёрё=ѕ=!"
    Children! What with you? You sleep? Strange!
    My God, what inattentive class!
  • the Pupil (from a hall): Yes everything has bothered, to Marja Ivanovna!
    It we heard one thousand times!
    Stand on strunke, walk in couples,
    Do not pick a finger in a nose!
    All has changed, Marja Ivanovna,
    Black white became now.
    And anything here such strange,
    If the class has taken a nap for a minute!

(the Word for congratulations is given to teachers. Graduates give them flowers. A music turn.)

the Leader: Once educational institutions were called "+ыіьр ьр=хЁ". By right it is considered that the school is our second house, our family. Parents especially are anxious about destiny of maturing children, - that expects them, whom they become?

(the Word is given to parents of graduates. A music turn.)

  • the Graduate 1: Which year, ah, it is difficultly right,
    And to recollect: years so fly!
    You before etoju a crowd
    There is which year successively.
    About, 45 minutes of a lesson!
    About, pleasure of a complete silence,
    When, are open widely,
    Eyes to you are directed.
    Trustfully also it is defenceless
    They look, and you in a circle
    Those dark blue, brown eyes, the teacher,
    As on nekoshenom to a meadow.
    They are again full vnimanja,
    They are full of love to you,
    All of them see! Only early
    Yours do not see a grey hair...
  • the Graduate 2: If there would be no teacher,
    That also would not be, probably,
    Neither the poet, nor the thinker,
    Neither Shakespeare, nor Kopernik.
    And until now, probably,
    If there would be no teacher,
    Unopened Americas
    Remained unopened.
    And not to be to us Ikarami,
    Never we would soar up in the sky,
    If in us it staranjami
    Wings have not been grown up.
    Without it hearts kind
    There was no world so is surprising,
    Therefore to us and it is expensive
    Name of our teacher.

(Delivery of colours to the class teacher. A music turn.)

  • the Graduate 3: Again over school Cupids
    turn Also sharpen arrows, filling quivers,
    And you to us again about Ohm laws,
    About Izmail, about Pifagorovy trousers.
    As Natashka from the first school desk
    has blossomed And Ninka with a heel too anything,
    And you again about planimetric cards,
    About 2ПиР, проН2О.
    That to us from the one whom loved Regional ohms,
    And so the boy any
    will answer you Great simple axiom:
    "+э plus It equals ы¦сюті!"

(the Music turn. Upon termination of number there are three graduates.)

  • the Graduate 1: We say goodbye, and us forgive.
  • the Graduate 2: Only silent tears from eyes.
  • the Graduate 3: We say goodbye and we promise:

  • Together: That we will return here once again!

(Graduates leave from a scene. There is a leader.)

the Leader: Have ceased last applause, last chords of music... The hall Now will become empty, light will go out and the curtain will fall. So there is at theatre, in a life all differently. The life theatre never comes to an end. Action follows action, the plot varies only, there are new heroes. Tomorrow you will start to write the new play. You have a choice - whom to play and how to play. Only on you depends, whom you become. But your parents and teachers trust in you and hope that you become not businessmen, and businessmen. And businessmen can make much: our life comfortable, a city elegant, houses cosy, people the happy. And this main thing!

You will make mistakes and them to correct, burn and do conclusions. There comes your time!

(Sounds "-рыіё" G.Sviridov. Graduates and teachers rise on a scene.)

the Leader : Join hands, because so it is easier, because the friend always will help, because in a life there are no simple roles, but any role in any play whether it be a comedy, a drama - it is necessary to play fair and it is talented, not to change and not to be false. Remember heat of hands of your schoolmates which gained you time and again a difficult minute from which you received time and again clicks which pulled you plaits. After all already tomorrow near to you there will be other people. Let it will be good people.

So, in the school novel you have put last end. Good luck! Good luck to you on this way!

( the song soundtrack "+ъюэёхэ school Ёюьрэ" Sounds;. Graduates go down from a scene. The official part is finished. Continuation of evening to the discretion of organizers.)


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