the New Year's regatta

the Scenario of a corporate holiday

the cafe Hall where passes evening, in a New Year's way is decorated. At all its New Year's furniture, here there should be sea motives as the subjects of evening are declared already in the name. That it can be: ropes, rope ladders, fishing nets, volume paper ornaments (fishes, stars, crabs, octopuses …). Bright colourful posters too will not be superfluous:

  • "- New year - seven foots under ъшыхь!"
  • "-рь in New year any sea on ъюыхэю!"
  • "Рёрё=ыштюую New Year's яыртрэш !"
  • "¤юяѕ=эюую a wind in New уюф!"

the Prelude

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While participants of celebratory evening gather in a cafe hall, modern smash hits on New Year's and sea subjects sound.

In foyer, on a dancing spontaneous game attractions are spent. Why the spontaneous?. Because for participation in them nobody agitates, not nazidaet on obligatory participation. The game space and game action is necessary for counting so that visitors under the initiative took part in the offered game attractions and entertainments. Attractions settle down on all free celebratory space not to disturb each other. The animator who explains game rules works for each game point, gives out prizes, (and it is possible, and raises money).

"+т=юуЁр¶ on ярь =і".

At an input in a hall in a prominent place on a wall the pure Whatman paper, from above an inscription is attached:

  • "-ё ъ who here, be not too lazy,
    Here for memory Ёрёяш°шёі".

From two parties of a Whatman paper dark blue and red markers are attached on strings. Ladies gentlemen - dark blue put the autograph a red marker. It is possible to leave the congratulation also. And the most interesting to read on a course of evening.

During evening it is possible to use the information: how many visitors are present at evening; how many women (autographs of red colour); how many men (autographs of dark blue colour).

"-ютюуюфэ   Ё№срыър".

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It is necessary to prepare a requisite: 2-3 fake fishing tackles on which instead of a hook the ring (metal is attached, will approach a ring for curtains). Also to be necessary a stop watch or hours with a second hand and drinks in bottles.

The Task: players from the established distance try to put on a ring a bottle neck. Has managed "юъюыічхтр=і" a bottle - receive it as a present. Instead of subjects for "ѕыютр" it is possible to use bottles with various drinks: mineral water, a soft drink, beer, sparkling, cognac …

As, as a rule, it is a lot of interested persons, it is possible to establish a following rule:

  • soft drinks - 1 minute "Ё№срыъш" there are 5 roubles;
  • alcoholic drinks - 1 minute of 10 roubles.

"¤юфтюфэ№щ =шЁ".

The Requisite: a 3-litre jar with water at which bottom there is a small pile (wine-glass).

The Task: to throw a coin in bank so that it has got to a pile. It is possible to throw only roubles (not copecks). Has got to a pile - win a prize. The coin has flown by by - money remains in bank.

"¦юЁёъющ сющ".

The Requisite: from reek to build a skeleton 1,5 h 1,5 m; on rejkam to fill carnations and to pull a scaffold so that the grid from squares has turned out: across cages to number in figures (from 1 to 8), on a vertical - letters (from And to. Thus, the game field from 64 cages turns out. Two plastic balls connected among themselves by a short lace (5-7 sm) also will be necessary. Balls on diameter should easily passes in cages.

The Task: the player throws the connected balls on vertically established game field so that balls have hung in any cage. At the animator on a tablet the same game field on which are painted over in different places of 5-7 cages is represented is "ъюЁрсыш". If balls have appeared in that cage where is "ъюЁрсыі" the player wins a prize. If attempt unsuccessful - alas …

At will of organizers, game it is possible "яыр=эющ": one attempt - 1 rouble.

the Prologue.

Music Sounds. Visitors approach, hand over outer clothing in clothes and leave autographs, and who and congratulations-wishes …

Someone has already grown exited and has taken a great interest in games. Someone lovely communicates with each other, or observes for playing …

For 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the program sounds musical otbivka and …

the Announcer. Ladies and gentlemen! In 15 minutes a New Year's regatta to go to celebratory swimming! Thanks!

For 10 minutes prior to the beginning of the program again sounds musical otbivka and a voice of the announcer.

the Announcer. Ladies and gentlemen! In 10 minutes signal to start will be given to a celebratory New Year's regatta! Thanks!

For 5 minutes prior to the beginning of the program - musical otbivka and the announcer.

the Announcer. Ladies and gentlemen! In 5 minutes we will go to New Year's travel! Take the places! Thanks!

So, time has approached to the beginning of the celebratory program. Solemn fanfares …


the Announcer. Ladies and gentlemen! Attention …

The Musical introduction. The leader leaves from songs. Probably that the song is executed by the vocalist.

  • the Leader. Once day wonderful to us comes,
    And all with hope wait its arrival.
    About again this miracle occurs,
    And this miracle a holiday - New year!
    And behind a window fluffy snow sparkles,
    The sparrow has ruffled up on a branch.
    With friends this evening we will gather
    Favourite holiday to meet more soon.

    the Refrain: New year! New year!
    On a planet there is a New year!
    New year! New year!
    With new happiness New year will come!
  • the Leader. Snow cold serebritsja,
    The moonlight over it streams,
    Stars drive a round dance...
    Also approaches light, clear,
    Stately and fine,
    The newest New year!
    It goes with a cheerful song,
    With each step all is more wonderful
    He about pleasure sings.
    In each heart of sonorously string
    Answer: "ГфЁртё=тѕщ, young
    The most young New уюф!"
    It would be desirable to tell so much …
    The road is ahead light!
    Time rushes, the life does not wait!
    Hi, light, hi, clear
    The visitor desired, the visitor fine!
    Hi, nice New year!

the Leader. Kind New Year's evening, dear friends!

As it is pleasant that we have a holiday to which rejoice all. The holiday which knows no limit in time, but in space, is elderly. Probably, a unique holiday in a year which promises us a miracle!

And it is not important, there will be it or not … that we in it trust is important. And if it is belief and miracle expectation in us does not die away, means, the greatest events in our life have not come true yet.

Dear friends! Look around, pay attention, near to you your friends and colleagues - elegant, beautiful, cheerful sit, celebratory … we Will smile each other! We will smile from the bottom of the heart! Also we will wish all together:

"Р New year! With new ёёрё=іхь!".а

Musical prompt.

  • the Leader. So, friends, it is time has come,
    For this celebratory table,
    To fill with all the glasses
    Sparkling iridescent wine!.
    Toast. Champagne. Music. A banquet pause.

the Impromptu "+ѕъчшюэ "эют№§" цхырэшщ".

the Leader. In these holidays we wish each other only new … New year! New happiness! - if someone old does not arrange … New friends! - though it is not necessary to forget that "ё=рЁ№щ the friend, is better new фтѕ§"Е

And what we wish each other new on the threshold of New year? …

Auction "эют№§ яюцхырэшщ".

Is spent

the Impromptu "Крэч-рѕъчшюэ яѕ=х°хё=тшщ".

the Leader. Thanks for a kaleidoscope of wishes, and joining them, I wish to wish all of you new travel. By the way, we will recollect, on what it is possible to travel. But the variants, it is necessary not to name, and to show. As soon as music will begin to sound, someone from you rises from the a place, and in a music step shows movement on which all of us will understand on what people of our planet …


It is spent "Крэч-рѕъчшюэ яѕ=х°хё=тшщ".

the Impromptu "-ряш=рэ, the name, яхёэ ".

the Leader. So, we were convinced that means of movement for travel set. But I suggest all to go to New Year's cruise over waves of good mood, with wishes of a fair wind and "ёхьш foots under ъшыхь"Е So, I declare the beginning "-ютюуюфэхщ Ёхур=№".

Musical prompt.

the Leader. In a New Year's regatta participates ___ crews.

The Quantity of crews is defined by quantity of little tables.

the Leader. Each crew, that is each little table of our celebratory space, chooses the captain, thinks out the name of the yacht. Thus remember: "-ръ you the yacht name, so it and яюяы№тх=". And do not forget about a passing song which you soon will present us, that is will sing.

Time at you very little how many the song, exactly so much, will sound. Questions are not present? …

The song "-ряш=рэ, the captain, ѕы№сэш=хёі!" Sounds;. A song can execute both the leader, and the vocalist.

the Leader. Stop! Time - money, and money are not given to us easily … So, we begin parade-representation of crews of a New Year's regatta.

Each crew represents the captain, the yacht name, a passing song.

the Leader. All is ready to start! I hand over to captains on a shell which will announce opening of New Year's swimming …

Crackers or boom-fetti are handed over to Captains.

the Leader. Captains, are ready? Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Pli! … to Give the mooring! …

Explosions of crackers. Musical prompt.

the Impromptu "рюч№уЁ№° with °рьярэёъшь".

the Leader. Before the swimming beginning, about a board the champagne bottle … breaks But we will not break it, and we will better play …

From the letters making a word "°рьярэёъюх" it is possible to make many other words, for example: the shaman, a plait, chance … Here and to you is given unique chance, to flash the intelligence and "Ёрчсш=і" ours "°рьярэёъюх" on set of words-splinters. That crew which names last word, becomes the owner of this New Year's drink. If there are no questions, begin …

Draw Is spent. Helps of words: the sir, the punk, juice, a nose, a game, a shop, a cap, a frisk, a dream, an interline interval, a catfish, mena, foam, etc.

the Leader. signal to start is given to a New Year's regatta! On a course of a celebratory route we will get acquainted with New Year's traditions of the countries at which coast we will make intermediate finishes. For a victory and active participation in novogodne-national competitions, crews will receive an honourable tag-pendant. The more tags onboard your yacht, the more long New Year's flazhkovaja a garland. The more long the garland, the is more than chances to become owner Gran-pri of a festively-New Year's regatta.

For now, the show gastronomic pause …


the Banquet pause with show numbers and celebratory toasts-congratulations (15-20 mines).

the Leader. signal to start is given to a New Year's regatta! On a course of a celebratory route we will get acquainted with New Year's traditions of the countries at which coast we will make intermediate finishes. For a victory and active participation in novogodne-national competitions, crews will receive an honourable tag-pendant. The more tags onboard your yacht, the more long New Year's flazhkovaja a garland. The more long the garland, the is more than chances to become owner Gran-pri of a festively-New Year's regatta.

For now, the show gastronomic pause …


The Banquet pause with show numbers and celebratory toasts-congratulations (15-20 mines).

"Л Turkish схЁхуютЕ".

the Leader. Dear seamen and morjachki! Our route has resulted us to Turkey …

Turkish music Sounds.

the Leader. By the way. Probably, you to me will not believe, but Turkey is the native land of the main New Year's character - Father Frost. Though in the different countries, the New Year's old man is called differently. In territory of this country there is Sacred Nikolay's well-known church which is a prototype of all New Year's grandfathers of the world. There is very ancient truthful legend …

"-юсЁ№щ the miracle man and the persecutor of harm - the patron of stolen and lost children, veins in 300 year of our era. There was somehow Nikolay Merlikijsky on village by the house of the poor man. And there the father was going to send the daughters "ѕёш=іё " the most ancient trade. It was not pleasant to Nikolay, and it through a flue has thrown at night in the house three purses with gold. They have pleased in the maiden boots which dried at a fireplace. The happy father has bought to daughters given and has given out them чрьѕц."

the Ring of coins - a soundtrack.

the Leader. And what the Turkish was presented to all world by the country? We recollect and is named …

Participants name variants "=ѕЁхчъш§ фрЁют" - Turkish coffee, Turkish resorts, Turkish sweets, Turkish bistros, a Turkish bath etc.

the Leader invites to the centre of a hall of those who named one of "=ѕЁхчъш§ фрЁют".

the Leader. (To participants of an impromptu.) At me in hands some purses, but only in one of them three coins. You choose any of them, and then on my command check contents. In whose purse there will be three treasured coins - the lucky beggar as will bring to the command a prize-winning tag in the future rating garland.

The impromptu Is spent: from a tray of the leader participants take purses (to feel preliminary them it is impossible), on a signal of the leader open - at whom three coins, the crew receives a prize-winning tag-pendant.

"КѕЁхчър  эюёі"

the Leader. Who had a rest on Turkish resorts, a sign with such concept as "=ѕЁхчър  эюёі". Tables are covered with traditional dishes, national music sounds, local folklore collectives … this night without fail act Turkish dances are executed.

From each crew are invited on one participant to a master class on Turkish dansingu.

Participants of competition Are defined.

the Leader. Turkish dances to execute not simply, and it is very simple. Have risen all in one line. We look at me and it is repeated for me …

The Leader or the animator-dancer shows dance movements. Participants repeat behind it.

the Dancing combination:

  • "ррч" - a step the right foot to the right.
  • "-тр - to put the left foot to the right foot.
  • "КЁш" - a step the right foot to the right.
  • "Ох=№Ёх" - to put the left foot to the right foot.
  • "¤ =і" - a step the right foot to the right.
  • "Пхё=і" - the left foot is put on a heel before the right foot.
  • "Рхьі" - a step the left foot to the left.
  • "-юёхьі" - the right foot is put on a heel before the left foot.

Further all begins again with the right foot to the right. Dance movement is executed in a line, moving ahead on a circle.

the Leader. Now we will try to execute all it under music …

Participants together with the conducting execute a combination under music.

the Leader. But there is more to come. If you sometime saw, how it is executed by Turks have paid attention that in the right hand they hold a scarf which periodically wave. Instead of a scarf we hand over you balloons.

balloons are handed over to Participants.

the Leader. And now, attention. Conditions our competitive Turkish dansinga. A ball a beret in the right hand also lift upwards. The left hand to be behind the back. Music sounds, we together dance. As soon as during dance I will tell: "ррч, two, three, four, five! The ball top is time сЁюёр=і!". On last word of my simple rap, you throw up balls upwards. Whose ball to fall on a floor the first, passes on the yacht. And with other representatives of crews konkursno-dancing fights will proceed.

As soon as we will have last participant, and the winner-crew improvised "=ѕЁхчъющ эюёш".

will be defined

Very important that you have thrown the ball in time, otherwise, you leave from a dancing ring.

competition is held. Participants dance with balls in hands. On the fourth carrying out the leader, in a rhythm to music, says "ЁІя-ёёш=рыюёъѕ". Upon termination of the text of the leader participants upwards are thrown all balls. Whose ball has fallen to a floor the first, that participant leaves competition. Competition proceeds further. With each round of participants becomes on one less. Game is spent before revealing of the winner.

Whose representative has won the tantsevalno-Turkish competition, that crew receives a tag-pendant of the winner. It is desirable for participants to hand over balloons of different colour so it will be easier to watch competition results at each stage.

the Leader. Turkey - the wonderful country with interesting traditions and nice resorts. And we this is flashing-New Year's "=ѕЁхчъѕ¦ эюёі" we will finish traditional belly dance.

The Performance "Крэхч цштю=р". It is desirable to use during this number interaktiv - the dancer after execution of a production composition "тэхфЁ х=ё  in эрЁюф" also provokes participants to dance with it. Interestingly passes, when men take part in the given impromptu.

the Leader. our New Year's Mediterranean route Is continued. Ahead of us interesting meetings and the European countries wait. And now, a tantsevalno-gastronomic pause.

The Banquet pause with a disco, toasts, congratulations and hot dishes (25-30 mines).

"- Greece all хё=і!".

the Leader. It is continued a New Year's regatta. On a way the country about which say that in it all is. Greece!

the Greek music Sounds.

the Leader. New year in the homeland of Olympic games is a day sacred Vasily. Sacred Vasily was known for the kindness, and the Greek children leave the boots at a fireplace in hope that Sacred Vasily will fill boots with gifts.

Greeks, going to New year to native or familiar, take with itself a gift - a mossy stone. Leaving its owners, they speak: "¤ѕё=і your money will be as are heavy, as this ърьхэі!".

"¤ю to teeth gretskie юЁх§ш".

the Leader. At me in hands kulek walnuts which to you are necessary for splitting, but not force of a teeth, and force of intelligence. I ask the novogodne-Greek question. The crew receives a walnut for a right answer. The more nuts - the more than chances to win this competition. Attention, a question …

  • As call the Greek New Year's grandfather, that is the colleague the Russian Father Frost? (sacred Vasily.)
  • Name the most prestigious competitions in which sportsmen of the Ancient Greece participated? (Olympic games.)
  • On one of New Year's customs exactly at midnight mother of family leaves in a court yard and breaks about a wall of the house a fruit. If grains scatter on a court yard, means, in new year a family good luck expects. What it for a fruit? (a pomegranate.)
  • What national Greek dance is popular and on our corporate parties? (Sirtaki.)
  • Whether
  • you Believe, what in Greece in a New Year's eve result in the house of a goat and rub to it horns with olive oil that the next year was rich? (no.)
  • In what year Greece has won the well-known competition of a popular song "‡тЁютшфхэшх"? (2005.)
  • the Place of carrying out of a divine Greek party? (an Olympus.)

The Leader for a right answer hands over to crews a walnut at whom them it has appeared most, receives a tag-pendant.

"РшЁ=ръш in style =юя-§ыюя".

the Leader. at us again dancing and I invite the Following competition on one representative from crew.

Participants of competition Are defined.

the Leader. Sirtaki - the well-known Greek dance which is world renowned. And we cannot avoid this dancing masterpiece. To begin with we will study movements …

The Leader or the animator-choreographer shows to participants a dancing combination.

the Dancing combination:

  • "ррч" - a step the right foot to the right.
  • "-тр" - the left foot to put on a sock before the right foot.
  • "КЁш" - a step the left foot to the left.
  • "Ох=№Ёх" - the right foot to put on a sock before the left foot.
  • "¤ =і-тюёхьі" - to repeat a combination.
  • "ррч" - a step the right foot to the right.
  • "-тр" - the left foot to put on a sock behind the right foot.
  • "КЁш" - a step the left foot to the left.
  • "Ох=№Ёх" - the right foot to put on a sock behind the left foot.
  • "¤ =і-тюёхьі" - to repeat a combination.

Express training passes under music, for learning slow rate undertakes.

the Leader. Now each of you adheres a balloon to an ankle of a foot.

Assistants hand over to players balloons which they adhere at level of an ankle of a foot.

the Leader. we Join hands and become on a circle. Music sounds, you execute sirtaki, to the applause of your colleagues. At the moment of a music stop, you need to try to crush a foot a ball of the contender, thus to keep the. To uncouple hands it is impossible. Who loses a balloon, that leaves from tantsevalno-topatelnoj games. Remember, we attack a ball, instead of on feet. So, we dance sirtaki in style top-crack.

Competition is held. Players join hands and become in a circle. Under music execute movements which have preliminary studied. At the moment of a music stop, balls burst. Participants at whom balls have burst, leave game. For remained music again sounds, game proceeds. Thus, competition passes to last participant who becomes the winner. To crew, whose representative has won, the treasured New Year's pendant is handed over.

the Leader. Perhaps in Greece all is, but here we will not be late. We will continue our novogodne-voyage. We will make happy what following country with the visit, we learn a bit later. And now a break-pause. We communicate, we dance and we congratulate each other in free conditions.

The Banquet pause (15-20 minutes.) music, dances, dialogue. In the end diskotechnoj programs of this pause, it is desirable, that the Italian variety songs sounded.

"+! It Ђ=рыш !"

the Leader. So, Italy! The country of a unique vocal, long-predlinnyh macaroni, world prestigious film festivals.

the Italian music Sounds.

the Leader. I do not recommend to approach close to walls of houses. So it was moved that Italians in a New Year's eve throw out old things from windows - flowerpots, chairs, boots … fly on a roadway Happens, and the enormous ancient case with a wild roar falls down to the ground. The more you will throw out things, Italians consider, the more riches will be brought by New year.

  • Italians in New year,
    Widely cracking windows,
    Without deliberating, without efforts,
    Throw out stuff in them willingly.
    Such is New Year's custom -
    Good luck that did not leave year,
    To Italians so it is habitual
    To throw from windows that has got.

"Ђчсрты хьё  with unnecessary feelings and Іьючшщ".

the Leader. Here and we now will get rid of unnecessary stuff. But not material, but spiritually-sensual. For each crew the riddle which it will be necessary to answer vseekipazhno, that is chorus will sound.

The Leader for each crew will read to a riddle on which they, crews, answer with chorus.

  • the Leader. That to us in all carried,
  • we will easily throw out … (Angrily.)
  • That the life of the cheerful has seemed,
    Let's for ever leave … (Envy.)
  • Year that promised good changes,
    It is time to refuse from … (Changes.)
  • That the life was a heavenly god-send,
    It is necessary to get rid all from … (the Deceit.)
  • That we were not overcome by storms and thunder-storms,
    Let's eradicate mutual … (Threats.)
  • That not desired disputes,
    have left in life Let's forget forever family … (Quarrels.)
  • That there were successful always circumstances,
    Let's eradicate from practice insulting … (Curses.)

"¦ѕёюЁюсюы яю-ш=рыі эёъш".

the Leader. And again New Year's competition. But already with the Italian colour. And I invite from each crew on one representative.

Participants on competition Are defined.

the Leader. To begin with we will cast lots …

The Assistant takes out a casket with numbers, identical numbers in two cards - two "хфшэшёъш" two "фтющъш" etc., depending on quantity of crews. Participants take out nomerki.

the Leader. At whom figure one? Here you also will compete with each other. We will master now New Year's Italian tradition, namely to throw out dust from a window. And this competition at us will be spent in the form of the championship. Steams which were defined by a lot - so-called 1/8 of ending at first compete. Then in steams winners 1/8 compete. And so we reach final game.

And now, attention! Game conditions. In the centre of a game field to be "юъэю"Е

There is an assistant with "юъэюь" - the square is built from the big air balls-spaghettis; also becomes in the platform centre.

the Leader. On everyone the window party - identical quantity "ьѕёюЁр".

The dust Role is carried out by the balloons scattered on a floor.

the Leader. During music sounding, players throw out "ьѕёюЁ" through "юъэю" on the party of the opponent. As soon as music stops, the window slams, and we count up "ьѕёюЁ" on each party of a game field. On its whose party will be more, that and leaves a championship circle on "ьѕёюЁюсюыѕ". So passing 1/8 1/4, a semi-final, we learn, who to battle in the ending.

If questions are not present? … Players at number "юфшэ" I ask you on a platform …

Competition is held. Music (30 seconds), at this time players through "юъэю" sounds; throw balls from the territory on the party of the opponent. As soon as music stops, the assistant holding "юъэю" blocks its breast.

the quantity of balls Is counted up. On whose party of balls more - leaves competition. And the winner leaves in the following circle "ёхьяшюэр=р".

After all steams will play, winners of the first circle, that is 1/8 start to compete. On the same technology game to be spent to the ending where and to be defined the winner to whom the tag of the winner is handed over.

the Leader. New year - a holiday of execution of desires and miracle expectation! What country will appear on our way following, we learn a bit later. The time-out appears in novogodne-sea movement.

Performances and congratulations. Diskotechnaja a pause (10-15 minutes).

"¤юф the sky ¤рЁшцр"

the Leader. Dear participants of a New Year's regatta, we continue our travel. Capital of this country would like to visit very many. Not without reason about this city speak: "Лтшфх=і Paris and ѕьхЁх=іЕ".

The waltz "¤юф the sky ¤рЁшцр" Sounds; or other French music.

the Leader. France waits for us, ladies and gentlemen! Than it is remarkable? …

The Leader listens to answers of participants of a party.

the Leader. In this European a camp the president is selected 1 time in 7 years. And still France is the country in which annually take place the most unusual competitions in run on stilts.

The French Father Frost call Peer Noel. It puts the New Year's gifts in children's footwear. The symbol of well-being and the family centre considers the big log which on the night of New year light in fireplaces of houses. For a celebratory table of the Frenchwoman prepare seven obligatory dishes, among them a cauliflower, soup with garlic, snails … the Parisian New year is, first of all mass walks on the Champs Elysée where acquaintances are fastened and champagne drink directly in the street.

And still here, in France, there were first cafes-shantany, that is cafe where sing.

"ГрьюЁюцхээ№х яхёэш"

  • the Leader. New year without songs is not interesting to us.
    We sing them, sitting at a table.
    About a game from a frost, about winters threats,
    About a fur-tree from wood - with all the heart we sing.

Friends, your help urgently is required. It is necessary "ЁрчьюЁючш=і" songs. I name last words of lines, you need to learn a song and to execute this couplet.

  • the fur-tree - grew - harmonous - was (the Song "‡ыюёър": "- to wood the fur-tree, in wood it Ёюёыр..." was born;);
  • ice - creaking - a wall - prickly (the Song "Гшьр": "¤ю=юыюъ ice, a door ёъЁшяѕёр ...");
  • me - a distance - a horse - February (the Song "КЁш white ъюэ ": "Ђ carry away me, in ringing light фрыі...");
  • elegant - lower - shokoladnoju - treat (the Song "‡ыюёър": "-х=ъѕ elegant, lower more low, us shokoladnoju a small fish ѕуюё=ш...");
  • hoarfrost - wires - dark blue - a star (the Song "Ршэшщ шэхщ": "Ршэшщ, dark blue hoarfrost, has laid down on wires, in the sky =хьэю-ёшэхьЕ");
  • has brought - the Frost - I look - I thank (the Song "Рэху шфх=": "-ю to me my love has brought, likely the kind Grandfather ¦юЁючЕ");
  • minutes - sing - to light - this (the Song "¤ =і ьшэѕ=": "Ї to you a song I will accustom to drinking about five minutes, this my song start up яю¦=Е");
  • stoletja - the seas - bears - the earth ("¤хёхэър about ьхфтхфхщ": "¦шью float stoletja, sleep under ice ьюЁ Е");
  • young - afar - of a palm - think (the Song "Рэхцшэър": "-юуфр year young comes, and old leaves тфрыіЕ").

As soon as the guessed answer will sound, music of the thought song there and then sounds. And the crew which has guessed a song, executes a couplet under music. At what crew on the account it will appear most of all guessed songs, the New Year's pendant-tag is handed over.

"-ючфѕ°эюх сшыісюъх"

the Leader. I Suggest to get acquainted with the French national entertainment "сшыісюъх" which had amazing popularity in a XIX-th century.

The Cup and ball in a translation from French means, "сшыі" - a ball, "сюъх" - to hook on horns. On twist essences is a children's game in which the player should catch a ball on a stick with attached to it to a bowl.

The Leader shows a toy - a cup and ball.

the Leader. From each crew I invite on two persons to take pleasure in this traditional French entertainment …

Players Are defined.

the Leader. In New Year's evening there are the most improbable miracles … Which we wait, but we understand that miracles do not happen. In a known Christmas fairy tale the prince has been transformed into a wooden toy - the Nutcracker. Here and to you it is necessary to address in a toy, that is in a cup and ball.

One of you will be a bowl, having connected hands before itself in a ring. And the second will be a string adhered to a bowl - it is necessary to keep always the right hand for "ёр°ѕ".

The Problem is that: to tyre out a balloon in "ёр°ѕ". Exhausts that ball who plays a role "тхЁхтюёъш". It is possible to move freely on a playground, but it is impossible "тхЁхтюёъх" to be unhooked from "ёр°ш".

Music! … balls in air! … it is played! …

To be spent game. Steams form "сшыісюъх": one player connects before itself hands in a ring, the second keeps the right hand for "ъюыічю" and a free hand tries to tyre out a balloon in "ъюыічю". To take a ball in a hand it is impossible, it is possible to push only him and to throw.

Steams can freely move on game space, but they cannot be uncoupled.

Game to be spent before the first hit of a ball in "ъюыічю". But if the purpose is reached very quickly, game to be spent to three hits.

the Quantity of balloons on a platform should be twice less than crews that there was a struggle for these balls.

the Crew-winner receives a pendant-tag.

the Leader. Ahead at us a meeting with New Year's traditions and customs of one more European country. For now our regatta passes in a freestyle format, that is free style.

The Banquet break (15-20 minutes). A feast, music, performances, congratulations, free dialogue.

"-штр=! Ђёярэш !"

the Leader. We are met by New Year's Spain!

The Spanish music Sounds.

the Leader. Spaniards, use any occasion for a cheerful fiesta. Especially in New Year's and Christmas days.

Performed by dancing collective - the Spanish incendiary dance.

the Leader. In Spain Father Frost is called by Olenttsero. He is dressed in national homespun clothes and carries with itself a flask of good Spanish wine that long New Year's working night was not such heavy.

"-р=¦ЁьюЁ= from wine and тшэюуЁрфр"

the Leader. Crews, attention! Novogodne-Spanish a still-life …

is offered to your attention

Music. The assistant takes out on a tray a glass with wine, a cluster of grapes and a fur-tree branch.

the Leader. Attentively look at our still-life and try to guess: how many wine gramme it is poured in a glass and how many berries the grapes cluster contains. On considering 30 seconds …

are given

The Metronome counts time.

the Leader. Attentively I listen to variants of answers …

Crews name the answers. Whose answer is closest to correct, that and is the winner of an impromptu.

The Right answer is sealed in an envelope which to be in hands of the assistant.

The pendant-tag is handed over to the Winner.

"-шэюуЁрфэр  ьрърЁхэр"

the Leader. Spaniards prepare for a meeting of New year long before, decorating garlands the houses, lampposts and show-windows of shops. At this time year in Spain warmly enough. The basic action passes always on a city main square. It is possible to consider as holiday opening traditional New Year's ball in which together with adults children participate also.

By the established tradition at 12 o'clock in the morning townspeople go out of doors, that with each blow of a tower clock to eat on one vinogradine, simultaneously thinking of desire.

And I invite from each crew pair of participants for New Year's competition in the Spanish rhythms …

Participants Are defined.

the Leader. About 12 vinogradin I to you have told. And whether you know that well-known "ьрърЁхэр" it come from Spain? … then we dance makarenu.

The Leader or the animator-choreographer shows a dancing combination of dance "ьрърЁхэр".

the Dancing combination:

  • "ррч" - to extend the right hand forward.
  • "-тр" - to extend the left hand forward.
  • "КЁш" - the right hand on the left shoulder.
  • "Ох=№Ёх" - the left hand on the right shoulder.
  • "¤ =і" - the right hand for a head.
  • "Пхё=і" - the left hand for a head.
  • "Рхьі" - the right hand on the right hip.
  • "-юёхьі" - the left hand on the left hip.

The Tants-class to be spent under music.

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the Leader. And now it is connected makarenu with 12 vinogradinami. You dance in steams a back to a back. Thus keep two balloons the backs. Hands it is impossible to help, as hands are obliged "=рэчхтр=і". Then with each round we to you will add on two balls-vinogradiny. Who will keep all 12 balls - becomes the absolute winner novogodne-makarennoj entertainments.

Remember that balls need to be kept, executing makarenu. Who will lose though one ball, leaves competition. Sailors do not have questions? In that case, the maestro, music! We dance …

To be spent game. Steams become a back each other and keep backs two balloons.

Music Sounds, steams dance makarenu. With each round between participants is located on two balls. Who loses a ball, leaves game.

Win those steams which, executing makarenu, could keep 12 air "тшэюуЁрфшэ". It hands over prize-winning tags-pendants.

For this entertainment it is desirable to use small balloons of green colour.

the Leader. Dear friends! Our New Year's regatta takes a back course! We are waited by a meeting with the main character of the main holiday! It is a little patience … And now, we dance, we dance, and once again we dance! That nobody was overcome by seasickness on the way back!

Diskotechnaja a pause (15-20 minutes).

The Leader or the vocalist sings a song "-ютюуюфэшщ трыіё".

"-ютюуюфэшщ трыіё"

  • Rustling serpantinovoj with a shaving,
    To us New year on a visit hastens!
    Fragrant fur-tree in toys,
    Candles gold a round dance.
    Magic night New Year's
    To sparkle snow a whiteness.
    Unexpectedly fine fairy tale
    Will come from a wonderful dream.
    Unexpectedly fine fairy tale
    Will come from a wonderful dream.
    Frost, as the cheerful prankish,
    Hastens a picturesque hand
    To decorate the most favourite holiday,
    Having hanged out a pattern ice.
    Turns a masquerade raznotsvety,
    The coeval it became old and mlad.
    Gifts unexpected surprises,
    Entertainments and smiles the cascade!
    Gifts unexpected surprises,
    Entertainments and smiles the cascade!
    All the kindest in a life
    Let will come true in New year!
    The best thoughts,
    will be executed The destiny will overcome a trouble.
    Let fight of a New Year's chiming clock
    Will present to us of happiness readout.
    As night New Year's you will meet,
    So year come will pass.
    As night New Year's you will meet,
    So year come will pass.

"…ѕфхь the Grandfather тё=Ёхёр=іЕ"

the Leader. Celebrating approach of New year is impossible without an obligatory meeting, a meeting with …

  • Participants of a regatta, guess,
    Answer me seriously.
    All of you in a rhyme answer,
    On New Year's my question.
    It will make laugh us to tears,
    The kind Grandfather... (The Frost.)

    The bag with gifts has brought
    The kind Grandfather... (The Frost.)

    A lot of pleasure has brought
    The kind Grandfather... (The Frost.)

Only today our long-awaited New Year's visitor not simply Father Frost, and the Grandfather the Sailor!

Sounds "-ютюуюфэ   яхёэ " Discos "+трЁш ".

Father Frost, that is the Grandfather the Sailor Enters. It in traditional dedmorozovskom the dress, only instead of a cap at it a peakless cap.

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    the Grandfather the Sailor. All greetings! Greetings! Greetings!
    You were tired of waiting me? …
    Let's get acquainted then!
    At me is … (the Beard.)
    The fur coat is and pososhok,
    Yes with gifts … (the Bag.)
    Though I breathe a frost ardently,
    Instead of a cap … (the Peakless cap.)
    And under a fur coat not a shirt,
    And striped … (the Stripped vest.)
    And last my question:
    Who I? … the grandfather … (the Sailor.)

the Grandfather the Sailor. Yes, not simple I Father Frost, and the real Grandfather the Sailor. As I travel on the countries and continents on the sea. Here and you has arrived to congratulate on coming New year!

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    Winter of unprecedented beauty
    Fields around are white.
    On a dial, as moustaches,
    Two arrows have fallen asleep.
    But the dial,
    will smile On a forehead moustaches will close,
    Wine glasses from a table,
    will fly up Also will burst New year!
    It will enter into thousand doors
    And in one million hearts
    Also can be, is slightly kinder
    We become, at last.
    Both can be, and can be
    With itself will bring
    To us happiness to trust and love
    The wizard New year!
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    Smart step on the country
    It will direct afar.
    Thousand fires,
    will be lighted Also crystal
    will ring out And to meet celebratory parade
    The people
    will be pulled Shouting: "-штр=, you, vivat,
    The wizard New уюф!"

the Leader. the Grandfather the Sailor, this celebratory evening, employees of firm ____ have decided to note approach of New year on travel. Travel unusual, competitive. Whether there is at you in an arsenal a cheerful task for our crews? …

"-ютюуюфэх-хыюёэ№щ ѕыют"

the Grandfather the Sailor. And as. Before to distribute New Year's gifts, I wish to arrange test. As I not simple Father Frost, and the Grandfather the Sailor I adore fishing. Here also we will arrange competitions on novogodne-rybolovskomu to sports!

The small fur-tree …

is handed over to Each crew

The musical theme of a song "- to wood Sounds was born хыюёър". Assistants carry small souvenir fur-trees on tables of crews.

the Grandfather the Sailor. Also to each crew I hand over the nominal fishing tackles …

From the bag the Grandfather the Sailor distributes small fake fishing tackles: a stick with a string on which end the hook from a writing paper clip is strengthened.

the Grandfather the Sailor. In the hall centre I establish a box with New Year's toys. And conditions are that. By turns each crewman arms with a fishing tackle, runs up to a box, will fish one fur-tree toy and comes back to the yacht. A toy on a fur-tree, and a fishing tackle to the following participant.

Who will have the richest elochno-toy ulov, that and becomes the winner.

On start! Attention! A march!

the song "-ютюуюфэшх шуЁѕ°ъш" Sounds;. Game is spent. Participants of crews on one with a fishing tackle in hands run up to a box, catch a toy and come back to a place. A fishing tackle as the baton is transferred to the following crewman.

Game to be spent until toys in a box will end. In the end of game the quantity of toys at crews is counted up and the winner is defined. To the winner (or to winners) the pendant-tag is handed over to crew.

the Leader. It was last New Year's test. Expensive fishermen and rybachki, connect the tags in one New Year's garland and count up quantity of tags …

Passes summarising. At what crew the greatest quantity of pendants, that also becomes the absolute winner of a New Year's regatta.

"+Ёрэ-яЁш тхёхЁшэъш"

the Leader. we Begin ceremony of rewarding of winners of a New Year's regatta. The crew _____ becomes the winner!

The Grandfather the Sailor hands over Grand prix of a party to crew-winner. Solemn fanfares sound.

the Grandfather the Sailor. And now we become in the big round dance and it is sung a traditional New Year's song!

The General round dance "- to wood was born хыюёър".

  • the Grandfather the Sailor. Happiness! Pleasures! Good luck!
    Only so! And not differently!
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    the Leader. Health to you excellent!
    Vezenja the indispensable!
  • the Grandfather the Sailor. to your firm of success!
  • the Leader. And in a family there is more than laughter!
  • the Grandfather the Sailor. Happy New Year!
  • the Leader. With new happiness!

the Disco. A tea table. Congratulations. Fireworks.


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