New year

the Meeting of New year in the friendly company of several families (it is possible, with children)

Quantity of participants - 7-20. Duration - 5-8 ch.

Material maintenance

  • a premise Ornament (a colour paper, scissors, glue, a Whatman paper, paints, felt-tip pens).
  • Suits for a masquerade. Father Frost suit.
  • Prizes for games and competitions.
  • Gifts to all visitors.
  • Pyrotechnics.
  • Balloons for an attraction "+Ёръѕы".

the action Plan

  1. the Ornament of a premise and preparation for a holiday.
  2. the Masquerade.
  3. the Feast.
  4. the Concert "Р to the world on эш=ъх".
  5. Game "-юёяюьшэрэш  about left уюфх".
  6. the Peal of bells.
  7. Mutual congratulations and gifts.
  8. the Attraction "+Ёръѕы".
  9. Songs. Dances. Games and competitions.

1. An ornament of a premise and preparation for a holiday

The premise Ornament, laying of a celebratory table and preparation of prizes and gifts are the integral components of a holiday. If in the house there are children, the apartment is usually already decorated by a holiday and the fur-tree is dressed up. In this case it is possible to suggest for all visitors to make the New Year's poster in common.

On the poster visitors can draw a picture corresponding to a holiday, to write a wish or a congratulation. The poster is hung up in a prominent place so that was possible to supplement inscriptions during all holiday. For the best composition of inscriptions it is possible to draw in advance on the poster background drawing (a fur-tree, a bag with gifts, a film).

If on a holiday there are children, suggest them to make fur-tree toys and garlands. The toy choice depends on age and interests of children. The most simple and original ornament - a garland from colour rings. Thus younger children can cut out rings, senior them to fasten.

Other variant - suggest children to make New Year's cards - applications. Thus it is possible to offer them old cards from which figures of animals, Father Frost, a fur-tree are cut out. For small children already cut out pictures are prepared.

That work went more cheerfully, put record of New Year's songs or fairy tales or a videocassette with cartoon films.

Not less important and interesting employment for children and adults - an ornament and table layout. The basic dishes prepare in advance, however before giving on a table it is possible to hold competition on the best registration of a dish. For registration boiled vegetables, eggs, greens, tinned mushrooms, olives, corn, etc.

are used

At table layout too probably to hold competition (among children) on knowledge of rules of etiquette.

The Visitors who have been not occupied in listed actions, can watch TV, talk or carry out the task of organizers of a holiday on packing of prizes or manufacturing of a requisite for competitions.

2. A masquerade

Even if on a holiday there are no children, it will be interesting to visitors to dress the suits self-made or in advance prepared for them. Such carnival will help to create the present celebratory atmosphere.

Is better to suggest to come to visitors for a holiday in suits. For those who for any reasons has not prepared a suit, prepare various masks, porolonovye small horns and ears, New Year's caps and other accessories which can be bought in shop on the eve of New year.

During a holiday visitors can exchange suits.

3. A feast

After the premise is decorated, visitors have dressed up in suits and the charge of celebratory mood is received, all sit down a table. The organizer of a holiday can prepare in advance some jokes, toasts or cheerful stories to recover feast atmosphere. Before the holiday beginning probably to choose the host who is responsible for entertainments behind a table.

Behind a table there passes also the most part of entertainments described further.

4. A concert "Р to the world on эш=ъх"

If on a holiday there are no children, it is possible to do without Father Frost invitation. Will be and still more interesting and more cheerful, if somebody from visitors changes clothes as Father Frost and the Snow Maiden and suddenly will appear in a room with a huge bag of gifts.

Irrespective of Father Frost presence offer visitors (that each of them has taken active part in a holiday) to prepare performances: to sing a song, to tell a poem or a joke, to dance, show focus, to spend game among spectators etc.

Each participant of competition wins a small prize (for example, a figure of an animal - a symbol of year or a fur-tree toy).

5. Game "-юёяюьшэрэш  about left уюфх"

Shortly before approach of New year it is possible to suggest for visitors to recollect the most significant events of the left year. Memoirs can pass in the free form or in the form of games.

Memoirs on a circle

Participants by turns name event of the left year memorable for them. The one who finds it difficult to name event, leaves game. Most "ярь =ышт№щ" wins a prize (for example, a calendar for the next year).

Family event

If on a holiday family or steady enough steams have gathered, it is possible to hold such competition. Each participant writes five most significant events of the expiring year on a leaf. Then events will become engrossed in reading of serially each partner and for each pair the number of the identical mentioned events is counted up. That pair at which the greatest number of coincidence has turned out, wins a prize.

6. The Peal of bells

In some minutes before New year Bengal fires and crackers are distributed to visitors, champagne spreads.

If the decision not to include the TV on a holiday was accepted, for this moment it is possible to make an exception.

7. Mutual congratulations and gifts

After congratulations will cease, it is possible to start delivery of gifts. Is better, if each visitor gives small gifts to all present (or each married couple will congratulate each present married couple). Other, more economic variant - in advance a toss-up or under the arrangement to distribute who to whom makes a gift. The main thing that the gift was received by each visitor. On a gift it is necessary to inscribe a name of the one to whom it is intended. All gifts develop under a fur-tree or in Father Frost bag.

8. An attraction "+Ёръѕы"

It is possible to attach a balloon in which as an ornament the New Year's rain and a tinsel, and also a leaf with predictions or wishes the next year is put To each gift.

Balloons also can be suspended on a thread, having given to each visitor possibility to cut off a ball and to learn predictions.

The List of approximate predictions is resulted in additional materials.

9. Songs. Dances. Games and competitions

The Further entertainments at evening will be organised depending on interests and preferences of visitors. From time to time it is necessary to spend games for all present. Participation in games should be encouraged with small prizes. It is possible to hold dancing and song competitions.

Numbers of the games approaching for this holiday, are resulted in the index of entertainments.

Additional materials


Examples of allegorical predictions and councils:

  • That will be born: millet or wheat?

    That you will sow, will be born.

  • Choosing the companion in a way,

    To People dexterous clever prefer.

  • the Waterfowl

    Of Flooding is not afraid.

  • Itself listen to everything, but each time

    Stint, the brother, on words:

    Not without reason a mouth one at us,

    And an ear two.

  • do not leave for tomorrow cargo

    Today's cares.

    And rage present let

    Today will pass.

  • it is a lot of colours on a mountain meadow,

    To which to us not to rise;

    It is a lot of grass on that coast,

    Which to us not to reach.

  • anybody Yet did not know and never

    Roses without thorns, good luck without effort.

  • That craft that you have comprehended,

    More valuably riches of all lords.

  • When the road,

    is unknown

    On it it is a lot of ditches and ruts.

  • Who has not suffered

    From beer stings,

    That also will not understand,

    How many costs medical

  • Who speaks, not too important.

    That speaks - more important much.

  • Minute of dispute -

    And hundred days of contention.

  • the destiny,

    Is various travellers

    Though they are carried by one arba.

  • not to regret works,

    Not to be too lazy

    In a flower eventually

    The Prickle will turn.


The Main thing that it is necessary to remember to the parents, decided to meet New year together with children, - it is necessary to allow to children to have a good time and to sleep all night long. For the child is more younger 12 - 14 years to hear a peal of bells enough, to lift together with all a glass of children's champagne and to light a Bengal fire. After that it is necessary to spend some time behind the quiet entertainments preparing children to a dream. Children necessarily should to participate actively in a premise ornament, manufacturing of suits, to bring the feasible contribution to preparation of an entertainment for a celebratory table.

If you plan to spend on a holiday of a photo or a video shooting, appoint for this responsible. "+ыртэ№щ юяхЁр=юЁ" should be acquainted with the plan of a holiday and it is warned before the beginning of the basic events (Father Frost arrival, delivery of surprises, ridiculous draws). Combination of roles of the organizer of a holiday and the operator is inadmissible.

For cheerful and benevolent atmosphere of a holiday very important that there was no collision of interests at a choice of entertainments or struggle for television channels. Disputes probably to solve voting, however it is better to acquaint in advance visitors with the program of evening and to discuss preferences of everyone.

Many visitors like to meet New year behind a table. That they have not stood aside of game, competitions are spent in the same room where the table is covered. Dances at a place lack can pass in other room.

For a holiday it is necessary to provide vacation spot for the visitors, not got used to spend night without a dream.


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