New year

Celebrating of New year in collective of employees of all organisation or department

It can be spent both on the eve of a calendar holiday, and after it (for example, for old New year).

Quantity of participants - 30-70 persons. Duration - 5-7 ch.

Material maintenance

  • Ware and an entertainment.
  • the Requisite for competitions.
  • Prizes and gifts.

the action Plan

  1. the Official congratulation.
  2. the Banquet.
  3. Game "-юёяюьшэрэш ".
  4. Competition of wishes the next year.
  5. honourable Father Frost Elections.
  6. Elections of the Snow Maiden.
  7. Competitions and games.
  8. the Astrological forecast for office workers.
  9. Dances.

1. An official congratulation

To Begin a holiday is better from an official congratulation of a firm management (the director, chiefs of departments). The congratulation should not be tightened, it is desirable to spend it with humour, jokes and New Year's verses. It is not necessary to use congratulatory speech for the official report on the done work, it is enough to sum only short up year and it is obligatory to thank all employees.

2. A banquet

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Depending on quantity of participants and a premise in which takes place a holiday, character of a banquet can vary. Visitors can take places behind one big table or small little tables. Participants can take the places at once at arrival for a holiday or after an official congratulation.

On such long holidays as New year, is not recommended to arrange a buffet table. Even if the general feast is not supposed, it is necessary to provide enough of seats for participants.

3. Game "-юёяюьшэрэш "

This game can be offered during a feast. Any number participates in game the person. Players by turns name event (it is desirable pleasant or ridiculous), which occurred in firm (or directly concerns it) within the last year. The one who cannot recollect any event, leaves game. Last participant who has remained in game wins a prize.

Game can be stopped and earlier, having awarded several participants. The notebook will be the best prize in game.

4. Competition of wishes the next year

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Besides, behind a table it is possible to hold competition on the best regard to firm or the department the next year. It is the most convenient, if wishes have the form of toasts. The jury made of a firm management, chooses winners to whom prizes are handed over. As a prize for the given competition the bottle of sparkling or other wine most approaches.

5. Honourable Father Frost elections

After the basic part of visitors will be sated, it is possible to offer some more active entertainments. The leader declares honourable Father Frost competition. Wishing to take part in competition are invited to a scene. Between them following competitions are spent:

the Snowflake

Everyone konkursant receives a napkin and scissors. Its task - as soon as possible and more accurately to cut out a snowflake. Authors of the best snowflakes receive prize-winning points.

Frosty breath

For following competition players put the snowflakes on a table, and become on one party of a table (if applicants for Father Frost rank much, it is possible to shift some tables). Their problem - to blow off a snowflake from a table opposite side.

Participants try to make it as soon as possible, however the prize-winning point in competition will be received by that player, whose snowflake has flied from a table of last. The leader explains to the surprised players that at this applicant "ёрьюх frosty ф№§рэшх".

the Red nose

In this competition participants are offered to drink on a wine-glass of vodka or other strong drink. After that spectators choose konkursanta with the most red nose. It also receives a prize-winning point.

The Applicant who has typed most of prize-winning points, appears honourable Father Frost. To it Father Frost mask or Father Frost red cap is put on. If some participants in competition have typed identical quantity of points, it is possible to choose Father Frost a toss-up or to appoint to this honourable post simultaneously several participants.

All participants of competition receive incentive prizes.

Despite simplicity of the resulted competitions, they pass in certain atmosphere of a holiday very cheerfully.

6. Elections of the Snow Maiden

After Father Frost elections the leader declares that it is necessary to pick up to Father Frost the grand daughter, and invites all wishing to take part in competition of the Snow Maidens. Between pretenders following competitions are spent:

the New Year's song

Konkursantki by turns sing a song couplet "- to wood was born хыюёър". Father Frost and spectators choose the winner of competition who receives a prize-winning point.

Father Frost Request

Father Frost names 5-7 subjects which are necessary to it. That participant who before others will find and will bring these subjects, receives a prize-winning point.

Subjects can be the diversified: fruit, ornaments, a wine-glass with any drink, clothes parts (which intimacy depends on relaxedness of the company) and footwear. Necessary things of the participant should ask for other visitors, find on a celebratory table or among own things.

the Tender grand daughter

Konkursantki by turns say compliments to Father Frost. The pretender who has thought up most of words, or that participant can become the winner of competition, whose words more others were pleasant to Father Frost. The winner receives a prize-winning point.

That participant who will type more other points, appears the winner and is appointed the Snow Maiden. In case some pretenders to this role have typed the identical quantity of points solving a word remains for Father Frost.

All participants of competition receive incentive prizes.

After Father Frost elections and the Snow Maiden they can hand over to all visitors small memorable gifts (for example, boxes of sweets).

7. Competitions and games

After competitions it is possible to spend among games wishing some. Simultaneously with games the feast proceeds, the part of the present can pass to dances.

Northern and southern wind

Two participants and one snowflake which has been cut out at competition of Fathers Frost are necessary For game. The snowflake is put on a table, participants take places on the different parties of a table. At the command of the leader players start to blow on a snowflake, trying to dump it from a table from outside the contender. The one to whom it will be possible, will win a prize.

After some pairs of participants try the forces in this competition, interested persons are offered to do the same, but blindfold. Draw consists that after will blindfold participants, the snowflake is replaced with a saucer with a flour on which participants start to blow.

If there is no confidence that participants will apprehend similar draw with humour, it is better to be limited to usual game rules. In any case it is not recommended to get to take part in draw of women.


On a floor empty bottles and bottles with alcoholic and soft drinks densely to each other are built. It is offered to throw to participants from distance of 3 m a bottle a ring. The one to whom is possible to throw with a ring a full bottle, takes away it as a prize. For one participant it is necessary to limit quantity of throws.

The Ring is cut out from a thin cardboard. Diameter of a ring - 10 see

Perepevki about winter

This game is better to spend during a feast. Participants can be divided into commands. Each participant (or a command) by turns sings a song couplet about winter. That participant who finds it difficult to make the course, leaves. Last participant who has remained in game (or a command of players) wins a prize.

on December, 31st

Also game for a feast. Participants by turns name any date, since January, 1st. Thus following participant changes in the date named the previous participant, day or month, and the named date should be later.

For example:

1st player: "2  этрЁ ".

2nd player: "2 ¶хтЁры ".

3rd player: "7 ¶хтЁры ".

4th player: "7 ш¦э ".

5th player: "30 ш¦э " etc.

Thus, named dates more and more come nearer to December, 31st. That participant who should name this date, loses and the penal task appointed other participants carries out.

8. The astrological forecast for office workers

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For entertainment of visitors one of participants can dress up the fortuneteller or the astrologist. The most simple variant of a prediction - to find a zodiac horoscope the next year (it is desirable comic) and to read it.

Other variant - the leader can inform visitors on new opening of astrologists and modern magicians. For all zodiac, Chinese, flower horoscopes and a horoscope of druids are known. But now there was a new horoscope - office workers (if firm activity not absolutely accepts this name, probably to modify the offered forecasts, having made their more actual for the given organisation).

Examples of comic office horoscope:

Born from January, 1st till February, 20th. Your symbol "Р=юы"

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Next year you become the best support for your fellow workers and relatives in serious affairs. However try to give in sometimes at least to wordly temptations, instead of to spend all forces for work.

Born from February, 21st till March, 10th. Your symbol "Р=ѕы"

Next year you will be noted as the most diligent and the responsible. However be vigilant, if among your acquaintances there will be morally unstable persons.

Born from March, 10th till April, 20th. Your symbol "Пър¶"

Next year you are waited by material welfare. And if you follow to council and will be more open and generous with associates, your position in a society will improve and you we will find new friends.

Born from April, 21st till May, 20th. Your symbol "-юьяі¦=хЁ"

Next year you should give special attention to the health. Be protected viruses! In the rest your affairs will go uphill, and your abilities will be noticed by associates and estimated by the heads.

Born from May, 21st till June, 20th. Your symbol "Иръё"

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All next year will accompany you good luck. However be cautious, avoid gossips and malignant gossip.

Born from June, 21st till August, 10th. Your symbol "Кхых¶юэ"

Next year you are waited by some efforts connected with work. At the same time it will be year of new acquaintances and surprising adventures.

Born from August, 11th till September, 20th. Your symbol "-рьяр"

Next year you deliver a lot of pleasure to associates. All will be glad to acquaintance to you and your friendship. However try to avoid stressful situations and overloads on work.

Born from September, 21st till November, 10th. Your symbol "+ЁурэрщчхЁ"

Next year you are waited by set of useful acquaintances. Try not to miss successful chance which necessarily will be presented to you.

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Born from November, 11th till December, 31st. Your symbol "¦ыхъ=Ёшёхёъшщ ёрщэшъ"

The Next year will be happy for your private life and friendly dialogue. However try to recollect work sometimes at least.

Offered the horoscope can be written also on the posters decorating a premise. In this case to it it is necessary to make corresponding explanatories.

9. Dances

As productive leisure it is possible to organise dances or to spend some more games. Numbers of the games approaching for the given holiday to contain in the index of entertainments.


If the holiday is spent in own premise of firm, it is necessary to think up an ornament for a premise. That at come for the evening the celebratory mood at once was created, fur-tree garlands, balloons are hanged out. On tables it is possible to place bouquets from fur-tree branches. Besides, probably to declare (for example, on departments) competition of wall newspapers on a New Year's theme.

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At a small number of the employees who have come for a holiday, all visitors can participate in the offered games and competitions. If the number of the present exceeds 30 persons, initiative participants (it is desirable from different departments) are caused some.

If participants sit at small little tables (till 6-10 the person), the offered games can be spent for the employees sitting at one table.


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