on March, 8th

Quantity of participants - 15-30 persons. Duration - 3-6 hours.

Material maintenance

  • Gifts for women.
  • the Entertainment.
  • the Requisite for competitions.
  • Prizes.
  • Music underneath.

the action Plan

  1. the Congratulation, delivery of gifts.
  2. the Banquet.
  3. Competition-test "-рё=ю Ёшх цхэЁшэ№".
  4. Competition of unusual sculptures.
  5. the All-prize lottery for women.
  6. Games.
  7. Dances.

1. A congratulation, delivery of gifts

The Holiday begins with delivery of gifts to women and congratulations. It is desirable, that the congratulation was not too tightened and official. It is better to execute in the poetic or song form. Necessarily in a congratulation to mention each woman, to pay it a compliment and to say some especial words.

Data on how to choose and hand over a gift, it is possible to find in gl. 5. Also on this holiday it is impossible to do without delivery of colours.

2. A banquet

After congratulations and delivery of gifts all participants sit down a table. It is desirable, that this day participants have been relieved both of entertainment preparation, and from cleaning of a table after the banquet termination.

3. Competition-test "-рё=ю Ёшх цхэЁшэ№"

As celebratory entertainment it is possible to offer competition of the present women. Competition will be more ridiculous and more interesting, if some men take part in it, dressed up women. Thus the dress can be conditional enough (a hat, an apron or the paper fan covering a beard), the main thing that participants of this representation have tried to copy female behaviour.

After occurrence of men (there is enough 2-3 persons), asserting that they women, some participants get out, and between them various competitions are held. Despite a banality of a plot of disguise of the man in the woman, this invention will be popular at public.

Who is more

The Leader sets some female theme (for example, "чтх=№" "ъюёьх=шёхёъшх ¶шЁь№" "Іыхьхэ=№ юфхцф№" "ѕъЁр°хэш "). The problem of participants - to name the words concerning this theme in any order. That participant who names last word, receives a prize-winning point.

the Female logic

The Leader names some subjects. Participants should name a subject, superfluous in this list, and explain the decision. The participant receives a prize-winning point for each right answer. Examples of questions to competition look in additional materials.

the Beautician

The big set of various cosmetic means is necessary For competition. All of them are displayed on a table. The leader gives to each participant the task according to which she should choose a correct subject from "ъюёьх=шёъш". Time for a subject choice is limited. The participant receives a prize-winning point for a right answer.

Examples of the subjects containing in "ъюёьх=шёъх" and tasks to competition look in additional materials.

Non-standard situations

The Leader offers each participant a difficult situation of which it should find an original way out. The participants who have given the most interesting answers, receive a prize-winning point.

Examples of situations are resulted in additional materials.

The Participant who has typed most of points, wins a prize. Thus it is desirable to expose disguised men and to force them to carry out the penal task (to sing a song to dance, etc.).

4. Competition of unusual sculptures

This competition is offered to men. From balloons of the various size and the form they should mould a female figure by means of an adhesive tape. It is desirable, that for this competition of the man were divided into commands on 2-3 persons.

Women also can to suggest blind a sculpture of the man.

The Part of balloons can already be naduta, besides it is necessary to be reserved by enough nenadutyh spheres and threads. It is interesting to use balloons of the various sizes and forms.

5. The All-prize lottery for women

At delivery of gifts it is possible to each bunch of flowers or each gift to attach nomerok. At the height of a holiday the all-prize lottery under these numbers is spent.

For a lottery it is better to prepare in advance the list of conformity of numbers to prizes.

Prizes for competition are prepared useful in an economy, but ridiculous enough as a gift. Examples of prizes are resulted in additional materials.

6. Games

That the present did not miss, from time to time the conversation interrupts games and entertainments. Examples of the games approaching for a holiday, look in the index of games and entertainments.

Besides, it is possible to offer the following original game.

the Flower

Steams participate In game (the man and the woman). Besides, are necessary a bottle (glass or plastic) and a flower (present or artificial) for each pair. Women clamp bottles under the arm, and men take flowers in a teeth. The problem of each pair - without the aid of hands as soon as possible to put a flower in a bottle.

That pair which faster others has coped with the task, wins a prize.

7. Dances

To Finish a holiday is better dances.

Additional materials

Competition-test "-рё=ю Ёшх цхэЁшэ№"

The Female logic. Examples of tasks "О=ю ыш°эхх?":

  1. the Hair-dyeing henna, basmoj, a paint "…хыыр". (Colouring "…хыыющ" as henna and basma natural paints)
  2. Vanilla crackers, breadcrumbs, crackers with raisin. (Breadcrumbs as they are not a product ready to the use)
  3. Viscose, a clap, polyester. (Polyester, since viscose and a clap - a natural material)
  4. Scented water, loson, spirits. (Superfluous loson as it is used in the hygienic purposes, and scented water and spirits - as perfumery)
  5. the Basting, a machine line, overlog. (The Basting as it becomes manually, the rest - on the sewing-machine)

the Beautician

Examples of subjects:

  1. Nail polish.
  2. Eye shadow.
  3. Ink for eyelashes.
  4. Lipstick of neutral colour.
  5. Bright lipstick.
  6. the Pencil for lips.
  7. the Pencil for eyes.
  8. the Cream-contour for eyelids.
  9. the Liquid for varnish removal.
  10. the Brush for eyelashes.
  11. the Cosmetic milk.
  12. the Voice-frequency cream.
  13. the Powder box.
  14. Tonic for the person.
  15. the Cream for feet.

Examples of tasks:

  1. To use eye shadow.
  2. to Tint lips for a business meeting.
  3. to Wash off a make-up.
  4. to Tint eyebrows.
  5. to Tint eyes (to choose not less than two subjects).
  6. to Hide freckles.
  7. to Prepare the person for cosmetics drawing.
  8. to Make up nails.
  9. to Wash off a varnish from nails.

10. To divide bound together resnichki.

Non-standard situations

  1. you long prepared for a party , have bought specially elegant dress to make upon all impression. However, when you have come, the dress of the mistress of the house

    It has appeared as like as two peas it is similar to yours. What to do?
  2. you have got acquainted with the unusual man. it seems to you that it is enamoured in you and is ready to make the proposal. You come to share it with the girlfriend and suddenly notice at it on a table a photo of your beloved. You in a shock - what to do?
  3. you wait for arrival of parents of the husband. to make impression, you have decided to prepare something especial. However at you it turns out nothing - you put too much salt in soup, roast burns slightly, and the pie is similar to a sole. You have not time to correct something as visitors already call at a door. What to do?
  4. Before the important appointment you have gone to a hairdressing salon . As a result of an awful error to you have painted hair green colour. Good-bye there is one hour. What to do?
  5. On a business buffet table you have come in a knitted dress. you talk to very important partner and suddenly notice that one of visitors was hooked by a jacket button for a thread of your dress, and the further it departs, the your dress is more dismissed. The important conversation is not finished yet. What to do?

the All-prize lottery for women

Examples of prizes:

  • Hanger for a towel.
  • the Spoon.
  • the Cover from banks.
  • Prihvatka.
  • the Kitchen towel.
  • the Pack of napkins.
  • the Sponge for ware washing.
  • Ershik.
  • Means from insects.
  • Spices.
  • Packages for dust.
  • the Laundry soap.

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