the School-leaving party (9th class)

1st feast:

1. A word of the leader:

Good evening, expensive graduates, dear parents! Here also there has come day which all of you together so waited. Behind 9 school years! At everyone they have passed on - a miscellaneous, there were successes and disappointments, pleasures and afflictions.

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The school way, but you Is difficult, expensive our graduates, have managed to take the first height, you have received the first document on formation.

And today this holiday is devoted to you, our clever and diligent, talented and resourceful, cheerful and direct pupils! Today on our holiday we will recollect school days, to dance, participate in competitions and games.

And now I wish to ask to speak for a congratulation to your class teacher, the teacher who throughout long years was near to you, helped you, supported you, worried about you, led you by the hand to knowledge and success, giving the heart to favourite pupils.

(the Word is given to the class teacher)

the Toast for words of the teacher (music sounds)

 2. Words of the leader:

The Trade of the teacher - one of the most surprising trades on the Earth. Work of the class teacher is difficult, difficult and interesting. And it is not casual children at times speak - "эр°р school ьрьр".

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Yes, uneasy to operate the big class family, after all at everyone the character, the problems, and everyone would like to help, support. And when there comes weariness, at times there are no forces, the teacher all the same hastens in a class because, expensive children, your naughty smiles, your restlessness, your inquisitive look return to the teacher energy, forces give and support. The teacher always would like, that each of you has grown the person fair, clever, with hot heart and able fingers.

Today, expensive children, your class teacher good words, wishes have told for you many, and you has now come also it is time to tell the best words to the teacher.

(competition on the best compliment to the teacher appears)

the TOAST: for kind words of pupils to the teacher.

3. Words of the leader:

Today, expensive graduates, on our holiday are present most close and native to you people, they are your parents (an applause to parents). How many pleasure, excitement, alarm in their eyes, after all for mum and the daddy you always remain children, how many to you was years. Many thanks to all mums and daddies that they have given a life, and then have resulted in school of absolutely small children, and in nine imperceptible years these children became already graduates - fine young men and girls.

And I drink to the most close and expensive people. Let's fill amicably liqueur glasses for those who always nearby, all understands also all forgives.

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    Expensive parents!
    You are kind really,
    Are affable to entering,
    Are sympathising to asking,
    Also are originally clever!

the Leader: Dear parents! Happiness to you, health, well-being! After all ahead at you still so many good good deeds, and the most important thing to give to the children good prestigious formation.

(the song for parents sounds)

Words of the leader:

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Dear our graduates! Now your class teacher has presented you Fire of knowledge! For long nine years that you went to school, you have grown up, have grown wiser, have found a certain experience, knowledge, have learnt to think, argue. Your childhood has ended, the youth has come, before you smart prospects reveal, you enter the future, in a life new to you. Tell, and with what the motto you will go on a life further?

For example : To go forward and not to surrender, get good education and td.

4. Words of the leader:

Girls! - the finest, beautiful, gentle, young, charming. These words for you:

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    All privetjat, to all will answer,
    All a smile will light up,
    Over the textbook at times,
    At night they sit!

(Girls to the applause of parents and teachers receive prizes and komlimenty from boys).

Boys! - these words for you!

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    Also are beautiful, and sportsmen
    From a head to toe
    The best meny.

(Boys to the applause of parents and teachers receive prizes and compliments from girls)

5. A waltz - all are invited to a school waltz.


(games, dances)

2nd feast:

  1. Congratulations of parents;
  2. Memoirs of pupils: on a tray keys with number of the educational offices lie, each of pupils recollects the teacher, the ridiculous case connected with this office.
  3. Questions to pupils on erudition (the appendix see);
  4. Examination to the teacher: to answer questions (see prilozh.);
  5. the Oath of graduates;
  6. "¦ыхъёшЁ тхчхэш " the class teacher drips in a mouth a pipette a sweet drink.


  1. Game with tapes - a folk music;
  2. to the Boy blindfold - to guess the girl on hair - fast music;
  3. Rokn-rol;
  4. Boys opposite to girls dance on chairs (5 muses. Compositions).

3 feast:

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    Guessing on spheres (the appendix see)
  2. the Super-prize from the teacher - a soft toy;
  3. the Gift to the teacher - the newspaper with wishes;
  4. the Candle (children take the lighted candle in hands and on a circle speak wishes to the contemporaries, teachers, school).
  5. Final words of the leader.

Additional materials:


  1. I will necessarily enter the institute.
  2. With me together on a life there will be loyal friends.
  3. I will become the succeeding businessman.
  4. it is obligatory to be executed my treasured dream.
  5. I will be attentive and careful, patient and all-forgiving, wise and disinterested.
  6. I will have a big beautiful house and the big amicable family.
  7. I will have a prestigious work.
  8. I will bring to people only light and good.
  9. Further I will study only on one five.
  10. I will be happy, healthy, talented and successful.

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