the School-leaving party (11 class)

Rassazhivanie of visitors: parents in a hall meet a loud applause of graduates, an applause to teachers-predmetnikam, an applause to directors of studies, teachers of initial classes, to the class teacher, the principal: all take places behind a table. (Children take seats: the boy - the girl).

1st a feast :

the Leader: Good evening, dear friends! Good evening, expensive teachers, mums and daddies, grandmothers and grandfathers, and the main originators of our celebration - graduates!

Today last school holiday this year, today you, children say goodbye to school. This holiday is devoted to you, our clever and diligent, talented and resourceful, cheerful and restless graduates. This holiday is devoted to you, our lovely and charming, attentive and careful, patient and all-forgiving, wise and disinterested, expensive our teachers. And to you, our hotly favourite mums and daddies, grandmothers and grandfathers who patiently overcame all difficulties, studied and created all these years together with the children.

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Behind 11 wonderful, unforgettable school years! At everyone they have passed differently, there were successes and disappointments, pleasures and afflictions. The school way is difficult! But you, expensive graduates have managed to win, have managed to take the first height, you have received the first document on formation. And everything that you are able now, everything that you know now, you to all to it have learnt at school!

And now I will ask to leave here to me of the principal, the class teacher, the director of studies and under our burst of applause to light fire of today's our meeting, school fire, fire of a life of our graduates ! (Music sounds), the best pupils of school bear fire on an honourable circle.

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I ask parents a tax to ours vyusknikam glasses with wine, to fill glasses to our teachers, parents.

the TOAST: dear friends, I suggest to lift glasses and to drink standing up for school fire, fire of knowledge, for our graduates. (The song sounds: "-х repeats such эшъюуфрЕ") - children clink glasses with teachers and parents.

T: Much was for 11 years of study: and the two and the five, a victory and defeat, good luck and failure, but always near to you, children, were your tender, strict, wise and fair teachers who helped you, supported you, conducted to knowledge and success.

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And I will ask pupils to rise from the places and standing poaplodirovat to the teachers, this applause to you, expensive teachers, from grateful pupils (parents support).

And now I wish to ask our graduates to tell the best words to the teachers, to present with the best compliments, after all they have really deserved it, they of it are worthy! (A compliment from each pupil) - here that pupils think of the teachers!

the TOAST: And we, dear friends, let's amicably lift our glasses and we will drink for our expensive teachers, really they have deserved it! (The song sounds: "-юуфр we will leave with school фтюЁрЕ.").

T: And now, expensive graduates, I wish to ask you a question and not one.

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Tell, who helped teachers with education and training who often came on PTA meetings who worried your launches and falling who has come to divide today with you pleasure? (Parents!) - an applause to parents!

And after all as though more recently parents have resulted in school of absolutely small children, and in imperceptible 11 years these children became graduates, fine young men and girls. Look, how many today pleasures and excitements in the opinion of your parents!

Dear parents, we tell you many thanks for your love and patience, for your wisdom and care. Happiness to you, health. At you ahead still so a lot of good, good deeds, and the most important thing to give svom to children worthy prestigious formation!

the TOAST: And the following glass, dear friends, we lift for parents! (Igor's I song - "рюфш=хышЕ"


the DISCO: (1st break).

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  2. Parovozik;
  3. "-хэ=№";
  4. Competition of suits.
  5. Game blindfold (boys learn girls on hair, girls learn on a nose).

2nd feast:


  1. the Word for a congratulation to the principal. - I suggest to lift glasses and to drink for parting words of the principal.

  2. And now a burst of applause let's greet kdassnogo the head of our graduates, the teacher of Russian and the literature-..................

Respected.................! Throughout many years you trained our graduates, put all the syly, knowledge, abilities, the intelligence, learnt to various vital knowledge, accepted at them examinations, and now we together with graduates wish to accept at you examination - examination in Russian and the literature. We offer you questions from Russian section: you should translate words youth slenga on usual language.

That in your opinion mean words:

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    Grandmas - money;
  • a market - conversation;
  • 100 poods - 100%;
  • to neigh - to laugh;
  • it is class - fine;
  • tusovatsja - to gather;
  • estimated - well dressed;
  • a box, a video recorder - the TV;
  • a computer - the computer.

the Leader: (the reference to the class teacher) We to you put "ю=ышёэю" and a word for a congratulation of our graduates!

the Toast: for words of the Class teacher.

the Oath of graduates!

the Leader: a word to parents for a congratulation!



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    Gipsies (suits);
  2. "Ррэ=шьх=Ё";
  3. the Superprize from the class teacher;
  4. On a visit for the evening there comes group "ИрсЁшър" (suits);
  5. the Ladies' choice dance:
  6. Dances with spheres;
  7. Cossacks (suits);
  8. Dances of nations of the world

In a break between dances "Рырфъшщ яхЁхЁ№тёшъ"

3. End of evening - children rise in a circle, take in hands the lighted candle and tell wishes to the schoolmates!


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