on February, 23rd

the Scenario of the celebratory evening devoted to Day of the defender of Fatherland

Quantity of participants - 15-30 persons. Duration - 3-6 ch.

Material maintenance

  • Gifts for men.
  • the Entertainment.
  • the Requisite for games and competitions.
  • Prizes.

the action Plan

  1. the Congratulation, delivery of gifts.
  2. the Banquet.
  3. the Comic test "-=ю is ъ=ю".
  4. Competitions of real men,
  5. Competition "-ющэр яюыют".

1. A congratulation, delivery of gifts

The Holiday begins with delivery of gifts to men and congratulations. It is desirable, that the congratulation was not too tightened and official. It is better to execute it in the poetic or song form. To name preferable in a congratulation by name each man and to tell about it some pleasant words.

Data on how to choose and hand over a gift, it is possible to find in gl. 5.

2. A banquet

After a congratulation all sit down a table. At drawing up of the menu for this holiday it is desirable to consider tastes of men and not to be limited sweet and fruit, and to prepare something more significant.

3. The comic test "-=ю is ъ=ю"

As entertainment behind a table can be offered men the comic test. For the test for cards various ranks are written, and then each man without looking pulls out to itself one card. Examples of inscriptions on cards are resulted in additional materials.

Even more interestingly not simply to make inscriptions, and to cut out from magazines and to paste the pictures corresponding to inscriptions.

During preparation of cards it is necessary to be extremely correct and to watch, that the thought up inscriptions have not touched nobody's advantage and have offended nobody.

4. Competitions of real men

Competition between men on a rank of the best can become One more entertainment corresponding to a theme of a holiday. Between interested persons to be overcome for this rank following competitions are held.


For competition on accuracy is better to use game "-рЁ=ё" - factory manufacturing.

More simple variant - from distance of 3-5 m to throw markers or felt-tip pens (with an open cap) in a target drawn on a sheet of paper, pasted on a wall. The most well-aimed participant receives a prize-winning point.

The Marker should be intended for drawing only on a paper then its casual traces will be easy for washing off spirit.

the Best toast

The Leader informs participants that, undoubtedly, the real man should be able drink correctly. However the competition problem not in drinking it is more than others, and in making it most gracefully.

After that each participant receives a wine-glass with a strong drink. Konkursanty by turns say toasts and drink wine-glass contents. The one who will carry out the task best, receives a prize-winning point.

the Best compliment

As the real man should be gallant and be able to find the approach to female heart, in this competition participants compete in pronouncing of compliments to the fair sex.

What compliment more others will be pleasant to women, receives a prize-winning point.

the strongest

In this competition the leader opens empty boxes and establishes a cover on an internal box how it is shown in drawing.

The Problem konkursantov - to flatten out both parts a box with one blow. (The task which at first sight seems very simple, is from the first almost impracticable.)

The Prize-winning point is received by those konkursant who, can make it, or the one who the attempts will earn liking of spectators.

The Participant who has typed most of prize-winning points, receives the comic diploma or a cardboard medal with a rank "-рё=ю Ёшщ ьѕцёшэр". Besides, the winner can hand over in a gift "фцхэ=ыіьхэёъшщ эрсюЁ" (a souvenir small bottle of alcohol, a chocolate, etc.).


5. Competition "-ющэр яюыют"

That not only men, but also women had possibility to take active part in a holiday, some competitions in which commands of men and women compete with each other are held.

Speed of speech

For competition representatives from each command are caused. They are offered for 30 with to say as it is possible bolshee quantity of any words. The command which representative will say more words, receives a prize-winning point.

For competition it is necessary to appoint some controllers considering said words.

Range of a throw

From each command it is caused on one representative. Their problem - as it is possible to throw a playing card further. Probably, to resolve to participants some attempts. Not to confuse the thrown cards, it is possible to offer one of participants to throw red colours, and to another - black.

The Command which representative will throw a card further (at several attempts is set off best of throws), receives a prize-winning point.


From each command it is caused on one representative. Their problem - to execute the most original and fascinating dance. Thus rate of music constantly varies.

The Command which representative will execute the best dance, receives a prize-winning point.

Knowledge - force

All players of the team participate In this competition. The leader serially asks to commands questions. Thus to a command of women man's questions, and a command of men - female are asked. Examples of questions are resulted in additional materials.

The command receives a prize-winning point For each right answer.

The Command which has typed bolshee quantity of points, wins a prize (a pie or a champagne bottle).

It is possible to spend some more games which numbers are resulted in the index of entertainments To holiday end.

Additional materials

Пѕ=юёэ№щ=хё="-=ю is ъ=ю"

Examples of inscriptions:

  1. The intellectual.
  2. Kazakova.
  3. the Sexual giant.
  4. the Ideal husband.
  5. the Secret agent.
  6. the strongest.
  7. the Psychic.
  8. the Magician and the wizard.
  9. the Commander.
  10. the Master.
  11. the Erudite.
  12. the Most temperamental.
  13. the Best fighter.
  14. the Most dexterous.
  15. the Professional in the business.

-юэъѕЁё"Гэрэш -ёшыр"

Examples of questions for women:

  1. the Component of that is the carburettor? (Motor)
  2. On what it is possible to strike "я№Ёюь"? (On a ball)
  3. the Cowl on the car settles down in front or behind? (In front)
  4. That such bullit? (The Foul shot in hockey)
  5. In what direction at work as a saw force is put: to itself or from itself? (From itself)
  6. Brothers to the Drill play football or in hockey? (In hockey)
  7. Where passed the World championship on football of 2002? (In Japan)
  8. Production of what firm has an emblem in shape "урыюёъш"? (Nike)

Examples of questions for men:

  1. What for women drip on the torn stockings nail polish? (That the arrow on the torn stockings has not gone.
  2. At thread threading in a needle that should be motionless: a needle or a thread? (Needle)
  3. That such melirovanie? (Colouring of separate locks of hair)
  4. For what acetone can be necessary for the woman? (To wash off an old varnish from nails)
  5. As name a small handbag in which the subjects are stored, necessary to make a make-up? (Beautician)
  6. Whether
  7. Put yeast in a shortcake dough? (Is not present)
  8. Whether
  9. It is necessary to wash off a paint from hair after their colouring? (Yes)
  10. For this process wax, a cream, mechanical devices, laser devices can be used. What it for process? (Depilation).


All competitions and competitions are necessary for spending so that was not dissatisfied and offended. It is much better to acknowledge a victory at once for several participants and to hand over prizes as it is possible bolshemu for number konkursantov.


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