Day kultprosvetrabotnika

the Scenario of the thematic evening devoted to Day kultprosvetrabotnika

In clothes - the poster "+рЁфхЁюс ё¦ЁяЁшчют" the poster on hall doors "Гфхёі were... Or autographs уюфр".

In a hall on little tables and a bar rack - bouquets, flower compositions, the photonewspaper "…р! Acquaintances all ышчр..." the picture story since the previous holiday kultprosvetrabotnikov "…№трыш days тхё©ы№х" a photo gallery "-шЁхъ=юЁр=... 199... у." the poster - the information on sponsors of a holiday, on a bar rack - the TV and the videorecorder, on a platform - sound and intensifying equipment.



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Behind clothes rack together with the cloakroom attendant of visitors three girls who hand over to visitors prizes-unexpectedness, or clothes prizes meet:

  • for the polite reference with dvermi;
  • for an affable smile;
  • to the owner (-itse) the most fluffy collar;
  • "¦шёё (Mr.) Пряър";
  • "¦шёё Пѕср";
  • to the owner nomerka № 1, or to the first visitor; № 7 (sacred figure) or № 13, № 14 (date of carrying out of a holiday);
  • to the most punctual;
  • to the first late;
  • for the first appointment to a mirror;
  • for a compliment to attendants;
  • for the first friendly kiss at a meeting;
  • for the purest footwear;
  • for the sharpest arrows on trousers;
  • for the greatest buttons on outer clothing;
  • for the most serious kind, slowness, etc.

Everyone should correspond to the appointment. For example, a prize "¤хЁтюьѕ юяючфрт°хьѕ" - a toy alarm clock or manual toy hours.


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The Poster with such heading hangs on one of entrance doors, nearby on a scaffold the felt-tip pen which interested persons leave the autograph is attached, then during the program of Bureau of Spectator liking (BZS) will define the winner and will hand over it a prize.


At once behind entrance doors in a hall are placed and attractions "-хё уюфр" work; "рюё= уюфр" "-юцър уюфр".

"-хё уюфр" - wishing to be weighed on floor scales take part in this attraction, responsible writes down and informs the data of Bureau of Spectator Liking (BZS) which defines winners and hands over a prize during the program.

"рюё= уюфр" - similar requirements are beaten with rostomerom.

"-юцър уюфр" - under the poster with such heading sits responsible for an attraction and tries on 35th size wishing a female shoe. The name of the winner is informed BZS, and on a course of the program the prize is handed over to it.

Invited prior to the beginning of the program participate in entertainments, funs, attractions, examine photonewspapers, a photo gallery, flower compositions.

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the videorecorder Works.

the Gathered participants of a holiday take seats for little tables, light dies away, the orchestra plays a melody, the leader and six girls enter into the shined hall under music underneath. Girls bear candelabrums with the lighted candles and put them on little tables. The leader rises on a platform and speaks against a melody.

the Leader . All kind, sincere (February, for example) evening in a celebratory circle kultprosvetrabotnikov. Thanks old friends for a new meeting, and the newcomer - for aspiration to make friends with us.

We begin a traditional meeting of art workers "- to a circle фЁѕчхщ". For you today work service bon appetit, musical service...

organizers of evening, including, artists, authors of flower compositions

Further are listed


the Leader . Why evening at candles? That to all of us was warmer from our meeting. Let fire of small candles will be a symbol of big fire of our soul, and also let it reminds us of those who already is not present near to us.

Parade of veterans.

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the Manager. Culture department speaks about veterans KPR, inviting everyone to a platform. Girls hand over them flowers, and representatives of department of culture - gifts and souvenirs.

the Word to one of veterans for the first toast. After the gathered will pay a tribute to a feast, the leader represents sponsors of a holiday and guests of honour.

Elections of Bureau of spectator liking (BZS).

the Leader . By tradition, respecting democracy and people will, we choose BZS a way... Direct appointment of the president of Bureau. I ask to love and favour. An applause to the president! And you, the mister the president, choose two vice-presidents - here it and there will be the most democratic elections. Your problem - to hand over today prizes to spectators:

  • for the best autograph or the autograph of year (pen);
  • weight of year (something from sports stock);
  • growth of year (a penknife - to do notches for memory);
  • a leg of year (the drawn female shoe);
  • Don-Zhuan evenings (the newspaper appendix "Ряшф-Ђ-И+");
  • Ms. the Smile (lipstick);
  • Ms. Energy (electroswitch);
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    For the best toast (a wine bottle);
  • Ms. Charming Eyes (shades or ink);
  • the Regular guy (a set of buttons for a shirt);
  • Ms. the Hairdress (a massage brush);
  • the Sir Evenings (tie-butterfly);
  • the longest tie (scissors);
  • Ms. of the Decollete (a decorative flower);
  • Mr. Tanks (a shaving set);
  • Moustaches of year (a small pocket mirror);
  • the Beard of year (hairbrush);
  • Ms. Brovki (a black pencil).

the Leader will read only to the name of the prizes, specified in brackets is for bureau.

the Leader . Accept, please, the list, a magic basket with prizes and - for work! Applause BZS! Prizes and awards of year.

Musical call signs.

the Leader . We begin solemn ceremony of delivery of prizes and awards of year.

the Musical chord.

the Leader . A prize (award) "Гр the best exhibition уюфр" it is handed over...

prizes Further follow.

the Leader . "…шсышю=хърЁ¦ уюфр" "¦хЁюяЁш =шх уюфр" "Гюыю=№х hands уюфр" "¤ѕсышърчш  уюфр" (for disclosing of actual problems of culture in the newspaper). Paying time tribute, we hand over a prize "-ыѕсэ№щ сшчэхёьхэ". Competitors of a prize:

And a prize фюё=рыё ... 

There is a girl with a package where there is a card with the printed surname of the winner, and hands over a package to the leader who unpacks it. Are marked also "рхцшёё©Ё уюфр" "РчхэрЁшё= уюфр" etc.

the Leader . You now will see competitors of last prize on the screen.

videoclip Viewing then there is a rewarding.

the Leader . Unexpected "¤Ёхьш¦ Ђъё" has founded metodtsentr. To it a word.

the Director metodtsentra hands over the award "Гр kontaktnost with ьх=юфчхэ=Ёюь".

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the Leader . Ceremony of delivery of prizes and awards of year has ended, and very much it would be desirable, that someone from heroes of the festivities has said in honour of it a toast.

the Toast. A feast.

the Leader . In culture department there is a service which very much watches closely all significant events in our life, and - to honour of this service - in its activity there were no still punctures.

I invite to a microphone of the main expert of department of culture.

the Main expert of department of culture represents jubiljarov year.

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Under solemn music those to whom it was executed 50, 55, 60, 40, 30, 20 are invited in a lap of honour, and also sponsors who hand over memorable gifts jubiljaram, girls give flowers.

the Leader . And now I with the great pleasure declare the first dancing program devoted to our veterans and jubiljaram. For you the program "рх=Ёю"

the Dancing program "рх=Ёю".

During the dancing program preparation for continuation of evening is spent: the drum, as in the program "¤юых ёѕфхё" is taken out; only the field is broken on sektory under other letter designations. The leader tells about conditions of game after the dancing program.

"--Л…-+‡ THE FIELD ОЛ-‡Р"

the Leader . On desperate requests happy and happy with a life kultprosvetchikov, misters... Our holiday proceeds as "-ыѕсэюх a field ёѕфхё". Conditions of our game:

  • the right to twist a drum is given to one person from each little table;
  • the leader has the right to impose "тх=ю" on that sector which already dropped out, has the right to delay or transfer a course.
  • the ciphered designations of sectors:
  • the drawn wine glass (two sectors) - a toast.
  • GG - a horoscope of year - in advance everyone prepares a comic horoscope against each other which will read and hand over (two sectors).
  • the Treble clef (three sectors) - the dancing program.
  • BSZ - the Bureau of Spectator Liking hands over prizes (2 sectors);
  • P - (3 sectors) - a prize. Won this sector 6 boxes different in volume where there are prizes are offered. He should choose.
  • TSH - the creative penalty (2 sectors). To whom this sector drops out, should execute one of following tasks of the leader: pantomime means - a mimicry and gestures - "яЁюёш=р=і" 4 lines of a known poem so that were solved by spectators.
  • "¦№ and Ё№эюъ" - the sheet of paper with the list of the products sold in the market is offered. It is necessary to put down market prices, then they are verified with the official data.
  • "+шьэ яЁю¶хёёшш" - under such heading to compose a verse with basic words: I pray - I swear, colour - a cultural gleam, protection - the salary, driving - a star, the proletarian - the scenario, a scene - the aerial.
  • "-хцэ№щ =юё=" - to say a toast in which there would be 7 words "ы¦сы¦" and 3 times the phrase "Кръ would repeat we will shift glasses, фЁѕчі !" which the hall at the command of telling a toast should tell chorus.
  • "Ртшё=юяы ёър" - to execute any temperamental dance, podsvistyvaja in a step in a whistle.
  • "-¦сютэюх яюёырэшх" - (the task for the man) to write woman such love note, having received which, it all will throw and will leave to it.
  • Viewing of a videoclip with club actions.
  • IN - game between men and women (a question - the answer).
  • F - playing it has the right to be photographed with any of participants of evening or group.
  • TP - playing has the right to a creative kiss.
  • TV - (3 sectors) - the creative repayment, or "Р you яЁшёш=рх=ё ". (Who within the last year had an increase on a post, should give the creative repayment - who in what is ready.) PN - pleasant unexpectedness. They expect all participants in the ending of the program and prepare group kultprosvetrabotnikov.
  • X - the drawn bottle of the champagne which has been crossed out X. (Champagne will not be.) a toast "Гр health шуЁр¦Ёхую" all drink, except it.

On a course of game the leader introduces the corrective amendments, makes comments on a course and performance of tasks, supports atmosphere of easy dialogue and fun. It is desirable, that the program "-ыѕсэюх a field ёѕфхё" has come to the end with the program of incendiary dances.

the Leader . As it is a pity, but parting time approaches. At parting do not forget to vote otryvnymi coupons of our invitation card: if the meeting has pleased to you, you tear off and put in this fake hat talonchik with a word "-р" if it was not pleasant - with a word "-х=".

Good-bye, good luck! To new meetings!


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