Day of firm

Celebrating of anniversary of the basis of firm or a professional calendar holiday
It is spent in a banquet room of establishment either the rented club or restaurant.

Quantity of participants - 40-100 persons. Duration - 5-8 ch.

Material maintenance

  • the Requisite for competitions.
  • Prizes.

the action Plan

  1. the Official part.
  2. the Banquet.
  3. Competition "Рёх= in срэъх"
  4. Competition "¤юёт Ёрх=ё  ¶шЁьх...".
  5. Competition on business abilities.
  6. Competition "¤юЁ=Ёх= directors ¶шЁь№".
  7. Games and dances.

1. An official part

The Official part on a holiday should not be long. It is necessary to prepare the short interesting story about the basis of firm or occurrence of a kind of the activity which is the core for the given organisation.

Besides the story can include the short ridiculous stories told by veterans of the organisation.

It is important, that this story has united all participants, has created corporate spirit in the organisations and feeling of corporate patriotism as it will promote increase of an overall performance of all firm as a whole.

2. A banquet

After end of an official part the celebratory banquet begins. The special firm dish (any dish or a drink somehow connected with activity of the organisation) can become a banquet highlight.

3. Competition "Рёх= in срэъх"

Behind a table it is possible to spend some games and competitions which will entertain visitors and will create celebratory mood.

the Bank account

Competition can be spent both among a firm management, and between all interested persons. The glass jar filled with metal and paper money and sealed (that participants did not have a temptation to open jar, it is possible to seal its canning cover) is necessary for competition. Participants by turns study contents banks, trying to count or guess the sum of money which are in it. Answers of participants register.

After each interested person named the variant of the sum, bank reveals and money containing in it is recalculated. The participant who has given absolutely correct or most exact (depending on competition entry conditions) the answer, wins a prize.

Other games approaching for the given holiday, are resulted in the index of entertainments.

4. Competition "¤юёт Ёрх=ё  ¶шЁьх..."

It is possible to hold competition on the best ode in honour of firm or the best toast.

Konkursanty by turns, during all holiday read the verses or say toasts. In end of a holiday spectators choose the best authors and it hands over prizes. Also it is desirable to note all participants incentive prizes.

5. Competition on business abilities

One more entertainment for participants of a holiday - competitions on business abilities. For competitions 5-7 interested persons are caused, other present become spectators and judges of competition.

the Text from words

Each participant receives the newspaper, a sheet of paper, scissors and gluing pencil. The problem of participants - to cut out from the newspaper of a word and to make of them the text on the sample. As the sample it is possible to take advertising of the given firm or a phrase from the firm booklet.

That from participants who faster others copes with the task, receives a prize-winning point.

the Super-worker

Participants ask to copy the small text, simultaneously with it answering (by turns) questions of the leader.

Questions can be biographical character (a surname, a name, a patronymic, a date of birth, the birthplace, formation, etc.).

That participant who, despite hindrances, will have time to copy during competition of more words of the text without errors, receives a prize-winning point.

What to do, if...

The inconvenient situations connected with their work of which it is necessary for them to find an original way out are offered Participants. That participant who, according to spectators, will give most a riposte, receives a prize-winning point.

Examples of situations are resulted in additional materials.


Participants compete in pronouncing of tongue twisters. That konkursant which, according to spectators, is better than others copes with this task, receives a prize-winning point.

Examples of tongue twisters for adults are resulted in additional materials.

The Participant who has typed the greatest quantity of prize-winning points, wins a prize and the comic reading and writing or the certificate of the best worker.

6. Competition "¤юЁ=Ёх= directors ¶шЁь№"

Participants share at two-three commands, for example on departments. Further each command is offered to draw a portrait of the director blindly. Thus the first participants of commands draw a felt-tip pen on the sheets fixed on a wall, a face form. The second participants of commands - hair, the third - a nose, the fourth eyes etc.

That command which, according to spectators, will make the best portrait, wins a prize.

Certainly, carrying out of similar entertainment is necessary for co-ordinating with the director of the organisation. In points at issue it is better to suggest to draw to participants the firm building, let out production or any subject directly related to activity, the given organisation.

7. Games and dances

To Finish a holiday it is possible dances, games or drinking songs, depending on wishes of participants.

Numbers of games for a holiday are resulted in the index of entertainments.

Additional materials

Competition on business abilities

What to do, if... (Examples of situations):

  1. What to do, if you have lost the salary of the subordinates or public money in a casino?
  2. What to do, if you have casually locked at office late at night?
  3. What to do, if your dog has eaten the important reporting which you should present to the director in the morning?
  4. What to do, if you have got stuck in the lift with the general director of your firm?

Tongue twisters for adults:

  • Vahmistr with vahmistershej, the captain with rotmistrshej.
  • Konstantin ascertained incident with the quartermaster and precedent with the applicant.
  • Sokovary of Kosovo cook coconut juice in pressure cookers.
  • Near a hole a hill with kuljami. I will sit down on a hill, a sack I will correct.
  • I Go on hollows, hollows will not leave I.
  • the Interviewer of the interventionist interviewed.
  • Inflation galloped, galloped, yes not vygalopirovala.
  • Has gone Fields to weed in the field.
  • the Package under popkorn.
  • All tongue twisters not pereskorogovorish, not perevyskorogovorish.
  • Carries Senka Sanku with Sonkoj on a sledge. A sledge skok, Senku from feet, Sonku in a forehead, all in a snowdrift.
  • From under Kostroma, from under Kostromishchi there were four men. Spoke about the auctions, yes about purchases, about groats, yes about podkrupki.
  • In a tent rustles with silks yellow dervish from Algeria and, juggling with knifes, a piece eats a fig.


Specially made wall newspapers-picture stories about different events from history of firm with amusing signatures will be the Best ornament of a premise for the given holiday.


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