the Dancing-party

Evening of dances and rest for the big collective

This scenario probably to use at carrying out of holidays in a banquet room of firm or the rented night club.

Quantity of participants - 50-100 persons. Duration - 4-7 ch.

Material maintenance

  • the Entertainment (probably to be limited to sandwiches, fruit and various drinks, having organised a table in the form of a buffet table).
  • Prizes.
  • Music underneath.
  • the Requisite for competitions.

the action Plan

  1. the Beginning of evening.
  2. Competition on the best dancing pair.
  3. Auction "-ю= in ьх°ъх".
  4. Dancing entertainments.
  5. Entertainments "Р=юя, ьѕч№ър".
  6. Competitions "-р грани".
  7. Rewardings.

1. The beginning of evening

In the beginning of evening it is necessary to offer entertainments which will unite come for a holiday and will create corresponding mood.

It is possible to spend, for example, such game:

all at us have ears

Players become in a circle. The leader speaks: "Л all at us is Ёѕъш". After that each participant takes the neighbour on the right for the left hand, and with shouts "Л all at us is Ёѕъш" players move on a circle, yet will not make a complete revolution. After that the leader speaks: "Л all at us is °хш" and game repeats, only now participants hold the right neighbour for a neck. Further the leader lists various parts of a body, and players move on a circle, holding for the named part of the neighbour on the right and shouting or singing: "Л all at us is ..."

Listed parts of a body depend on imagination of the leader and degree of relaxedness of players. For example, following parts of a body can be listed: hands (separately right and left), a waist, a neck, a shoulder, ears (separately right and left), elbows, hair, a nose, a breast.

2. Competition on the best dancing pair

After public will be warmed up, it is possible to declare competition on the best dancing pair.

the Ball

Players dance in steams to a foot of the partner the balloon is adhered. The partner purpose - to save a ball of the partner and to pierce another's balls. Thus steams should continue to dance. Last pair which has kept a ball, appears won and wins a prize.

During game it is possible to make the additional demand to participants - their dance should correspond to sounding music. Thus music all time varies.

Dances on an ice floe

To Each pair of participants the newspaper stands out. They should dance so that any of partners has not attacked a floor out of the newspaper. On each signal of the leader the newspaper develops half-and-half and dance proceeds. Music all time varies. If someone from partners has descended from the newspaper during dance - the pair leaves competition. Last pair which has remained in game wins a prize.


Participants in steams dance to music. Thus music constantly varies. Spectators estimate dancing and select the best steams by which the victory in competition is awarded.

3. Auction "-ю= in ьх°ъх"

In a break between dances it is possible to spend auction "т=хьэѕ¦". The leader shows to participants the prizes wrapped in a packing paper that it was not clear that there inside. To provoke public, the leader in the comic form informs appointment of the given subject.

In auction the present money, thus the initial price of all prizes low enough are used. The participant who has offered the greatest price for a subject, redeems it.

Before delivery to the new owner a subject develop to satisfy curiosity of public.

It is desirable to alternate ridiculous and valuable prizes what to raise passion of public. Examples of prizes and demands are resulted in them in additional materials

4. Dancing entertainments

For a change it is possible to bring in usual dances following game elements from time to time:

the Snake

Participants join hands also added steps move on a hall. When enough great number of participants will join a snake, " a head чьхщъш" (the first person standing in a chain) starts to twist a chain on a spiral. As a result the snake appears curtailed by rings, the snake beginning - in the middle of rings, whence, without having uncoupled a chain, it is impossible to get out. Game comes to an end with cheerful disentangling of rings.


To a belt of participants the thread on which fastens match boxes becomes attached.

All participants dance under fast music, simultaneously trying to attack boxes to contenders and to protect the of boxes. That participant at whom the thread with korobkom breaks, leaves game.

The Participants who have kept the boxes to the termination of dance, appear winners.

Natural selection

Participants become in a circle and dance. During dance they transfer each other a subject (an orange or a small balloon). Suddenly music interrupts, and who still had in hands subject, leaves a circle. Then music plays again, and dance proceeds. Last participant who has remained in a circle wins a prize.

It is desirable to involve in this game of all present. In the beginning musical pauses big enough, then intervals between music deenergizing decrease.


Participants become one after another parovozikom and "хчф =" on a hall between other dancing. "¤рЁютючшъ" there begin two-three participants, gradually to them other dancing are added.

"-хырщ, ъръ "

Participants become in a circle. Dancing by turns show various movements which are repeated by other participants standing in a circle.

"-№щфш in круг"

Participants dance in a circle. One of participants leaves in the centre of a circle and starts to dance. After a while it extends in the centre of a circle of one more participant, and itself takes its place.

5. Entertainments "Р=юя, ьѕч№ър"

That participants had possibility to have a rest from dances and loud music, small breaks with which it is possible to fill with various games and entertainments from time to time are arranged.

Numbers of the games approaching for the given holiday, look in the index of entertainments.

6. Competitions "-р грани"

More close to the termination of evening it is possible to offer public some juicier entertainments. However at their organisation and a choice of participants it is necessary to supervise a situation that similar entertainments have not caused negative emotions in some visitors (especially victims of these games). Besides, in similar games competition should be conducted for interesting enough and considerable prize.

Superfluous clothes

On a scene the most courageous interested persons are caused some. Before each of konkursantov the chair is put. The leader offers konkursantam under music, all one is temporary, to remove any part of clothes (or to spread some subject from a pocket). The participant who for any reason cannot remove anything from itself, leaves competition. Last remained in game wins a prize.


The Leader causes five-seven interested persons. They receive the task to bring to the leader some subjects. That from konkursantov who before others will cope with the task, wins a prize.

Give an erotic shade to this cheerful children's game the special structure of the list of subjects can. For example, in this list can contain any clothes, the request to bring a subject beginning on the certain letter, ornaments and cosmetics. The problem of participants not only to find these subjects, but also to persuade the owner of the boot necessary to them, a shirt or a cellular telephone for a while to leave them.

Man's competition

Men participate In this competition only. Each of them receives a bottle filled with water, and a glass. A problem konkursantov - having clamped a bottle between feet, without the aid of hands to fill a glass which is standing on the floor. The one who faster and more accurately others will cope with this task, wins a prize.


Two-three glass jars and a metallic currency (it is desirable to prepare a trifle in advance, without hoping that participants will find her) are necessary For game.

Wishing to take part in competition share at two-three commands. Each command receives a glass jar and identical number of coins (not less than three on each participant).

The Leader marks a start line, on distance of 5 m from which are put banks. The problem of participants - to clamp a coin between hips, to pass to the banks and without the aid of hands to lower a coin in bank. The command which has thrown in bank of most coins, wins a prize.

7. Rewardings

To Finish evening is better rewarding of participants in various nominations, for example the such:

  1. The most tireless dancer.
  2. the fastest dancer.
  3. the Most original dancing movement.
  4. the Most plastic dance.
  5. the Most incendiary dance.
  6. the Best dancing technics.
  7. the Most resourceful dancer.
  8. the Most inventive dancer.

Additional materials

Auction "-ю= in ьх°ъх"

Examples of prizes and demands:

  1. Without it to us there will be not in pleasure any feast. (Salt)
  2. Something sticky. (A sweet "ёѕяр-ёѕяё" or a sugar candy packed into the big box)
  3. Small which can become big. (Balloon)
  4. a Subject necessary for the businessman. (Notebook)
  5. the Subject for those who wishes to leave the trace. (A set colour melkov)
  6. Cold, green, long... (A champagne Bottle)
  7. the Integral attribute of a civilised life. (Toilet roll)
  8. Short pleasure. (A box of chocolates)
  9. the Training apparatus for those who wishes to learn to make the best of a bad bargain. (Lemon)
  10. the Gift from Africa. (Pineapple or a coco)


At carrying out of evening it is necessary to remember that many people have come to dance here. Therefore it is not necessary presyshchat evening various competitions and games, will enough choose 3-5 entertainments from the offered list.

Is better to offer game during the periods of recession of enthusiasm dancing when some participants start to miss or get tired of dances.


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