Cheerful gallop on east horoscopes

the Scenario koporativnoj parties at the slightest pretext

the Leader. Good afternoon, dear friends! Though, no. Today I will risk to address to you a little differently. I hope, you will understand why.

I am glad to welcome in this hall:

  • succeeding Rats and noble Bulls,
  • vigorous Tigers and modest Rabbits,
  • ubiquitous Dragons and wise Snakes,
  • ambitious Horses and legible Goats,
  • restless Monkeys and fearless Cocks,
  • devoted Dogs and goodhearted Wild boars.

According to east horoscope, every year passes under the badge of this or that animal. And the person born in certain year, is allocated with some properties of character east-goroskopnogo "§юч шэр уюфр".

  • From pieces of glass of the most different
    The kaleidoscope,
    consists How many animals different
    Make a horoscope?
    What here to think and try -
    All of us it is known, them … (Twelve.)

I would not like to see, what signs on east 12-year cycle have gathered today in this hall. I suggest to get acquainted and learn, who

In what year was born. And since what year we will begin acquaintance, you will be prompted by my riddle.


  • the Leader. This sign learns everyone:
    Barks at chains … (the Dog.)
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In a year of the Dog very true and devoted people are born. They are famous for a sharp tongue and always stand up for justice. So, who was born in a year of the Dog, I ask you to pass to me …

The Leader invites in the centre of a hall of those participants of the program which were born in a year of the Dog. A musical theme "Рюсрёшщ трыіё".

the Entertainment "Рюсрёіш уюэъш"

the Leader. the Dog - though also the most habitual, but also a unique animal for us. After all hardly who from representatives of fauna can boast of so various set of trades. I have not made a reservation, after all a dog it not only the watchman and the security guard.

Let's admire together a variety "ёюсрёіш§" trades, having arranged for this purpose original dog races.

The Leader of all participants of competition builds in one rank.

the Leader. Since the first participant, each of you names one of known "ёюсрёіш§" trades, doing thus a step forward. If into my account to "=Ёх§" the new version of the dog activity will not sound, the participant remains on a place. That participant who will manage to come off the persecutors in this not to simple race wins. By the way, remember, it is impossible to repeat. To you all is clear, dear participants of running? …

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Competition is held: participants name "ёюсрёі¦" a trade also do a step forward; who cannot answer in turn - is at a stop. If after the third-fourth calling at you the leader was defined - game comes to an end. If leaders two-three, between them the blitz-interrogation is spent: the leader asks a question who on it the first and is the winner.

the Leader. At us the winner among born in a year of the Dog was defined. We congratulate and is awarded …

The prize and "ю=ышёш=хыіэ№щ чэръ" is handed over to the Winner; - cut-away with the image of a dog. To other participants it is handed over consolation prizes - sweets "¦ѕ-ьѕ".

Questions for blitsa:

  • the dog of colour Distinguishes? (no.)
  • That carries out a thermometer role at a dog? (a nose.)
  • As the science studying dogs is called? (Kinologija.)


  • the Leader. This sign on others is not worse.
    It is not silly, I will tell to you,
    Only here to roll in a pool
    Loves thick … (the Pig.)

Knightly character is inherent born in a year of the Pig. It is talented and scrupulous excessively, a little naive and trustful. And I invite to approach to me of those who was born this year - year of the Pig.

The Leader invites in the centre of a hall of those participants of the program which were born in a year of the Pig. A musical theme "КЁш яюЁюёхэър".

the Entertainment "¦юэх=№ in ётшэіх-ъюяшыъх"

the Leader. I do not know why, but this amusing and lovely animal became an embodiment of monetary moneymaking. Why? … Because the porcelain pig became the first coin box for coins.

At me in hands a pig-coin box with certain quantity of coins making a certain sum. And what here the sum, you also need to guess. Transferring a coin box from hands in a hand, on a ring of coins try to define in it the sum of money …

Participants of game by turns take a pig-coin box in hands and on a ring of coins try to guess the sum of its contents. During competition the musical theme "КЁш яюЁюёхэър" sounds;. Then participants name the variants who will guess or will be closest to a right answer - the winner. If the winner appears not one, for them the blitz-interrogation is spent.

the Leader. I Congratulate, your answer was most exact. Our congratulations and awards for you …

The prize and "ю=ышёш=хыіэ№щ чэръ" is handed over to the Winner; the rest - consolation prizes - pjatachki (five-rouble coins).

Questions for blitsa:

  • As name the kid with swinish character? (a pig.)
  • That such a swinish layer? (fat.)
  • As the event increasing beastliness is called? (Oporos.)


the Leader. the Teeth terrible, a tail bald,

Under a floor it is scraped … (the Rat.)

The Rat is born under the badge of charm and aggression. It is economical, but is generous with those whom loves. Who was born in a year of the Rat, as a rule, succeed and achieve the. And we also would like to contemplate these succeeding people right now …

The Leader invites in the centre of a hall of those participants of the program which were born in a year of the Rat. A musical theme "¦№°шэ№щ ъюЁюыі".

"-юёърцш "ь№°шэѕ¦" яюёыютшчѕ"

the Leader. Rats and mice - not so popular theme for secular conversations and conversations. But how many proverbs and sayings are devoted this grey and dlinnohvostym to representatives of fauna.

To you, dear representatives of a krysino-mouse horoscope, it is necessary to flash knowledge of oral national creativity. I offer each of you on one proverb, but in it was not present "ъЁ№ёшэюую" a tail, that is its termination. It is necessary for you to find this tail.

The Leader will read to each participant "ь№°шэѕ¦" a proverb, and the participant should finish it. Who does not cope with the task - leaves game. Game is spent before revealing of the winner.

  • It was inflated, as the mouse … (on groats.)
  • there would be a bread, and … (mice will be.)
  • the mouse, yes … (a tooth oster Is insignificant.)
  • And the mouse in the mink … (drags a crust.)
  • the Mouse glozhet that … (can.)
  • All on holes that mice … (on cracks.)
  • Rich in money, as … (the mouse in groats.)
  • the Mouse in a box that … (voevoda in a city.)
  • the Cat sleeps, and … (mice sees.)
  • to the Cat of a toy, and … (a mouse of tear.)
  • the Mouse in a barn … (not to freeze.)
  • It is not necessary and … (mice to catch.)
  • the mouse Threatens a cat, yes … (from a hole.)
  • the Mouse a shock … (not to knock down.)

If winners it appears more than - the blitz-interrogation is spent.

Questions for blitsa:

  • As the family which rats concern is called? (mouse.)
  • That the first rats in case of danger leave? (the ship.)
  • Into whom have transformed a rat in a fairy tale about the Cinderella? (in the driver.)

The Winner is awarded by a prize and "ю=ышёш=хыіэ№ь чэръюь". Lost receive consolation prizes - plavlenye curd cakes.


  • the Leader. it Is unrestrained and dik,
    The sign horned is … (the Bull.)

"…№ъш" are reserved, but minutes of fury know no limit, and for anybody not a secret that the Bull - true the hard worker.

I Ask to approach to me of those who was born in a year of the Bull …

The Leader invites in the centre of a hall of those participants of the program which were born in a year of the Bull. A musical theme "=Ёшфчр=і three ъюЁют№".

the Entertainment "рюур=№щ ъюыічхсЁюё"

the Leader. horns are both an intimidation subject, and a subject for sneers … Today for you horns become a good luck subject. The role of the bull horns at us will be executed by two bottles with "шуЁшт№ь" a drink. You have only three attempts that "юърыічхтр=і" at least one of horns. The task is that: to throw on "Ёюу" and if to whom will carry also two, at least one ring …

Competition is held: to participants it is handed over three rings which need to be thrown from the established distance on a bottle. At whom it will turn out best, becomes the winner. If the winner not one - a blitz-interrogation.

Questions for blitsa:

  • the Harvest season on preparation of forages for burenok? (the Haymaking.)
  • the health Standard? (a bull.)
  • Canned food for bulls and cows? (a silo.)

the prize and "ю=ышёш=хыіэ№щ a sign is handed over to the Winner. Lost consolation prizes - brochures "рюур and ъюя№=р".


  • the Leader. It moustached, hairy,
    And the fan of different games,
    Not a kitten striped,
    Present predatory … (the Tiger.)

So, and the Tiger. It is a sign on the person of unusual actions and exclusive destiny. It is difficult to resist to its magic and magnetic force. The natural power offers to it advantages before many. I invite such people here to me …

The Leader invites in the centre of a hall of those participants of the program which were born in a year of the Tiger. A musical theme "+я! And tigers at my feet ёхыш".

the Entertainment "¤Ё№цюъ in a ring with юуэхь"

the Leader. we can meet Tigers in the conditions of the wild nature, in a zoo and is final, in circus. Where, as here, in circus, they, tigers personally show the fearlessness - to jump in a ring with fire each stuntman will risk not. And I also suggest to execute this task to our participants.

To begin with arm with rings …

the Leader hands over to participants rezinochki.

the Leader. And now arm with fire …

the Leader hands over to everyone on a Bengal fire.

the Leader. And now attention in what competition for tigers consists. You, on my signal try to climb through in that ring, which at you in hands, since a head. Then light a Bengal fire. At whom the first the Bengalese spark will light up, becomes the winner in this competition. If who is not assured of the possibilities, can refuse participation in competition …

Competition is held: at the command of the leader participants try to pass handed over by it rezinochku since a head, then light the Bengalese spark handed over to it. The fast wins competition and is encouraged with a prize and "ю=ышёш=хыіэ№ь чэръюь". Incentive prizes - fruit candy "ярё=і =шуЁр" are handed over to other participants;. If winners it has appeared a little, for them the blitz-interrogation is spent.

Questions for blitsa:

  • From what film these words: "Ї not the coward, but I сю¦ёіЕ"? ("¤юыюёр=№щ Ёхщё".)
  • As called a tiger from a fairy tale "¦рѕуыш"? (the Sher-khan.)
  • In a skin of a tiger, but not a tiger, who it? ("-ш= чі in tigrovoj °ъѕЁх".)


  • the Leader. It fluffy, very dexterous,
    His acquaintance shape.
    Who always chews a carrot?
    Well, certainly is … (the Rabbit.)

The Rabbit loves a society, and the society loves it. Besides, the people who were born in year of the Rabbit are pedantic and reserved. If in a hall there are representatives of year of the Rabbit or the Cat, ask to leave to me …

The Leader invites in the centre of a hall of those participants of the program which were born in a year of the Rabbit. A musical theme "+ to all of us Ёртэю".

the Entertainment "¤хёэш about hares and ъю=р§"

the Leader. the Distinctive feature all rabbits and hares, it their ears. The owner of such ears, the owner of unique hearing. I hope and at you, dear representatives of this sign with hearing everything is all right, I have in view of, with ear for music.

So, you need to recollect and sing a line from a song where it is mentioned either a hare, or a rabbit, or a cat. Who will tarry, alas, will leave this competition …

a little

Competition by a principle "ъюыічютъш" is held;: each of participants sings the necessary song line who in turn does not cope with the task - leaves competition. And so game is spent to last participant. The prize and "ю=ышёш=хыіэ№щ чэръ" is handed over to the winner;. If winners will be two and more - for them the blitz-interrogation is spent. Lost consolation prizes - carrot seeds are handed over.

Questions for blitsa:

  • Where there is a Hare island? (in St.-Petersburg.)
  • Whether
  • It is possible to meet a hare in a municipal transportation? (yes.)
  • That at a heron ahead, and at a hare behind? (the Letter "Н".)


  • the Leader. It on fairy tales is familiar to us -
    Ognedyshashchy … (the Dragon.)

The Dragon - opened and pure, as gold. Shines in any trade. Often we love, but itself loves seldom, but, as they say, neatly. So, Dragons and Drakonchiki, we wait for you …

The Leader invites in the centre of a hall of those participants of the program which were born in a year of the Dragon. A musical theme "¤хёэ  -Ёръю°ш".

the Entertainment "Гряѕёъ paper -Ёръюэр"

the Leader. the Cult of the Dragon is traced in China and Japan. In these countries it devotes holidays, carnivals are spent to their honour. One of favourite entertainments - start of the paper Dragon, known to us as start of a paper dragon.

Receive on a sheet of paper and build from it a paper pigeon - a prototype of a paper dragon …

Music Sounds. Participants "=тюЁ =" paper pigeons - usual samoletiki.

the Leader. And further all is simple: you start man-made "фЁръюэёшъют" and at whom it will depart further everything, becomes the winner of competition.

Start "фЁръюэёшъют" Is spent;. Whose has departed further - the winner and the owner of a prize and "ю=ышёш=хыіэюую чэрър". Lost consolation prizes - instructions on manufacturing of paper dragons (the book on origami) are handed over. If with the winner there will be a disputable situation, the blitz-interrogation is spent.

Questions for blitsa:

  • Who is the director of a film "Лсш=і -Ёръюэр"? (Mark Zaharov.)
  • the Dragon in Russian fairy tales? (Zmej Gorynych.)
  • Where there are islands Drakonovye? (in Africa.)


  • the Leader. This sign is wiser than me,
    Creeps, hisses … (the Snake.)

The Snake outwardly very quiet, but as a matter of fact - passionate nature. Her esteem for wisdom both firm will. And I invite representatives of this sign and year to me …

The Leader invites in the centre of a hall of those participants of the program which were born in a year of the Snake. A musical theme "…ѕьрцэ№щ чьхщ".

the Entertainment "Грурфюёэ№щ ёхЁярэ=шэ"

the Leader. All known karnavalnyj the streamer, reminds us a snake. By the way, a word "ёхЁярэ=шэ" in a translation from French also means not that other, as "чьх ".

At me in hands some ringlets of a streamer in which the question is hidden. As soon as I will hand over to you on this streaming ringlet, you need to read a question-riddle and to guess the answer. Who will give the first a right answer we, and we name the winner in this entertainment.

The Leader hands over to participants on a streamer ring. Participants read a question-riddle and try to guess a right answer. The first owner of a right answer - the winner, is handed over to it a prize and "ю=ышёш=хыіэ№щ чэръ". The rest hands over consolation prizes - a streamer.

the Question-riddle: "+эр will sound from lips of wise men, but we will not hear it from уыѕячют".

the Right answer: Wisdom.

If the right answer sounds simultaneously from several participants - a blitz-interrogation.

Questions for blitsa:

  • That such a serpentarium? (nursery for snakes.)
  • the longest snake? (an anaconda.)
  • As called a boa from a fairy tale about Maugli? (Kaa.)


  • the Leader. hoofs Clink.
    Skips through the area
    That sign well-known,
    That is called … (the Horse.)

The People born in year of the Horse always are popular, cheerful and clever. They are able to dispose wisely of money, but because of fervour often lose the reached. Friends who from you was born this year? We ask you on a playground …

The Leader invites in the centre of a hall of those participants of the program which were born in a year of the Horse. A musical theme "-юэш яЁштхЁхфышт№х".

the Entertainment "¤юярфш in ьрё=і"

the Leader. As horse colour is called? … it is correct - colour. Where still there is this term? … it is valid, in playing cards. And you now should play with me in cards.

At me in hands a pack. I mix it … And I hand over to everyone on one card.

The Leader shuffles a pack and hands over to each participant on a card.

the Leader. And now attention, I take out one more card from a pack which will be in this game a trump …

The Leader takes out a card.

the Leader. In this game a trump … (For example, clubs.) who in hands has a trump - remain in game. At whom a card another - leaves game …

Who from participants managed a trump, remain in game, others leave competition. By such principle game is spent to last player. If the winner not one - is spent a blitz-interrogation. Left competition consolation prizes - small horseshoes are handed over.

Questions for a blitz-interrogation:

  • As the blanket for a horse is called? (a body cloth.)
  • the Known horse murderer? (nicotine.)
  • Horse happiness? (a horseshoe.)


  • the Leader. the Squabbler-egoza,
    Here whimsical … (the Goat.)

So, on turn of the Goat - they are graceful, but are rather reserved. Character whimsical, at times - are thoughtful, pensive, religious. The goat could become most successful of all signs, but to it stirs pessimism. As you have guessed, I invite those who was born in a year of the Goat …

The Leader invites in the centre of a hall of those participants of the program which were born in a year of the Goat. A musical theme "…хфэр  ютхёър".

the Entertainment "Л than whom is more ъряѕё=№"

the Leader. Who as goats, are a good judge of cabbage. After all knowingly speak: "Гряѕё=ш a goat in юуюЁюфЕ". Be not frightened, you should not absorb in large quantities cabbage at all. At present, it will be a question absolutely of other cabbage. What do people name cabbage? … it is correct - money. Here at whom from you at itself it will appear most of all cabbage, that is money, that and will be the winner …

competition is held: participants count up the cash, to leave to the bags and places already it is impossible, it is impossible to help and to friends-fans. At whom the greatest sum - the winner. Rewarding most "сюур=юую" konkursanta - a prize and "ю=ышёш=хыіэ№щ чэръ". Lost consolation prizes - small sovochki, for cabbage cultivation in a kitchen garden are handed over. If by accident at several participants the victorious sum appears equal, for them the blitz-interrogation is spent.

Questions for blitsa:

  • As mammary glands at a goat and a sheep are called? (an udder.)
  • the Big herd of sheep? (a flock.)
  • the Sheep shepherd? (the shepherd.)


  • the Leader. very eccentrical character,
    And who flawless …
    Also climbs up a palm tree
    Behind a banana … (the Monkey.)

Born in a year of the Monkey - the life of the party because of a comic warehouse of character, but is primary for it open-cast mine. Happens it is crafty and artful, but not always. I invite representatives of year of the Monkey to a general review …

The Leader invites in the centre of a hall of those participants of the program which were born in a year of the Monkey. A musical theme "Оѕэур-ёрэур".

the Entertainment "¤хЁхфрщ is faster срэрэ"

the Leader. Though bananas grow not at us, but for quite some time now bananas became, almost a national fruit product. From their quantity, but not always qualities, break all fruit benches and counters. Bananas are a favourite delicacy of all monkeys, about this all know. Therefore and this competition will be than other, as fight for a banana.

At me in hands "срэрэ-ьѕ=рэ=".

In hands conducting nadutyj a ball-spaghetti.

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the Leader. you become in a line, the first player clamps this "срэрэ" a chin and under music transfers to its neighbour. Hands it is impossible to take it, keeping only a chin pressing to a neck, "срэрэ" travels from one player to another. As soon as music becomes silent, at whom it appears "срэрэ" leaves competition. So, questions are not present? … Music! …

competition is held: the first player, pressing a ball-spaghetti a chin, transfers to its neighbour. The second player to the third and so on. Music periodically stops, who has not time to transfer to this moment "срэрэ" leaves game. Game is spent to two participants.

the Leader. At us remains two finalists of competition. And I me the task. Now it is necessary for you "юёхфыр=і" ours "срэрэ-ьѕ=рэ="Е

Finalists become to each other a back and clamp a ball-spaghetti knees.

the Leader. And now I will read for you a children's rhyme. As soon as you will hear a word "срэрэ" at once start to draw "срэрэ" but without the aid of hands, only at force of your knees. Listen attentively:

  • There was on jungle a monkey,
    Has suddenly seen … chestnuts.
    Also the monkey has told:
    "Гфхёі there should be not chestnuts,
    Not chestnuts, and … cocoes,
    Or at least … apricots.
    Strange it, very strange,
    On a palm tree chestnuts,
    do not grow Well, at least a barberry,
    Or a velvet maize …
    But bananas is ъырёё!"
    Who has won against us? …

the winner Is defined, the prize and "ю=ышёш=хыіэ№щ чэръ" is handed over to it;. Lost bananas are handed over. The blitz-interrogation will help with a disputable situation.

Questions for blitsa:

  • the largest monkey? (a gorilla.)
  • As called obezjanku doctor Ajbolita? (Chichi.)
  • With what could not the monkey from a known fable will consult? (with points.)


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    the Leader. This sign is completely not difficult:
    On a head its comb,
    It and will wake morning of all,
    It is Petja … (the Cockerel.)

All born in a year of the Cock - the presented persons. They love flattery and perceive it seriously. They like to work, adore the work. If there are today here representatives of this year, we thirst for you to see …

The Leader invites in the centre of a hall of those participants of the program which were born in a year of the Cock. A musical theme "Н№я, tsyp, tsyp, mine ч№яы =ъш".

the Entertainment "-ѕърЁхъѕ - ёёх="

the Leader. I do not know, why cocks rise with the sun and consider necessary to inform it to all district. Many rural old residents, synchronise watches, on cock shout. And we will verify, as at you affairs with the account are.

By turns you should keep count from one, and to skolki it will turn out. The truth is one nuance, but it obligatory. Multiple to three it is impossible to say all numbers. Instead of them it is necessary to tell "-ѕърЁхъѕ" thus to slap itself on hips, and then in ladoshi - as though patting wings. It will look so: "+фшэ, two, kukareku, four, five, ъѕърЁхъѕЕ". Who is mistaken - we say goodbye to that in this competitive task.

competition is held: participants by turns keep count from one and to … Numbers multiple to three are not said, instead of them cock barrackings and movements are said. Who is mistaken - leaves game. With each leaving of the player of an abacus begins at first. Game is spent to last player. To the winner - a prize and "ю=ышёш=хыіэ№щ чэръ" lost - cockerels-sugar candies. If the winner was not defined, the blitz-interrogation will help.

Questions for blitsa:

  • That means "ях=ѕ°шэ№щ §тюё="? (the Cocktail.)
  • That, as a rule, consider on autumn? (chickens.)
  • the Gold-bearing hen? (Rjaba.)


the Leader. Today in this hall all signs on east year horoscope have gathered. And practically (and with them) we have got acquainted with all of you personally. Especially twelve of you even became winners in goroskopnyh fights with the colleagues on shop, that is on a year. And I invite again all winners to leave to me. For what? … About it you now also learn.

music Sounds. Winners of competitions leave to the leader. 12 competitions - 12 winners.

the Leader. I declare the thirteenth game round of our program. Though the number is considered to be thirteen not happy. For someone from you it becomes successful. Because the thirteenth competition - competition final, and among you we will define the absolute winner of the today's program. Recently the Madam Good luck to whom will smile now has already smiled to you? … Alas, only to one, but competition is competition.

"Ђчтхё=э№х representatives уюЁюёъюяр"

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the Leader. To begin with, small warm-up. Recollect and name the representative of your year who meets in the literature, cinematography, or in other genre of art. For example, I was born in a year of the Goat, and I name a known Goat from a fairy tale about seven kids. We continue …

the Leader spends express interrogation in which each participant-finalist names "шчтхё=эюую" the representative of the year. At difficulty, the leader helps helps. As it not competition, and a game impromptu - "Ёрчьшэър".

Helps: the Dog - Sobaka Baskervilej from a film about Sherloka Holmes; the Pig - Pjatachok from a fairy tale about Winnie Puha; the Rat - the Mouse King from a fairy tale about the Nutcracker; the Bull - Gavrjusha from Prostokvashino; the Tiger - the Sher-khan from a fairy tale about Maugli; the Rabbit - the Brother the Rabbit from a fairy tale about Winnie Puha; the Dragon - the Dragon of Gorynych from Russian national fairy tales; the Snake - the Snake from an animated cartoon "-юы°хсэюх ъюыічю"; the Horse - the Fad-gorbunok from the fairy tale with the same name; the Goat - the Greyish Goat from a known song; the Monkey - King Kong from the film with the same name; the Cock - the Golden Cockerel from A.S.Pushkin's fairy tale.

"Лы№сър ИюЁ=ѕэ№"

the Leader. At me in hands of 14 envelopes, in 12 from them image of those animals which make 12 annual goroskopnyj a cycle. In 2 envelopes "ѕы№съш". Now you choose on one envelope …

the Leader approaches to each participant of the ending, they choose to themselves one of envelopes.

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the Leader. do not hurry up to open these envelopes. At first listen to me. The madam Good luck now will turn to at whom envelope contents will coincide with addressing of your year of a birth, that remains in game further. At whom this coincidence it will not turn out, alas, probably to you will carry next time. If at whom in an envelope it will appear "ѕы№сър" to you too has carried - the Fate but while only has smiled … So has smiled to you, we open envelopes …

fanfares Sound. Finalists open envelopes. The leader checks, at whom the picture of an animal with their year at whom is not present has coincided. Further in game there are at whom has taken place "ёёрё=ыштюх ёютярфхэшх" and as at whom it has appeared "ѕы№сър". At whom coincidence has not occurred, come back to the places.

"Гюыю=юх egg from р с№"

the Leader. Well, dear friends, to you has carried and this time. You already lucky beggars. But now someone will catch one of you "я=шчѕ ѕфрёш". As there comes year of the Cock, also a role "я=шч№ ѕфрёш" it is necessary to play Kurochke Rjabe who, as it is known, lays gold eggs.

At me in hands a little "ъѕЁюёхъ" and only under one of them gold egg. Assort "ъѕЁюёхъ"Е

On a tray at conducting multi-coloured caps, only under one of them it is hidden "чюыю=юх  щчю". Who will choose this cap, that and becomes the winner of game.

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the Leader. I need to congratulate only the absolute winner of our game program and to hand over it a memorable prize which always will remind now it of good luck of this day and a victory in this program …

Rewarding of the winner.

the Leader. Dear friends, let always the Madam Good luck smiles to you, without looking at under what zodiacal sign you were born, in what day and in what season. Each of you is worthy to be happy and successful. And all that occurred today is only game.

Musical prompt. The leader leaves.


© 2006-2009 "CчхэрЁшш яЁрчфэшъют"