the Party on-gavajski

the Scenario of a corporate holiday

the Holiday can will take place in any prospective circumstances: at restaurant, the cafe, office … But is better if the given party is spent near to water: quay, the steam-ship, pool. Yes-yes! And why not in pool?! And neordinarno and it is original.


For half an hour prior to the beginning of a holiday participants and visitors gather on in the appointed place. They are met by girls in parero which welcome all in English and Hawaiian languages and distribute to participants and visitors karnavalnuju attributes: multi-coloured folgirovannye caps, decorative feathers, a beads from paper or polyethylene colours, etc.

In foyer or a special room it is organised "welcome drink": a separate table with aperitifs and fruit. Here the musician on drums beats off the Hawaiian ethnic rhythms. If there is no possibility to invite the musician, drums should sound in an audio record.

For 15 minutes prior to the beginning of a party the leader welcome all gathered visitors and participants of a holiday.

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the Leader should be dressed, so to say on-gavajski: bright jeans, a shirt-Hawaiian, lejs - a beads from colours, a bright summer cap or a hat.

the Leader. Dear friends! We are very glad to welcome you in our hall (onboard the steam-ship, on quay …) which to turn at some o'clock per mysterious island "+ртрщш"!

  • Hawaii are fantastic paradise!
    Hawaii are your dream!
    Only here have fun, have a rest!
    Hawaii - the radiant sea a star!

As we suggest you to make original travel to time and space, we will wish each other a kind way, but it is obligatory on-gavajski.

I speak to you: " Aloha, фѕф!" - and you answer: "-р kajne, сЁр!". Have prepared! … Aloha, dud!

Participants. Yes kajne, a sconce!

the Leader acquaints all with comic duties "цш=хыхщ" islands "+ртрщш" announce the program of a corporate holiday and suggest all to gather in 15 minutes in a banquet room "юё=Ёютр" it agree "фшёыюърчшш" the places behind celebratory tables.

the Leader. the Law of any holiday - have fun and think of what. But there are certain duties of celebratory Hawaiian pastime. Listen to them attentively.

  • Today here the law idle time:
    Have fun with all the heart, dance and sing!
    It is necessary to try very much
    Sonorously, cheerfully to laugh!
    Hawaiians - the people always friendly,
    You try not to swear publicly.
    On our holiday it is not fashionable to hesitate,
    It is safely possible to speak in love!
    Have fun itself and amuse another,
    Be on Hawaii there can not be other!
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Hawaii are coconut palm trees, mango trees, pineapple plantations, rainforests, multi-coloured rainbows, active volcanoes, sea turtles and beautiful legends … All it we to you we do not promise, but nevertheless in the celebratory program you expects:

  • Cheerful Hawaiian dancings,
  • Kulinarno-alcoholic fairy tales,
  • Celebratory congratulations,
  • the Hawaiian games and entertainments,
  • the Barman-show and bills-dens,
  • Nice blek-mens,
  • Exotic visitors …
  • So, doubts reject -
  • the Party Hawaiian at us,
  • Only today and just now.

Dear friends, "dont worry be Hawaiian" that in transfer means "эх hesitate to be +ртрщчхь". Exactly through a quarter of hour we meet behind a celebratory table, according to the price-list of distribution of places.

Music. Free dialogue of 15-20 minutes.


the Official part begins in a banquet room. The leader opens corporate "тхёхЁшэъѕ on-gавайски" also spends a game impromptu "¤Ёштх=ё=тшх on-gавайски".


the Impromptu "¤Ёштх=ё=тшх on-gавайски".

In a soundtrack (or in live) sounds a drum-type rhythm, under which the leader in style of a rap spends an impromptu.

  • the Leader: Good evening, kind hour!
    I welcome all of you!
    Veri a buzzing, saljam alejkum,
    The check of the sir, vats from das!
    Still bozhur, crazy and chao,
    Buonas diaz, svejki, sensibly!
    Gomardzhoba, buna, jeti,
    Namaste, aloha, tervist.

So, dear friends, had time to count? … as what to count … On skolkih languages I you now has greeted? …

By a principle "сюыі°х-ьхэі°х" the leader defines the winner of this impromptu. A right answer: in 17 languages. The prize is handed over to the author of a right answer.

the Leader. And now, try to guess, what of the sounded greetings, is Hawaiian …

the Leader holds again competition, revealing the most attentive or sharp. A right answer: "рыю§р". Guessed the Hawaiian greeting the prize is handed over.

the Leader. In general at Hawaiians a word "рыю§р" the universal. It both a greeting, and a wish of all kind, and gratitude, and even a declaration of love …

Right now I with pleasure ask to speak, both for a greeting, and for gratitude, and for a congratulation, and is possible also recognitions in that love, to the head of firm (the organisation name) to Michael Edinu.

Aloha, Michael Nikolaevich!

the Word for a greeting and a congratulation is given to company management, officials and guests of honour. Acting welcome all gathered and congratulate on a professional holiday.

Then the leader spends comic dedication of the head of the company in "-хЁ§ютэю - Hawaiian -юцф "

dedication Ceremony.

the Leader. For carrying out of ceremonial of dedication, two assistants from among employees of the company are necessary for us. Dear Michael Nikolaveich, define these two women with which you, how to be told, both in investigation, and to Hawaii …

the Head of the company defines two assistants for carrying out of ceremonial of dedication. To one of them it is handed over "ыхщё" - a flower beads, another "цхчы" - a fake banana and a toy drum.

the Leader. Friends! Ceremonial the major is begun,
Michael in the Verhovno-Hawaiian Leader it is devoted.

(drum-type rhythms Sound.)

Rhythms of drums in your honour sound,
Attributes of the power accept from girls.

Assistants hand over "эрчтрээюьѕ тюцф¦" "р=Ёшсѕ=№" the authorities.

the Leader. And now our dear Leader will act with a welcoming speech. As soon as it, that is the Leader, will strike in a drum, it is necessary for all to shout amicably "+Іщ!" and to raise the right hand upwards.

"-юцф¦" the welcoming speech text is handed over. After each phrase all shout "+Іщ!" also raise the right hand. After each block "яЁштх=ё=тхээющ Ёхёш" the leader "яхЁхтюфш=" sense told by the leader.

the Leader. So, the Mister the Leader, begin …

the Leader. to Steams parero!

All. Hej!

the Leader. to Steams parero!

All. Hej!

the Leader. to Steams parero!

All. Hej! Hej! Hej!

the Leader. the Leader has told the following:

"¤Ёрчфэшъ this long waited,

We for a long time about it ьхё=рыш!".

the Leader. to Steams parero!

All. Hej!

the Leader. to Steams parero!

All. Hej!

the Leader. to Steams parero!

All. Hej! Hej! Hej!

the Leader. I Translate the told:

"…ѕфхь to sing and dance

And each other яючфЁрты =і!".

the Leader. to Steams parero!

All. Hej!

the Leader. to Steams parero!

All. Hej!

the Leader. to Steams parero!

All. Hej! Hej! Hej!

the Leader. Attention who has not understood - I translate:

"¤юфэ =і glasses it is very necessary,

We Will drink all for a holiday фЁѕцэю!".

the Head of the company - "тюцфі" says a toast, all support it. Ceremony of rewarding of the best employees of the company is there and then spent following the results of a year. Ritual "ю=ъЁ№=ш " parties on-gavajski, that is the official part comes to an end.

the Banquet pause of 15-20 minutes.


the Celebratory feast is calculated at 1,5 o'clock, with a small break in 45 minutes. The program of a banquet part make: 4-5 performances, table games, draws, quizes, declaration of toasts, background music during banquet pauses.

the Leader. the Holiday, without having had time to begin, already in a heat. And what celebratory feast without congratulations and toasts … If who from you, respected " гавайцы" will wish to say celebratory spich, please, but only with the consent of the Verhovno-Hawaiian Leader.

The Invariable sign of all Hawaiian beaches are small bars with exotic cocktails and drinks. Drinks at you on tables. And here, the Hawaiian bar I do not promise … But the barman-show is already invariable sign of our party.

Demonstration performance - the barman-show (5-10 minutes).

Performance of the barman consists of preparation in the face of participants of a party "Іъчю=шёхёъш§" cocktails, tasting of the prepared drinks, zhongljazh, dynamical background music, dans-animation of the assistant of the barman (it is desirable that the assistant was southern blood).

the Test quiz "+ртрщш!Е That І=ю?".

the Leader. Dear friends, now we will try to find out, who from you knows about Hawaii if not everything, then practically all.

I ask a question, to it three variants of answers, but only one of them correct. So, we begin intellectual competition "+ртрщш!Е That І=ю?".

There is such concept as " Hawaiian тЁхь ". As you think that it means:

  • nobody where does not hasten ;
  • an after-dinner dream;
  • hour-peak.

Kilauea is a name:

  • an active volcano on Hawaii ;
  • one of the Hawaiian Islands;
  • the deepest Hawaiian lake.

In the Hawaiian pantheon the Goddess of volcanoes is represented in the form of the woman with developing black plaits and fiery eyes. And call this Goddess:

  • Bekham;
  • Maradonna;
  • Pele .

Agualoa - literally on-gavajski means:

  • a huge lizard;
  • milk of the mare;
  • a long height .

The Hawaiian Islands are:

  • the sovereign state;
  • state of USA ;
  • state of Australia.

The highest staying idle volcano on island Hawaii - Mauna Kea, in transfer means "схыр  гора" because its top often:

  • it is constant in a fog;
  • it is covered white tsvetkami an edelweiss;
  • it is covered by snow .

"+ѕыр-§ѕыр" is:

  • national Hawaiian dance ;
  • national Hawaiian bread;
  • national Hawaiian clothes.

Capital of the Hawaiian Islands is the city:

  • Baden-Baden;
  • Honolulu ;
  • Gavajsk-city.

The First name of the Hawaiian archipelago was:

  • Banana islands;
  • Gamburgersky islands;
  • Sandwich Islands .

The Hawaiian Islands has opened:

  • Columns the Sandwich;
  • Christopher Columbus;
  • James Cook .

On the Hawaiian Islands the well-known naval base is located:

  • Guan-Tanamella;
  • Pearl Harbour ;
  • Blek-Dzhek.

On Hawaii the difference in time with Moscow makes:

  • 13 hours ;
  • 9 hours;
  • 5 hours.

the Leader spends a test quiz in such a manner that on right answers defines the most active company behind a table d'hote, and then, reveals the winner behind this little table.

the Leader. Is glad to congratulate our winner in a gavajsko-intellectual marathon! From me the prize, from all an applause … And our program continues performance in dancing style which is popular as all over the world, and on Hawaii - bills-dens (belly dance).

the Performance - belly dance (5 minutes).

Each number of the show program, it is desirable should to be with elements interaktiva. The first part of number "=рэхч цштю=р" - performance of the dancer, that is dance. The second part of its performance - attraction of participants of a party to "шёъѕёё=тѕ possession цштю=юь". Especially zrelishchno and successfully passes involving in given interaktiv a man's part of employees of firm.

the Impromptu "-рчютш weight ъюъюёр".

the Leader. the Hawaiian Islands name a crown "Мцэ№§ ьюЁхщ" because the majority of plants which here grow, do not meet any more anywhere in the world.

I can not assert that cocoes grow only there, but that someone from you becomes the owner of a coco whom at me in hands, it is obvious. We will play it not simply, and is very simple …

I with pleasure will hand over this exotic nut to the one who names its exact weight …

the Leader spends an impromptu. The prize - a coco which weight was guessed is handed over to the author of a right answer. Preliminary do not forget to weigh a coco. By the way, that there were no misunderstanding, a card with a right answer seal in an envelope and open it when to come to light the winner of draw.

the Leader. to Feel unique solar aroma of the Hawaiian beaches, it is impossible without having taken pleasure in exciting rhythms of the Hawaiian drums. Only for you, friends, and only today - show on the Hawaiian drums.

Performance of the musician on the Hawaiian drums. It is preliminary necessary to agree with the executor that in the performance it also used interaktiv - has involved participants to "ьрё=хЁё=тѕ rhythmic Ёшёѕэър" on percussion instruments.

the Impromptu "КЁшэрфчр=і ъюъюёют".

the Leader. Now I wish to offer you popular game of the Hawaiian natives "КЁшэрфчр=і ъюъюёют". Between two players 13 cocoes give all the best, by turns each player takes one, two or three nuts who still has last, that is the thirteenth nut - loses.

We Learn a popular Hawaiian entertainment in practice. At me in hands a lace, on it 13 balls are equal is and will replace to us necessary quantity of cocoes. So, we begin … What exotic fruit, fruits, plants live on Hawaii? …

the Leader spends game on the following technology: who names exotic plants become players; game is spent always in steam, that is two persons participate; they hold a cord with 13 balls; by turns they move to themselves 1, 2 or 3 balls; who still has last ball - loses. The impromptu is spent between 3-4 steams, then winners play. So the absolute winner of this entertainment is defined.

the Impromptu "-рЁрюъх on-gавайски".

the Leader. One of hobbies of Hawaiians at a leisure is to beat the drum, sing national songs and to dance in a step to drum-type and song rhythms. With drums at us big it is strained, a season all the same. Dancing passions ahead. And it is a high time to show vocal creativity.

We Begin competition "-рЁрюъх on-gавайски". The companies behind little tables compete among themselves. As soon as the song melody will start to sound, it there and then is necessary for starting singing all company. What little table will start singing the first, enlists a victorious banana into the account. The winner to be defined very simply - on whose little table it will appear bolshee quantity of victorious bananas. At us in an arsenal some melodies so chances of a victory are at all. The attention, the first melody …

competition is held: soundtracks of known songs in a format "ьшэѕё голос" sound; little tables-companies try to guess a song and there and then to start singing it who manages to make it the first - get from conducting a victorious point and a banana in addition.

Some melodies, some rounds, the leader constantly vary, the leader watches the account in the present state of affairs … it is not necessary that all song was executed, there is enough couplet and refrain and there and then to pass to a following variant. Melodies should be not less than 5 and no more 9. The prize is handed over to the company-winner and the right to sing a song on their choice, or on a choice of the leader is given.

a party Surprise.

  • the Leader. At me the motto such,
    Everything, I hope, it is clear:
    The prepared surprise
    It should friends be pleasant.

And it is valid, a holiday without surprises, not a holiday. Dear friends, welcome exotic visitors of a party …

Music. Performance of visitors - Negro musical show-rap group.

After performance of visitors the small break appears. During a break the dance music for interested persons sounds to dance. Pertinently to organise photographing, especially occurrence of Negroes-actors always causes certain revival among participants of a holiday, and many hasten to be photographed with them for memory.

For photographing it is possible to use a principle tantamareski - in advance to prepare a board with the ornamented images of Papuans among palm trees, but instead of persons to leave oval cuts. Wishing to embody itself on a photo in apertures the persons substitute, and the photo-joke is ready.

Further the party is under construction by a principle "§хяяшэшэ г" that is everyone has a rest and has a good time in the pleasure, any "юс чр=хыіэющ программы". Someone "чрцш гает" on a dancing, someone takes part in games and competitions, someone indulges in eating of favourite dishes behind a table …

So-called "ётюсюфэр " the festival part is developed in three directions: table, game, dancing. Freedom and ease atmosphere everywhere should reign.


"+ртрщёъшх яхЁхтхЁ=№°ш".

the Leader. At the Hawaiian natives to exorcise evil ghosts, there is a habit to speak zaputanno, that is, overturning words on opposite on value. Whether to turn out to deceive at you evil ghosts and to master so-called Hawaiian double-dealing fellows …

  • From a palm tree the monkey not so similar to a banana of yellow colour overhung.

(In a grass the grasshopper just as ogurechik, zelenenky it was sat.)

  • Alone sadly to sit on a desert island and bubnit under a nose to themselves verses.

(Together weight ate to walk on open spaces and, of course, to sing better a mansion.)

  • They float, bad natives, sad aggressors float from the nearest hut.

(We go, we go, we go to strange lands, good neighbours, cheerful friends.)

  • the Black bog the ocean comes to an end, and separation comes to an end with tears.

(the river begins With a blue streamlet, well and the friendship begins with a smile.)


"Крэхч with ъюъюёюь".

the Leader. How many letters are included into a word "ъюъюё"?Е Not five, but three! Letters "ъ" "ю" "ё". Lovely ladies, whose names begin with these letters? … I ask you to approach to me …

3-5 participants Are defined.

the Leader. And whether there are among men what names begin with the same letters? … I invite you to join our company …

3-5 participants Are defined.

the Leader. Now you need to be distributed on steams, it agree initial letters of your names …

Participants are distributed on steams.

the Leader. I hand over to Each pair on a coco …

cocoes are handed over to Steams. Cocoes can be both the presents, and their substitutes, for example balls. But with the present cocoes it is more interesting.

the Leader. Respected konkursanty, you take part in a small tants-marathon. To each pair, executing this or that dance, it is necessary to keep a coco without the aid of hands. If the coco falls, this pair withdraws. Winners will be those who will master all three rounds, without having lost a southern exotic nut. Attention, we begin …

1 round: lambada (a coco are kept by stomachs).

2 round: makarena (a coco are kept by backs).

3 round: letka-enka (coke is kept in position "ярЁютючшъ").


"¤хЁхфрщ ъюъюё".

Wishing to take part in an entertainment (from 7 to 14 persons), are aligned or on a circle. Game is spent pr to a principle "яыхщ-ю¶¶" that is on vybyvanie.

Music Sounds, players hand a coco - having received a coco from the neighbour it is necessary to make turn round itself and to transfer it further.

Music periodically stops. The player who at the moment of a music stop in hands will have a coco, leaves game.

Game is spent until there will be last player - that is the winner. A prize - a coco which was handed by players.


"ОхЁхяр°іш бега"

For game carrying out it is necessary to prepare a requisite in advance: toy turtles, bamboo sticks, a cord. The cord is cut on 3-4 metres, its one end becomes attached to a bamboo on the middle, the second - to a turtle.

Game rules:

  • the participants which quantity depends on the prepared requisite are defined;
  • all participants are aligned, at them in hands bamboo sticks;
  • on cords ravnoudaleny "ёхЁхяр§ш-сх гуньи";
  • at the command of the leader participants start to reel up a cord on a bamboo stick from what turtles begin the "чрсх г";
  • the winner becomes what turtle of the first will reach a finish line.


"ИЁѕъ=ют№щ ъряърэ".

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In a dark fabric bag there is fruit: the coco, a banana, pineapple, kivi, avocado, a quince … Outside on a bag is a pocket with tasks-forfeits. It also will be "¶Ёѕъ=ют№щ ъряърэ".

The Participant, without looking, starts a hand in a bag, a beret in a hand something one of contents and to the touch guesses the fruit name. Will guess, takes away to itself as a gift. If the participant is mistaken - gets also a pocket the task-forfeit and carries out it.

For "яЁшъюыр" in a bag it is possible to add other subjects reminding under the form and structure any fruit (a ball, a soft toy, a yarn ball, a sponge for ware washing …).


  • to execute the Hawaiian dance - "§ѕыр" ("§ѕыр" - slow rocking by hips in turn under ethnic music);
  • to make a declaration of love to all women (men) as the Hawaiian native (native) - gestures, shouts, a mimicry;
  • to present with kisses of all men (women) in a cheek;
  • to surprise all present with the vocal data;
  • to represent obezjanku, regaling on a banana …



The present cocoes will be necessary For this game, and them "чрьхэш=хыш" not; - children's balls.

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By quantity of balls players who need to carry by definitely "ъюъюё" are defined; on the set distance and not to drop it. The fast, but never lost ball-coco becomes the winner.

Variants of tasks:

  • to carry by a coco on a head:
  • to carry by a coco, having clamped its knees;
  • to carry by a coco, having clamped its ankles;
  • to carry by a coco, having clamped shovels having bent forward;
  • to carry by a coco, holding it having bent one foot, jumping on other foot.


Dance-entertainment "-шьсю on-gавайски".

Dancing entertainment "-шьсю" one of the most popular on various parties. We will bring in it the "шч¦ьшэъѕ".

The bamboo twig (length not less than 1,5 m.) and cocoes, or balls replacing them Is required.

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Two participants hold a bamboo, the others under music pass under a bamboo twig by turns. With each new calling of participants the bamboo falls more low, and participants ever less as the more low the obstacle, the is more difficult to overcome it.

The Basic condition: to pass under a bamboo stick it is necessary, keeping a coco in any way, but without the aid of hands. At obstacle overcoming to concern a floor with hands and other parts of a body it is impossible (except feet naturally).

Competition is spent to last participant.


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The Party comes to an end with final ritual dance "+ш gantskaja ырьсрфр". What is "ырьсрфр" and as it is executed, know all. And why " гигантская"… it is necessary for Organizers and leader of a party to try to unite in uniform "ырьсрфѕ" all participants of a party, having grasped as much as possible space, that is to dance it not only on a dancing, and I travel on all "яЁрчфэшёэюьѕ" - thus it turns out to space huge "чьх " captured all and all.

After "ырьсрф№" parties treat all with cool tropical tea and fruit. Final speeches of a firm management are said. Vystrelivajut "сѕь-¶х==ш" on little tables desktop fireworks are lighted. Rhythms of the Hawaiian drums performed by the musician, which "яѕ=х°хё=тѕх=" sound; among little tables. The leader thanks all for participation and attention, says farewell words. A party "яю-gавайски" it is finished.


The Corporate party on-gavajski can be dated for any event: day of firm, the professional holiday, New year, family action for employees of firm, country rest etc.

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If the party has address mission it is necessary to fill it with necessary attributes, characters, rituals … If a New Year's party on-gavajski, instead of Father Frost the Grandfather of Heat can come, and instead of a traditional song "- to wood was born хыюёър" to sing "- jungle was born ярыіьюёър". If it is firm birthday here it is possible to play the tour to Hawaii, to take out imeninnyj a pie decorated with exotic fruit. If this family action for employees of firm, is necessary to think over entertainments and for children of employees.

For creation of the festively-Hawaiian atmosphere of the given party, it is necessary to pay attention to surroundings and show program filling:

  • it is desirable that all participants and visitors were in multi-coloured as in summer easy dresses;
  • in registration of celebratory space to use balloons, fake flowers, artificial palm trees;
  • musical registration also should correspond to the declared subjects;
  • on the covered tables there are more than fruit and the easy cocktails decorated with straws, umbrellas, a tinsel, paper figures;
  • it is necessary to think over show program filling carefully: the invitation of black executors, the Latin American dances, circus numbers (zhongljazh, an abuse-hupy, yoga), song hits about summer, the sun, the sea - all numbers should be bright, colourful,
  • the clockwork.

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