the Celebratory banquet

the Holiday-impromptu for any occasion: deliveries of the award, anniversary of the important event or simply good mood and desire to vanish after an unlucky day.

the Holiday will be organised by joint forces of all participants and practically does not demand preliminary preparations.

Quantity of participants - 10-20 persons. Duration - 2-4 ch.

Material maintenance

  • the Entertainment.
  • the Requisite for games.
  • Prizes.

the action Plan

  1. Competition of toasts.
  2. Table games.
  3. Game "-Ёюъюфшы".
  4. Competition "-хё=рэфрЁ=э№х ёш=ѕрчшш".
  5. Games.
  6. Competition of a short joke.
  7. Songs.

1. Competition of toasts

The Best beginning for a feast - the announcement of competition of toasts. Toasts can be composed on set (close to a holiday occasion) or a free theme on inspiration of the one who the toast says. To estimate toasts and choose the best can both all present, and specially selected jury. In the end of a holiday the author of the best toast wins a prize.

In additional materials examples of toasts are resulted.

2. Table games

It is possible to spend short table games To the periods of calm of the general conversation.


Game is spent during meal. Driving names any letter. The purpose of other participants - before others to name a subject on this letter, containing at the moment at them in a plate. Who names a subject the first, becomes new driving. Driving, told the letter on which anybody from players could not think up a word, the prize wins.

It is necessary to forbid to name driving always advantageous letters (yo, j.

the Candy

Participants sit at a table. Among them the driving gets out. Players transfer each other under a table a sweet. The problem driving - to catch somebody from players on sweet transfer. The one whom have caught, becomes new driving.

Other games for this holiday are resulted in the index of entertainments. Various song entertainments and competitions especially will approach.

3. Game "-Ёюъюфшы"

For those who has got tired to sit at a table, it is possible to offer more active game.

the Crocodile

Players share on two commands. The first command chooses any concept and shows its pantomime, without the aid of words and sounds. The second tries to guess commands from three attempts, what concept is shown. Then commands vary roles. Game is conducted on interest, but probably to consider points for the guessed words.

Probably to think:

  1. separate words,
  2. phrases from known songs and verses,
  3. proverbs and sayings,
  4. popular expressions,
  5. fairy tales,
  6. names known (real or invented) people.

Show concept can both one, and some persons.

4. Competition "-хё=рэфрЁ=э№х ёш=ѕрчшш"

For interested persons to be trained most and to show another the imagination, resource and sense of humour it is possible to hold such competition.

The Leader offers participants various non-standard situations of which they try to find a successful way out. Under answers konkursantov spectators choose winners.

Examples of non-standard situations are resulted in additional materials.

5. Games

If there will be a necessity for other games, they can be found in the index of entertainments. However try not to cause in visitors feeling of a satiety a variety of entertainments.

6. Competition of a short joke

If the basic part of a holiday passes behind a table, for dialogue revival declare competition of jokes. To protect participants from long and tiresome entertainments, enter restriction on the size of a joke. It is possible to choose narrower subjects of jokes.

Examples of jokes are resulted in additional materials.

7. Songs

The Best end of a holiday - drinking songs.

Additional materials

Competition of toasts

Examples of toasts:

  • If the man is persevering, he will necessarily achieve what wanted by the woman.
  • So we will drink for that the aspiration of men and desire of women always coincided! For the strong and harmonious union of two hearts!
  • There is a love student's: when is - with whom, is - than, but is not present - where...
    There is a love lonely: when is - where, is - than, but is not present - with whom...
    There is a love unfortunate: when is - where, is - with whom, but is not present - than...
    There is a love philosophical: when is - where, is - with whom, is - than, but - what for?
    So we will drink for that love which each of us deserves!

    - Expensive if I was suddenly ruined, you would continue me to love?
    - Certainly, road, but you very much would lack me.
    Let's drink for female love!

In a garden the beautiful maiden walked. By there passed the young man. He has seen it and has safely told:
- Now I will come to you.
- Ah you, unscrupulous, - have cried angrily the beauty. - yes as you here, at all on a kind, will dare to come to me! Unless you do not know, what from a garden North side it is possible to pass not noticed?
For severity and chastity of our fine girlfriends.

The By the window husband and the wife have among themselves such conversation:
- You see, what husband careful at someone - even removes linen from a cord, - the wife has told.
- Careful careful, and linen, by the way, it removes ours, - the husband has answered.
So we will drink for attentive husbands!

We Will drink for those men who can stand for itself and lie down for others!

We Will drink for fair and modest people! As us remains so a little...

  • In jungle there lived flight of wolves. The leader of flight was very old. And when the flight had to go shooting, the leader has told, what not in a condition to conduct flight. The flight left a young, strong wolf, has approached to the leader and has asked, that that has allowed to conduct flight to it. The old wolf has agreed, and the flight has gone on livelihood searches. In a day the flight has come from hunting with extraction. The young wolf has told to the leader that they have attacked seven hunters and have without effort lifted up them.

    Time to flight has come to go shooting again, and its young wolf has moved. Flights long were not. And here the old wolf has seen the young wolf who has been filled in with blood. He has told to the leader that the flight has attacked for three the person, and in live there was only it one.

    The old wolf has with astonishment asked:

    - But after all in the first hunting the flight has lifted up seven armed hunters and all have returned whole and with extraction?

    The young wolf has answered it:

    - Then it was simple seven hunters, and this time there were three best friends.

    So we will drink for friendship!
  • If the person drinks one, means, to it it is bad. If drinks with friends, means, to it it is good.
    For friends with whom it is pleasant to drink!
  • the turtle Floats on the river, on a back at it the snake sits. The snake thinks: "Лъѕ°ѕ - ёсЁюёш=!" the Turtle thinks: "РсЁю°ѕ - ѕъѕёш=!" So we will drink for true female friendship!
  • we Will drink for a kiss, which was thought up by the man to close a mouth to the woman.
  • Let's lift glasses for that our children had rich parents! And at our parents - rich children!
  • in the Evening the girl went along the street and has heard behind itself steps. Having looked back, she has seen the beautiful guy. When she has looked back in the second time - he continued to follow it. The girl has decided to get acquainted with it. Has looked back in the third time, and it any more was not... So we will drink for that plumbers closed in time manholes!
  • the Happy lamb has come running to a sheep:
  1. Mum, the shepherd has told that I suit on a shish kebab!
  2. to That you rejoice, silly?
  3. All the same it is pleasant that I on something suit! Let's drink for that also we though on something suited!
  • the Jackal has come to a lion and has told:

    - Give we will fight!

    The lion on it and attention has not turned. Then the jackal has threatened:

    - I now will go also all I will tell that the lion awfully was frightened of me.

    The tsar of animals has frowned.

    - Let I will be condemned by inhabitants of desert for cowardice is nevertheless more pleasantly, than they will despise me for fight with a jackal.

    This toast I devote not to be humiliated before those who is unworthy us.
  • So we will drink that in each woman should be small, dark and wrinkled - for a highlight!
  • we Will drink for that all at us was also anything to us for it was not.

Competition "-хё=рэфрЁ=э№х ёш=ѕрчшш"

Examples of situations:

  • you wake up in the morning without clothes in unfamiliar apartment.
  • the Known improbable situation - you in bed with the mistress, and at a door calls the husband.
  • you went late at night home and have casually fallen in a manhole.
  • At reception for prestigious work you have considerably exaggerated the knowledge of the French language. For work you have accepted, but in some months you have received the task to carry on very important negotiations with the supplier from Paris.
  • At station the unfamiliar woman has asked you to look after its luggage. You have a little distracted, and at this time its bag have stolen.

Competition of a short joke

Examples of jokes:

  • - I in an alternating cast, performance in a week, and there IT! Spends on hair, and there THEY!
  • According to the data of the judicial statistics, still any wife has not shot the husband while he washed ware.
  • you will marry me?
    And can, to me still something for you to make?
  • - Last time I warn: do not awake in me an animal!
    - Oh-oh th, I am not afraid of yours homjachka!
  • in a staff department:
    - You have recommendations from a former place of work?
    - Yes, to me there have recommended to look for other work.
  • - You that, again have hidden my evening dress?
    - I?! Anything similar!
    - Yes? And well unclench a fist.
  • the Postman does not dare to enter into a court yard, seeing a huge mastiff. The mistress shouts:
    - Be not afraid, it castrated!
    - Yes I, actually, thought that it can bite...
  • - "-хыьш" our boys have gathered for fishing. What will we prepare for them?
    - The daddy, the daddy, mum again talks to margarine.
  • I never could result home the woman. At first because of parents, then because of the wife.
  • - What difference between sex and game in tell-tales?
    - I do not know.
    - Here also continue to play the tell-tales.
  • In the city of N has passed a month on struggle against alcohol. In persistent struggle the victory was gained by alcohol.
  • - whether It is possible to come to you in the evening, the madam?
    - Honour, the sir.
    - If it is fair, at me opposite intentions

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