the Celebratory banquet (a variant 2)

Entertainments for a feast

Quantity of participants - 10-20. Duration - 3-6 ch.

Material maintenance

  • the Requisite for games.
  • the Requisite for "…ы¦фр with ё¦ЁяЁшчрьш".
  • Prizes.
  • Portions of jelly for competition "-=ю faster ё·хё=".
  • Nuts with "тюы°хсэющ эрёшэъющ".

the action Plan

  • the Lottery of toasts.
  • the Dish with surprises.
  • Table games.
  • Competition "-=ю faster ё·хё=".
  • Drinking songs and song competitions.
  • the Attraction "-юы°хсэ№щ юЁх§".


1. A lottery of toasts

To Recover the general conversation it is possible to arrange with the offer competitions on pronouncing of a toast or a lottery of toasts.

In a lottery of toasts each participant extends a leaf on which some theme is written. The problem of participants - to think up and say a toast on this theme. If it is possible to the participant, he wins a small prize. Examples are resulted by that in additional materials.

Also it is possible to award participants for the most interesting toast, the shortest toast, the most original toast, the most artistic pronouncing of a toast.

2. A dish with surprises

After a while after the holiday beginning, but still before visitors will be sated, on a table the special dish in which each piece the surprise is hidden is taken out. Surprises - small cardboard cards on which tasks are written. Each card is wrapped up by a food foil. The most simple way - to hide cards in a stuffing of the closed pie. It is necessary to calculate so that each visitor managed one card (or, as a last resort, two).

Visitors unpack cards and the tasks which have dropped out by it carry out. Those participants who have consulted with the task, win a prize. Examples of tasks are resulted in additional materials.

Pieces of a pie with tasks should be a little more than visitors.

More simple variant of this entertainment - to inscribe tasks for wrappers of sweets.

3. Table games

That visitors did not miss, it is possible to spend table games and competitions.

For a feast is better the following games which rules are resulted in gl will approach. 7 (after each game its serial number is specified):

"¦ё=р¶х=р ёѕтё=т" (№ 12),
"-юэ=Ёрсрэфр" (№ 13),
"-ючы =ѕ°ъш" (№ 14),
"Рёх= to 30" (№ 18),
"¤юЁ=Ёх=" (№ 20),
"-Ёшёрыър Іьючшщ" (№ 21),
"-шыыхЁ" (№ 22),
"-юэ¶х=ър" (№ 33),
"Р=рърэ" (№ 35),
"- =рЁхыъх" (№ 41),
"-р that it яю§юцх?" (№ 55),
"-х густаторы" (M 70).

Besides, it is possible, to spend some more active games which numbers are resulted in the index of entertainments.

4. Competition "-=ю faster ё·хё="

One more competition in the spirit of a holiday. The small portion of jelly is handed over to each participant. The problem of each player - to eat others the portion faster. However instead of spoons to participants toothpicks stand out.

One more variant of game - the offer to eat a portion without the aid of hands.

Competition is necessary for spending during a dessert. It is possible to replace jelly with a liquid pudding or soft tvorozhkom in koryttsah.

5. Drinking songs and song competitions

Practically in each company there are fans of drinking songs. And if to suggest visitors to sing not simply, and to compete in various song competitions, this entertainment will be a success.

For competitions participants share on two commands (as a rule, the visitors sitting on one party of a table, make one command). Between commands following competitions are held:


The First command sings a couplet of any song. The second should sing a couplet of other song developing a theme of a couplet, sung by the first command. If players of the second command find it difficult to make it, to the first command the prize-winning point is awarded. After that commands vary roles.

Competition is won by the command which has typed after 6 10 rounds bolshee quantity of prize-winning points.


Commands by turns sing some lines from a song on the set theme. That command which finds it difficult to make the course, leaves. Last command which has remained in game wins competition.

The Theme can be chosen at will of visitors. The most popular themes - about love, friendship, seasons. For a holiday the theme "Р·хфюсэюх" will approach also; (songs should contain a mention of any edible subject).

Find a song

The First command conceives some song and informs a line from it. For limited time players of the second command should guess that it for a song. If it is possible to them, the second command receives a prize-winning point, otherwise a point is awarded to the first command.

The Players of the team, typed the greatest number of points in competitions, receive small prizes. The non-material prize - for example is possible also, players of the lost command clean dirty ware.

6. An attraction "-юы°хсэ№щ юЁх§"

In conclusion of evening suggest visitors to choose from a sack "тюы°хсэ№щ" the nut which will foretell that waits for them.

For manufacturing "-юы°хсэю go юЁх§р" it is necessary to split a knife a walnut shell on two halves, without having damaged them. Nut contents are cleaned, and the leaf with a prediction is inside put. Besides, for appearance it is possible to put in a confetti nut, a New Year's rain, a little businok etc.

Examples of predictions are resulted in additional materials.

Additional materials

the Lottery of toasts

Examples that for toasts:

  • About health.
  • About riches.
  • About love.
  • About matrimonial fidelity.
  • About women.
  • About men.
  • About hospitality.
  • About beauty.
  • About wisdom.
  • About professional competence.
  • About a family.
  • About children.
  • About friends.
  • About justice.
  • About time.

the Dish with surprises

Examples of tasks:

  • To sing a song.
  • to Tell a poem.
  • to Tell a joke.
  • to Execute dance, sitting on a chair.
  • to Show focus.
  • to Show sign language translation of a poem of A.Barto "…№ёюъ".
  • to Represent brutal hunger.
  • to Say a toast.
  • to win a prize.
  • to Drink a water glass.
  • to Make laugh all.
  • to Show a terrible grimace.
  • to Execute a tap dance (sitting on a chair).
  • to Make five compliments to the mistress.
  • to make a declaration of love or friendship (depending on a floor of the participant) to the master of the house.

the Attraction "-юы°хсэ№щ юЁх§"

Examples of predictions:

  • Day is light and is bright,
    As darling a gift.
  • Waits for you soon
    Trip on the sea.
  • Let pleasures tear will spill,
    Soon old friend will return!
  • Down with both a rage, and revenge,
    You will receive a joyful message.
  • Wait for a decline, wait for a dawn,
    Wait from lovely greetings.
  • Every day and each hour
  • Someone thinks of you.
  • look forward,
    More cheerfully There the riches wait for you.
  • Wait a little,
    The road waits for you.
  • Spice-cakes yes sweets,
    There will be a lot of pleasure.
  • You in a weekend.
    The holiday and fun wait.
  • Will appear suddenly
    At you the new friend.
  • Wait, without crying,
    Good luck will come to you.
  • the Sun again and happiness again -
    You will meet new love.
  • By the next Saturday
    Wait success in work.
  • Will be at you always
    In the house tasty meal.


The Scenario assumes that visitors will spend the most part of a holiday behind a table. Nevertheless, entertainments in which one or several participants should rise because of a table are possible. It is possible to spend and some more active games.

The entertainments Listed in the scenario demand enough great number of prizes. However edible various subjects from a table (fruit, sweets, cookies and even sandwiches) can be prizes on the given holiday.


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