Quantity of participants - 20-40 persons. Duration - 3-5 ch.

Material maintenance

  • the Gift to the birthday man.
  • the Entertainment.
  • the Requisite for games.
  • Prizes.
  • Subjects for a guessing "-юы°хсэ№щ ьх°юъ".

the action Plan

  1. the Congratulation, on the passed adjectives.
  2. gift Search.
  3. the Banquet.
  4. Game "+фх imeninnyj =юЁ=?".
  5. Games and draws.
  6. the Comic guessing "-юы°хсэ№щ ьх°юъ".


1. A congratulation


To Begin birthday it is necessary from a congratulation. To the birthday man it will be pleasant, if specially for it will compose a poem or a song. However the usual congratulation in prose, the main thing that it was sincere will be pertinent also.

After a serious congratulation it is possible to offer and such entertainment. On the big card the congratulation text, thus all adjectives in it is written are passed. One of organizers of a holiday asks the birthday man or all present to name some adjectives. Named adjectives are entered in a card in places of admissions (to enter words it is necessary the handle of other colour). After that the card is handed over to the birthday man who will read to aloud turned out congratulation.

That this entertainment the original initial text and imagination of participants really was possible, required at inventing of adjectives.

The Example of a template of a congratulation is resulted in additional materials. To make the template, write a standard congratulation and delete from it all epithets.

2. Gift search

The Gift it is possible to hand over right after congratulations. However, if the birthday man is young soul and has good sense of humour, it is possible to think up more original way of donation.

For example, the gift can be wrapped up a paper and to suggest the birthday man to guess that this such.

One more variant - to hide a gift indoors where takes place a holiday, and a way to it to describe on the sheets of paper also hidden in a room. The birthday man receives the first leaf and from it learns about a site of the following note. Last note leads to its gift.

Also it is possible to suggest for the birthday man to execute some comic tasks to check up, whether it is possible to present to it this gift. In this case the gift really should be expensive and necessary to the birthday man.

3. A banquet


After gift reception all present can sit down for a celebratory table. Thus it is necessary to remember an occasion of a feast and to try, that the birthday man all time felt that it in the attention centre.

4. Game "+фх imeninnyj =юЁ=?"

Upon termination of a feast it is possible to spend such entertainment for all visitors. At opening of a box with a pie visitors instead of a pie find out a note.

The note Text can be approximately the following:

"‡ёыш a pie wish to eat -
On chajnvord look more soon.
Guess all riddles
Also enter one after another.
From all cages with a star
Letters you place
And a phrase make.
So will find the cake.
The signature: -юьютющ".

After that participants as it is written in a note, should solve chajnvord, write out letters from cages in which the star is drawn, and to make of these letters a phrase designating a place where the pie is hidden. If the most part of visitors is indifferent to a pie or it is not supposed in the holiday menu, it is possible to hide a bottle with champagne (having replaced with its empty bottle with a note) or other important dish.

Questions: 1. A limit of growth of a fly. 2. As though highly you have flown, it always will be from above. 3. The relative of fried eggs. 4. The Cake-overage. 5. The traveller on an electric network. 6. The blind navvy. 7. Capacity for jam making. 8. The request to make something, stated in advance. 9. A striped horse. 10. A short skirt at a lamp. 11. The mute underwater inhabitant. 12. Hot continent.

Answers: 1. An elephant. 2. The sky. 3. An omelette. 4. A pie. 5. A current. 6. A mole. 7. A basin. 8. The order. 9. A zebra. 10. A lamp shade. 11. Fish. 12. Africa.

From the letters which are in cages, nemechenyh the asterisk, makes a phrase "ё=юы at юъэр" (a place where it is necessary to hide a pie).

5. Games and draws

As additional entertainments it is possible to offer various games.

On the first birthday

The First participant speaks: "-р the first birthday to me яюфрЁшыш..." also names any subject. The second participant should repeat that the first has told, and to inform:

"-р the second birthday to me have presented ..." naming any other subject. So each following participant lists messages of other players and names a new gift. That participant who is mistaken, - leaves. The participant who has remained in game wins.

Interest of game in many respects depends on originality of names of the gifts which have been thought up by participants.

A game Example:

1st player: "-р the first birthday to me have presented a pack ярьяхЁёют".

2nd player: "-р the first birthday to me have presented a pack of pampers. On the second birthday to me have presented toy ьр°шэѕ".

3rd player: "-р the first birthday to me have presented a pack of pampers. On the second birthday to me have presented the toy car. On the third birthday to me have presented ¶ыюьрё=хЁ№".

4th player: "-р the first birthday to me have presented a pack of pampers. On the second birthday to me have presented the toy car. On the third birthday to me have presented felt-tip pens. On the fourth birthday to me have presented срЁрсрэ".ш etc.

your gift

Participants share on two commands. Players of the team by turns show a pantomime to a command of contenders any subject - "яюфрЁюъ". If players of the second command guess that it for a subject, they receive a prize-winning point.

After all participants of one command will present the gifts, commands vary roles.

The command which has typed more of points Wins.

In the index of entertainments numbers of other games approaching for the given holiday are resulted.

6. A comic guessing "-юы°хсэ№щ ьх°юъ"

In holiday end it is possible to offer all participants the comic guessing, allowing to assume, what will be their own birthday. The birthday man also can participate in this entertainment, guessing for the following holiday.

For a guessing in a bag or an opaque cellophane package there are various subjects. Participants by turns, without looking, pull out any subject. Each subject has certain value. Examples of subjects and their values are resulted in additional materials.

Participants take away the Received subjects as gifts.

Additional materials

the Congratulation

The Template for game with adjectives.

"-р°... And... Peter Alekseevich (here it is necessary to enter a name of the birthday man). We congratulate you on it... A holiday. We wish successes in yours... To work and in... Lives. Let all yours... Undertakings have... The ending. Yours faithfully and... Wishes, yours... ёюёыѕцштч№".


Examples of subjects and their values:

  1. the Souvenir or chocolate small bottle with alcohol. At the bottom a birth will be big pjanka.
  2. the Small chocolate or a sweet. At the bottom a birth there will be unusually tasty entertainment.
  3. the Chewing elastic band. The holiday will be very-very long.
  4. the Cracker. On a holiday there will be a lot of a noisy fun.
  5. Boxes of matches. Birthday will be full of high points and incendiary entertainments.


If for reception of a gift the birthday man has to make some efforts to find it, it is necessary, that this gift really delivered pleasure and has not disappointed the hero of the festivities. Therefore in such cases the gift needs to be selected most carefully, considering wishes of the birthday man, its hobby. More in detail about gifts look in gl. 5.

Irrespective of spent entertainments it is necessary to make this holiday such that the birthday man has felt that it is its holiday. By scenario preparation it is necessary to learn opinion of the birthday man and its wish. At the same time some moments of a holiday should become pleasant surprises for the hero of the festivities.


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