the Scenario of April Fools' ball

Action occurs in foyer, in dancing and visual halls

In foyer work:

Ию=юуЁр¶-ьюьхэ=рышё=. It is armed by the fake camera in which in advance prepared drawings are hidden.

the Camera for instant pictures. On a wall the rising cover with an inscription "¤юфэшьш a cover is suspended, will receive the ¶ю=юяюЁ=Ёх=". Under a cover a mirror;

the Beauty salon. There make up everything which have come on ball. In a corner "Ррыюэр ъЁрёю=№" the colourful poster hangs:

"¦хэ хь noses,
We draw moustaches!
We select masks!
Change, it is exact in a fairy tale!
The hairdresser here does not shave,
He draws, smears, glues
So the person to you will change,
That anybody you not ѕчэрх=!"

Karnavalnaja mail. At a little table "-рЁэртрыіэр  яюё=р" - the poster: "-ёяюьэшь tradition of ball! We will play mail as happened! Hasten! Write! Will pass 5 minutes - to the address precisely letter ю=фрфѕ=!"

Are distributed nomerki. Here on a little table the paper and pencils lies. Mail is carried by 3 postmen.

a rest Room.

Auction-sale. From a hammer sell those things which were brought in advance by visitors of ball;

Think and answer.

Various written quizes, riddles Are offered: "Рыюцш a figure from ъѕёюёъют" "-рщфш two юфшэръют№§" "О=ю here эрЁшёютрэю?" "-рщфш seven ю°шсюъ" etc.

On walls posters hang:

"Рхуюфэ  the companion of all - healthy ёьх§" "¤юьэш=х, without songs - a carnival not шэ=хЁхёхэ!" "-шчю without a smile - an error, long live laughter and ѕы№сър!" "КютрЁшЁш! On a carnival we ask not to observe =ш°шэѕ!".

the radio centre Works.

Music 1-2 times is interrupted with the announcer's text.

  • IT: Tells a carnival broadcasting centre!
    Tells a carnival broadcasting centre!
  • IT: before you today it is a lot of Problems:
    We should please our visitors,
    That in these hours karnavalnogo ball
    There was a huge stock of news.
  • IT: Come! Come!
    Here fun rough squall.
    You will begin to whirl and will pick up,
    Pleasure whirlwind will grasp
    Our cheerful carnival!
  • IT: All! All! All!
    Let's greet you!
    Good luck!
    Hasten towards to inventions and dancings!
    Today cheerful tournament at us
    On the best joke, a smile, a mask!
  • IT: Attention! Attention!
    Dancers, readers, musicians
    More likely show the talents!
  • IT: Welcome! Enter!
    All here is ready for funs,
    Dance, sing, have fun!
    And let the laughter reigns everywhere!
  • IT: That is ugly, who the nose has hung up!
    Those who is vigorous also oars are beautiful!
    Talent to have - it is not too important!
    It is more important to operate bravely.
  • IT: Fun, jokes, razvlechenja -
    At us today all in honour!
    And everyone can without a doubt
    It is wonderful to spend time!
    Mail works for us karnavalnaja!
  • IT: do not miss, receive! -
    Who was tired of waiting, who is enamoured.
    Letters gentle, ridiculous.
    Custom-made and simple …
    They will be handed over to you by the postman!
  • IT: the tavern works For us "КЁш яхёърЁ "!
    One dances will not be full.
    So it is a lot of shows! Not to examine for ever!
    But it is impossible to look and listen to all time!
    Not a uniform show the person is full.
    It is necessary to the person to have a drink and attempt!
  • IT: For us works "Ррыюэ ъЁрёю=№"!
    Transformation of blondes into brunettes and back.
  • IT: we Transfer weather forecast! We transfer weather forecast!
  • IT: collision of cold weights …
  • Is expected
  • IT: ... Ice-cream with weight of its hot fans!
  • IT: Rough whirlwinds …
  • IT: Waltzes will begin to whirl hundreds pairs!
  • IT: the Full calm …
  • IT: ... In rest zones!
  • IT: Powerful streams …
  • IT: Soda water with a syrup!
  • IT: Storms …
  • IT: ... An applause at a concert!
  • IT: At a fair weather a thunder …
  • IT: ... An applause!
  • IT: Radio release has come to an end.
  • IT: On a carnival you not the visitor,
    You here - the owner, we will tell directly!
    You do not search for the program "+тючфі",
    Be itself always "+тючфхь" programs!

(Music interrupts once again.)

  • IT: Attention! Attention! Tells a broadcasting centre.
    Expensive participants! To you the king of a carnival addresses!
  • the KING: Unfortunately, anything cheerful I can not inform. It is impossible to begin a carnival. There is no queen of a carnival. My manager has resulted here some women, but I the supporter of a love match. Therefore: time, two, three, four, five - I go to search! The queen! Humour and beauty!

(the song soundtrack "-р ърЁэртры" Sounds; the Pantomime of a choice of the Queen. It is better, if it is the disguised young man).

  • the KING: the Queen is chosen! A carnival I declare opened! I invite all in a throne-room to a celebratory show "-юъЁѕу and nearby ёьх§р".

(the song "-р ърЁэртры!" Sounds;. The king and the Queen in a retinue environment the first enter into a hall, pass on a proscenium and settle down at the left portal. There in advance 2 thrones and steps for retinue) are put.

  • 1-Й FROM RETINUE: known humorists will take part In our show: workers, engineers and journalists!
  • 2-Й FROM RETINUE: Allow to begin, your Majesty!
  • the KING: I Resolve! After each performance I order to laugh! Gloomy we will expose … to the river (name) .
  • 3-Й FROM RETINUE: Specially for you, the Queen! The newest hairdresses and season models.
  • 4-Й FROM RETINUE: Are developed by masters and cutters of the Public amenities centre.

(There is a display of comic hairdresses and models. Authors) make comments.

  • 1-Й FROM RETINUE: your Majesty! The note from representatives of the press here has arrived. Wish to insert out of the program a word.
  • the KING: I Know these newsdealers: where a word - there ten. And all strive a critical sight!


  • the QUEEN: Dear, I so love our local press. We will pledge them a word.
  • the KING: Well, only for the sake of you, expensive …

(There is a performance of representatives of the press).


  • the QUEEN: Why I do not see professionals on a professional scene? Where actors? They, what, are not able to joke?
  • the KING: I Rule! Immediately! To make so that actors-humorists were here!
  • 2-Й FROM RETINUE: (Escaping) I Obey!.

(Deduces actors. There are performances of actors-professionals).

  • the QUEEN: And whether there is no at you something such that spectators participated?
  • the KING: Bezvyigryshnaja a lottery!

(to Spectators the lowered balloons are distributed, on each of which number is written. It is offered to inflate these balls till the sizes of a football.)

  • 3-Й FROM RETINUE: the First number at whom? You win 50000 roubles …. At number of 5th. The second number at whom? You acquire the right, is left, forward, upwards, downwards, in back … the Third number, seem! You win the automatic machine with soda water at the corner of streets … (local names). the Fourth number? Acquires the right of the contribution of products in a refrigerator … the Fifth number? You win 100 roubles … against number of 1st. The sixth number? You win the car "-юыур" also acquire the right as much as necessary to admire it at the mayoralty … the Seventh number? You acquire the right to go on the left … the Eighth number? Acquires the right of participation in competitions during dances …
  • the QUEEN: Thanks, road! I have with all the heart laughed. And spectators will show nothing to us?
  • the KING: Still as will show! They for a long time already on a scene, behind side scenes.

(There is a small concert where parodies, a pantomime, comic songs, original genres and other comic numbers enter. Whenever possible on each of them make comments the King with the Queen.)

  • the QUEEN: Thanks, road! I am a little tired, in my opinion it is time to dissipate a little.
  • the KING: You are right, expensive. We invite all in a dance hall.

(In a break between dances it is possible to spend attractions, auction. Comic "шч¦ьшэъѕ" can bring authors and organizers of April Fools' ball. It is important to keep mood of fun, ease and wit. We offer game "ОхЁхяр§р).

  • the TURTLE. the Leader asks a simple question to participants about that, how many fingers on one hand. Answer: five.
  • the LEADER: And on two?

the Answer: ten.

  • the LEADER: And on ten?

the Answer (as a rule): hundred.

(the Right answer - fifty. The one who has correctly answered, invite to approach to the leader and to invite with itself the girl if it is the young man, and to the girl - the young man. Two girls, two young men participate in game).

  • the LEADER: Girls, you become the face to spectators. Here these newspaper leaves of the young man will display ahead of you, and you will cross them. Game comes to an end, when someone from you the first will reach finish! Attention! Have begun!
  • the LEADER: (Participants). Remind, how game was called?
  • the LEADER: And how the turtle goes?

the Answer: Slowly.

  • the LEADER: Here those who has passed slowly and win a prize! Other thanks for participation …
  • the KING: We are happy with participants and participants of our carnival! Let wit, sense of humour and cheerfulness do not leave you never!
  • the QUEEN: And we say goodbye before following April Fools' ball. Dance all!

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