the Scenario of anniversary of the woman

Characters :

  • Conducting
  • Zevs - the Supreme god
  • Gera - his wife, the patroness of a family
  • Dionis - god of wine and fun
  • Gefest - god-smith
  • Athena - the goddess of wisdom
  • Aphrodite - the goddess of love
  • Demetra - the goddess of health
  • Muses - patronesses of arts
  • Prometej - the defender of people

(Suits of gods to make simply. On a head put on paper venochki on similarity laurel, on feet - wattled sandals (them it is easy to add to wattled with tapes.) all gods are wrapped in a bed-sheet, and on a breast attach the tablet with a name of corresponding god which it is desirable to write peaked letters in the manner of the Greek.)

  • the Leader : When there was Tanja on light,
    Gods have gathered for urgent council.
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    Zevs : I have invited you on operativku,
    About, the God-almighty, then,
    To declare the beginning ispytanja
    In the conditions of terrestrial model,
    Which I wish to present all.

(Specifies on jubiljara.)

The Model is strong, beautiful, aesthetic,
I new have enclosed in it the program,
Directed on sluzhene to people.
More shortly, we will not spend time!
I ask to add you the sample!

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    Gera : I, Gera, give it the centre family!
    Start up the spouse true will receive
    Kiddies will bring up the best,
    Also will live to grandsons, at last!
  • Dionis : With it optimism, humour, fun
    It is ready Dionis to share generously!
    Let with all the heart is able to have fun,
    Having rejected all problems and affairs!
  • Gefest : Love to work and able fingers
    I, god Gefest, hand over to it in the award!
    That could sew, make everything that is necessary,
    Otlichnoju hozjajkoju was!
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    Athena : I, wise Athena, promise,
    That since the childhood to knowledge will last,
    That into accounting will want to plunge,
    And there the calling will find!
  • Aphrodite : Start up men to it roughly breathe!
    Start up everywhere compliments hears!
    Let it is invariable to it in love carries!
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    Prometej : I, Prometej, to it will present a particle
    High, sacred fire!
    Let this light is stored in its shower,
    That could share with friends
    And a difficult minute to warm!
  • Zevs : I will top with kindness all it,
    Also it is possible to start experiment!
    For leading of its results
    I ask to fly up in half a century!

(Has passed 50 years.)

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    Zevs : I have invited you on operativku,
    About, the God-almighty, then,
    To sum up ispytanja
    In the conditions of terrestrial model,
    To otoraja it is already known for all.
    To take out about it the suzhdene,
    We in this anniversary birthday,
    Her here have called for conversation!
    I ask to concern every possible themes!
  • Gera : Tell to me frankly, frankly,
    What is characteristic for your family?
  • Dionis : I Wish to check up it on humour!
    Let the sample will tell a joke!
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    Athena : you the pilot of the plane that flight makes
    From Moscow in Nagasaki with landing in Paris.
    The plane has landed at 14.30.
    Specify, please, age of the pilot!
  • Aphrodite : And I ask to answer Aphrodite,
    What do you appreciate especially in men?
  • Gefest : Tell Gefestu, whether you can be proud
    Any creation of the hands?
  • Prometej : Answer also to Prometeju at last!
    Admit, in what you see lives sense?

(Jubiljarsha answers questions.)

  • Zevs : As we will estimate results?
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    Gods : Divinely! It is cool! Excellently!
    Model in all - the indisputable sample!
  • Zevs :: Then, I ask to note in the report,
    That the copy is estimated on "ю=ышёэю"!
    Our Tatyana - it is simple well done
    Having established a family and sorts prodolzhene,
    The such has deserved uvazhene,
    Which for money not to buy!
    To gods and people having proved in practice,
    That to mass release of model
    With two-thousand it is possible to start!
  • Gera : Accept from gods as proof of good luck
    Gift our, happy amulet!
    And years on 10 you can be free.
    At us, gods, questions are not present more!

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