the Scenario of anniversary of the man


  • the Leader .
  • Zevs - the Supreme god
  • Gera - his wife, the patroness of a family
  • Dionis - god of wine and fun
  • Gefest - god-smith
  • Hermes - winged god, the patron of travel and trade
  • Athena - the goddess of wisdom
  • Aphrodite - the goddess of love
  • Demetra - the goddess of health
  • Muses - patronesses of arts
  • Prometei - the defender of people

  • the Leader : When there was Igor on light,
    Gods have gathered for urgent council.
  • Zevs : I have invited you on operativku,
    About, the God-almighty, then,
    That objavit the beginning ispytanja
    In the conditions of terrestrial model,
    Which I wish to present all.

(Specifies on jubiljara.)

The Model is strong, steady, reliable,
It is allocated by mighty intelligence.
I wish to address to you for council,
Than to us still to add the sample?

  • Gera : I will present to it the centre family!
    It will receive the excellent spouse,
    Children good, grandsons of the best,
    Will become famous, as the husband and as the father!
  • Dionis : With it optimism, humour, fun
    It is ready Dionis to share generously!
    Let with all the heart is able to have fun,
    And however many saws, it will not be drunk!
  • Gefest : Love to work and able fingers
    I, god Gefest, give to it in the award
    That itself was able "ётрЁурэш=і" everything that is necessary,
    Also its pocket was full always!
  • Hermes : Trips on the country and abroad
    It will receive from Hermes in the award!
    Start up has in a life everything that is necessary,
    That its pocket was full always!
  • Athena : I, wise Athena, promise,
    That since the childhood to knowledge will last,
    That into technics will want to plunge,
    And there the calling will find!
  • Aphrodite : Let women to it roughly breathe,
    And from the wife only he hears praises!
    More shortly - let to it in love carries!
  • Muses : Let he to appreciate the fine is able,
    To poetry has since the childhood gift!
    (And to music has since the childhood gift!)
  • Demetra : Health corrects let on a summer residence!
    And I consider glavnoju as a problem,
    That long veins, thus it was not old!
  • Prometej : I, Prometej, give it a particle
    High, sacred fire!
    Let this light is stored in its shower,
    That could share heat with friends
    And a difficult minute to warm!
  • Zevs : I will top siloju all it,
    Also it is possible to start experiment!
    For leading of its results
    I ask to fly up through a floor of a century!

(Gods leave and again come back, having taken a detour. Has passed 60 years.)

  • Zevs : I have invited you on operativku,
    About the God-almighty, then,
    To sum up ispytanja
    In the conditions of terrestrial model
    Code-named "¦юыю=юъ".
    To take out about it the suzhdene,
    We in this anniversary birthday, go here have called for conversation,
    Ask questions everyone could!
  • Gera : Tell to me frankly, frankly,
    What is characteristic for your family?
  • Dionis : I Wish to check up it on humour!
    Let the sample will tell a joke!
  • Athena : you the pilot of the plane that flight makes
    From Moscow in Nagasaki with landing in Paris.
    The plane has landed at 14.30.
    Specify, please, age of the pilot!
  • Gefest : Admit fairly, whether you can be proud
    Any sozdanem the hands?
  • Hermes : What of overseas impressions
    It was especially remembered to you?
  • Aphrodite : And I ask to answer Aphrodite,
    What in the woman especially you appreciate?
  • Muses : Read to us of a line that has combined once!

(Favourite for us sing a song!)

  • Demetra : Tell that you consider as the best means
    From all indispositions and colds?
  • Prometej : Answer also to Prometeju at last!
    Admit, in what you see lives sense?
  • Zevs : As we will estimate results?
  • All : Divinely! It is cool! Incomparably!
    It in collective the leader doubtless
    And in private life too the sample!
  • Zevs : Then we will write down in the report sobranja,
    That it has perfectly coped zadanem!
    To it I will tell directly - well done
    Has established a family and sorts prodolzhene,
    The such has earned uvazhene,
    Which for money not to buy!
    To gods and people has proved in practice,
    That to mass release of model
    With two-thousand it is possible to start!
  • Gera : Accept from gods as proof of good luck
    Gift our, happy amulet!
    And years on 10 you can be free,
    At us, gods, questions are not present more!

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