60-year-old anniversary

the Leader : Oh, you, visitors - misters you what for have come here? Or is at home thin - But are dressed, the miracle is simple. And absolutely simple, Our Vladimir young In a circle of the friends Has decided to meet the answer anniversary.

the Leader : Dear Vladimir Konstantinovich, allow to congratulate you on behalf of all present with anniversary and an exit on the deserved rest.

We Wish you in your anniversary
That you sat at champagne,
That danced, songs sang,
That this nice feast
Has brought health, happiness, the world.
To be happy and healthy,
About years not to recollect,
Let at times the life is severe,
But do not dare to concede to it.

Ogo, I look you something have begun to move? Wait, I will acquaint you with the charter of our evening. Our charter says:

  1. That before us jubiljar sits.
  2. Appears that in 20 __ anniversary at Vladimir Konstantinovicha is not cancelled.
  3. Remember: to begin with all to drink on a wine-glass did not disturb.
  4. Appears that the laughter in this house is not cancelled.
  5. the Gifts brought jubiljaru are accepted round the clock even a month after that evenings and to return are not subject.

the Leader : I Offer a word for a congratulation to colleagues and friends.

(colleagues jubiljara Act.)

We congratulate you on event considerable,
Today your lawful anniversary,
Health to you huge it is desirable,
And it is a lot of in a life of sincere friends.
Anniversary - especial date,
Where you sum mentally up,
In what the error can once be
That is expensive, has for certain saved up.
We congratulate you from the bottom of the heart
Also we wish to wish your of good luck.
Let in your climate house
Will be never a bad weather.
We do not hand over to the birthday man
Neither sets, nor rings,
For certain will accept
more warmly Greetings from friendly hearts.

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the Leader : And now I would like to tell a little about ours jubiljare, but for this purpose you should me help. It is necessary for me, that you have listed any 12 adjectives.

(the leader writes down These adjectives and inserts into the passed places in the text).

Vladimir Konstantinovich was born in... 19. It Grew very much... The child. For many... Years it has not changed at all, as speaks about its constancy... Character. V. Has been accepted in numbers 1950... The pioneer organisation of V.I.Lenina. It has received formation and a speciality in... 1963 the same year it has entered into numbers of ours... Amicable collective and since then does not leave us. It has brought... The contribution in... Country affairs. Vladimir Konstantinovich possesses... Appearance and... Working capacity, than also drooped love at collective.

  • the Leader : JUbiljaru it is desirable
    We of health and happiness,
    That it is possible to wish still,
    If we will drink today,
    Not oslabnet health,
    Tomorrow it is possible to continue again.

And now on behalf of department of formation of Russia to me i is entrusted to hand over the diploma to Vladimir Konstantinovichu that it really pensioner.

the Diploma

The Present diploma is given out Vladimir Konstantinovichu that it for the 60 years of a life has graduated training in a theme "Гэр=і and ѕьх=і" also has found out following knowledge:

The Literature (Conversation with the wife in anger.) - 4
Mathematics (Recalculation of wages of the wife to own advantage.) - 4
Geography (Where will not bring, and all home will come.) - 5
Music (Game on nerves.) - 3
Chemistry (Moonshining.) - 4
Diligence (On right to a side.) - 5
Diligence (On left to a side.) - 4

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On the basis of the above-stated to recognise tov.... Suitable for passage of the further course of life.

The Term paper on a theme "+юёх°і to live, be able тхЁ=х=іё " - it is protected on 5.

The Decision of the state qualifying commission from... To appropriate tov 2000.... A rank "Ртюсюфэ№щ young яхэёшюэхЁ".

the Leader : But it is not necessary to be upset too. The birthday man is welcomed by its friends.

Congratulations from friends

It is said that in sixty each birthday man is glad
The years to exchange years for twenty, twenty five.
There are no friends, at all so who so thinks the odd fellow.
In twenty years everywhere holes,
There is no wife and there is no apartment,
In sixty you have a garden
And, of course, three children.
In twenty five only by sharing the cost
It was possible to drink vodka.
In sixty you of all in dyminu
You can give to drink vodka.
In twenty five - the jug,
is empty In twenty five - a sheer hell,
In sixty - in roubles sberknizhka,
In sixty - everywhere protection.
In twenty on work you plough
As if a horse or an ox,
In sixty colleagues you will tell,
You work, I have gone.
No, friends, it is very glad,
That to me exactly sixty!
Every year it grows wiser,
Years little birds fly,
He and in hundred will not regret,
That to it now sixty!

the Leader : It would be desirable to give advice to the newly made pensioner.

Hold a family as it is possible more religiously,
To come, leave and go out,
One your sight, only one word,
And for them already the law.
And in country holidays
Since morning - morals you it read,
By a dinner severity esteem,
And sit down tea in the evening.

So we will lift our charms,
Everyone, taking the wine,
We will drink for jubiljara
And for its amicable family.
Let the life will be rich with pleasures.
And the happiness will not leave your threshold.
As less as possible we wish you alarms,
But them after all all the same not to avoid,
So a way there will be forces to win.

And so today at us on a visit these forces. Yes, yes. Be not surprised, it not a fairy tale. So, at us on a visit internal forces, i.e. the Ministry of Internal Affairs

(Someone from the invited dresses, the militian form. In advance traffic signs are made out.)

the Militiaman : I on behalf of traffic police and the Department of Internal Affairs of Ekaterinburg present memorable gifts. As in apartment constant movement also it is possible to forget and lose the way, we have decided to help with it.

"-х forget to switch off =хыхтшчюЁ"
(The sign is attached on the TV screen)

"+ё=юЁюцэю here can appear фх=ш"
(The sign is attached to a sofa)

Be attentive, wipe юёъш"
(The sign is attached in a bathroom)

"+ё=юЁюцэю not яхЁхѕёхЁфё=тѕщ"
(The sign is attached on kitchen)

"+ё=юЁюцэю sharp яЁхфьх=№" (the Sign can be hung up on kitchen and in a room, where a needle with a thread)

"+ё=юЁюцэю gas and Іыхъ=ЁюяЁшсюЁ№"
(The sign is attached over gas and electrodevices)

the Militiaman : Be attentive in movements and God forbid it is wrong to you to attach or mix signs. All kind

  • the Leader : Let this day will be solemn and svjat
    Today has come true - you sixty!
    But you do not long, do not consider that a limit,
    You ahead waits still for affairs much.
    In all sincerity we wish you,
    That that has conceived all - has come true in destiny.
    On a life go as before more safely,
    To meet yet one anniversary.
    We wish you and further
    Never, never to hand over,
    And health for many long years,
    We wish to wish with all the heart.
  • the Leader : We have handed over you gifts,
    But there is nobody not a secret,
    That a warm gift
    Better songs are not present.

(the song Text is printed and multiplied in advance. To distribute to visitors.)

the Song
On a melody "Л яЁ ёыр"

Here and the autumn has flown by
Vova has collected all visitors.
Let's sit in a feast as though
Let's talk about an anniversary.

And that, truly, it is true,
Anniversary here uneasy,
It should be measured so,
You will shake a head.

And after all you has remained,
Surprise takes,
Here really would fall in love,
It is a pity, Lyudmila, does not give.

still that is necessary to Jubiljar,
Also works as an ox,
As will go to dig a potato,
Anybody will not keep up.

Oh, the truth, is the truth,
This master though where,
And to that to tell to us it is necessary,
That from grandsons without mind.

We not begin to praise the wife,
The madam is not great.
Let's have a look on jubiljara.
Without it that you where.

Yes what to it care,
On gotovenkom lives.
In the morning will rise, will shake off,
Will have a bite and will leave.

Oh, the girl-friend do not swear,
Oh, the girl-friend do not long,
Though also women, it is women,
Without men nikudy

such our share,
To you to become angry to what,
Let's wish jubiljaru
To live as early as hundred years in harmony.

the Leader : And now we offer you a lottery.

the Comic lottery

That a borsch to weld wonderfully well the cabbage on seasoning is necessary.


Will warm and without cognac atsetilsalitsilovaja acid.


Do not take in head to become angry about all and the nail in an economy is useful .

(the Nail.)

You Thought that the happiness is not present,
Oh, what you the odd fellow,
Here buy sweets,
On the won five-copeck coin

(the Five-copeck coin.)

When there is you to take a walk,
And that your trousers did not sleep,
You at yourself should have
Bulavochku from a steel

(the Pin.)

After a wine-glass to have a snack,
Business very important.
Here to you instead of a sleeve

(Salfetochka paper.)

The Carpet 2x3.

(the Scarf nasal.)

Here to you a floret,
We ask to save up,
It will help you
The lover (tsu) to entice .

(the Flower.)

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To throw off ten years ago
To think long to you it is not necessary,
The excellent will give advice
This wonderful lipstick

(the Beet.)

We have supplied you with hooks
Well, and skirts sew


Fry, cook, cook,
Only do not salt


(a salt Pack.)

That to friends to send greetings it is useful also an envelope

(the Envelope.)

Pour 100, pour 200, one you can not, give together


You today the best visitor
To you in a gift this nail.

(the Nail.)

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Do not become angry about us the friend
Here to you of matches of boxes


If you do not wash a heel, them podslednikom will cover


You will save up tyshchu in time
If there will be a purse

(the Purse.)

Here a badge receive
Instead of a brooch fasten

(the Badge.)

For the good friend, there is a garlic head


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As you will tie a tape a bow,
At once you will become the first dandy

(the Thread.)

If you want porevet, it is necessary eyes onions poteret


the Leader : I Suggest all visitors to take part in games and attractions.


  1. "-р юЁѕяі". In a dark sack of a material there are 8-10 small subjects: scissors, a stopper from a bottle, a pen, a button, a spoon, threads, from a meat grinder etc. It is necessary to guess a thimble, a knife to the touch through a bag fabric that in it lies. The fabric should not be rough and too thin.

  2. "¤рЁ№ эрюсюЁю=". Two-three pairs become attached a back to a back (feet and hands free). These steams should dance a waltz, a tango, the mistress and to run 10 metres there and back as Siamese twins.

  3. "Охщ a sphere сюыі°х". Competition idle time: participants receive a balloon and on command start to inflate. That at whom a sphere will burst, leaves game.

    At whom wins the biggest on volume a ball.

  4. "Ряшёър-ъюяіх". to Draw on a floor a chalk line and without crossing it to throw on range a usual match as a spear. The winner can be defined on three throws.

  5. "КрэчюЁ№". hold dancing competition with subjects under melodies "Їсыюёъю" "-рчрёюъ" "-рышэър" t, ·l other Let participants will dance:

    With an apple (a ball, a sphere);
    With chairs and stools;
    With a glass of wine, etc.

the Leader : And now I offer posostjazatsja to intellectuals. Solve anagrammes and logarithms.

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Easily breathing in my shade
You often praise me in the summer,
But letters rearrange mine
And you me will fall down the whole wood.

(the Linden - a saw.)

I Lie on the earth beaten to iron, But letters rearrange in a pan I will get.

(the Cross tie - noodles.)

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Lengthways on a wire I rush nights and days.
And from the end me will read, to a tiger I from relatives

(the Current - a cat.)

Geography with me
study at school Give an order of letters other
Also you will find me in buffet

(the Atlas - salad.)

A dish Known I when you will put "ь"
I will fly, buzz bothering all

(the Ear - a fly.)

the Leader : dear visitors! We had nicely fun. Our evening comes to an end. I suggest to sing for jubiljara a song.

(Evening comes to an end with songs, dances.)

Posters for hall registration

"…¦Ёю deliveries young яхэёшюэхЁют" the break works from 14.00 till from 8.00 till without days off.

    • With young pensioners and in a tent paradise.
    • Pension - a pigeon of the world.
    • do not do clever a physiognomy, will retire too.
    • the Husband the husband, but without pension is not necessary

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