55-year-old anniversary

the Leader : Hello dear visitors! Hello, expensive birthday woman, Lyudmila Mironovna!

Why to the people it is a lot of?!
All friends,
have gathered here On deserved on rest,
Have come to congratulate you.

Today we in the amicable cheerful company have decided to congratulate jubiljarshu.

Fifty five - yes unless it is a lot of?
Let speak "тёх яЁюцш=ю" - do not trust,
While we live that was, is - all is live.
When still to us the life will slam a door.
At you has still put much ahead,
Live long, wisely and beautifully!
And I wish to lift the first glass for our hero of the festivities.
You the woman - a flower, a source and a star,
It is mysteriously gentle, fine and proud.
You a centre and house flame,
You light that on the earth, do not die away never.

the Leader : And now I wish to ask to speak for a congratulation to the director of our collective.

the Director : Dear Lyudmila Mironovna!

In all sincerity with big uvazhenem
Today accept from us pozdravlenja.
We are glad to congratulate and you to wish
All also to work, all also to dare.
Not to grow old soul and outwardly
To be blossoming as before.
The soul spark to store, live, still to love.
To be beautiful as always to you on long year.

(The memorable gift Is handed over.)

the Leader : You cried on light rodjas,

And all around laughed …

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And after all it is valid at us was born small pensionerochka. All of you know, what small happen whimsical, of cold, and a mind at them not lishka are afraid, therefore, that has not inflated in ears, not napeklo a head, and also that into a head did not get superfluous myslishki, we have decided to present to it a cap. (the leader dresses on jubiljara a cap.) And also All of you know that small such neumehi and such awkward that when eat are spoilt and spoil everything that them surrounds, that it does not happen we give it an apron. (the leader dresses an apron jubiljaru.) And still I wish to add to the aforesaid that small pensioners are upset at the slightest pretext, it nothing to do by it, they and endure about everything, therefore at them eyes often on a wet place. That we pensionerochka did not cry, we have decided to present to it a baby's dummy. (the leader gives a baby's dummy on a scarlet tape. In advance the cap on the adult person and an apron is sewed.)

the Leader : And now I wish to give a toast to a birth of the new pensioner, but absolutely, absolutely still young at which ahead still affairs much!

the Leader : (helping to remove a cap, an apron and a baby's dummy) : Well here she is fed, does not blow anywhere and the main thing will not cry. And now I suggest to give the chance to colleagues to congratulate Lyudmila Mironovnu.

the Congratulation from colleagues

We congratulate you on event considerable,
Today your lawful anniversary,
Health to you huge it is desirable,
And it is a lot of in a life of sincere friends.
Anniversary - especial date,
Where sum mentally up.
In what was mistaken can once be,
That is expensive, has for certain saved up.
We congratulate you from the bottom of the heart
Also we wish to wish your of good luck,
Let in your climate house,
He will be never a bad weather.
We do not hand over to the birthday woman,
Neither sets, nor rings,
For certain will accept more warmly,
Greetings from friendly hearts.

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(gift Delivery. Here it is possible, that someone from colleagues has told as has got acquainted with jubiljarshej, has recollected an interesting case on work etc.) (the Leader declares a break, filling with its games, attractions. During a break to the present distribute verses which are in advance printed.)

the Leader : To us on a visit for a congratulation have come "эют№х" pensioners.

We have come to this house
To wish you long years,
You from us accept Lyudmila
Pioneer our greetings.

You think here only,
All on pension go,
And now we to you will tell,
As on pension live.

We wish good luck much
This evening and for ever.
It is less than clouds, rain, a bad weather,
Ljuda - the lovely person.

Has worked much,
Has worked all knowingly,
Here for it expensive,
The pension is given you.

We wish vnuchat more,
Not to grow old longer,
If the son and the daughter is not the gawk,
That you Ljuda will be the grandmother-heroine.

You zazhitochnee became,
Poverty is not turned back,
Thanks Putin big,
Of all cares.

Houses you Will sit,
You will miss, grow old,
When in chorus you will sing,
You will look younger at once.

You do not long, do not mourn,
Return is not present by those last days,
Always and everywhere smile,
Also do not go to doctors.

I would leave to work,
Has bored to sit,
But I am afraid of taxes,
Better the house - I will be interrupted.

God grant, that all was excellent,
Behave always decently,
Not to be ill, not to despond,
Moderately is and strong to sleep,
Never to grow old,
It to be pleasant to all men.

the Leader : Time has come conversation on men, I wish to present you the man who has many years ago fallen in love with our Ljudochku and till now is a support and a shoulder in home life for Ljudy. So, a word to the spouse jubiljarshi.

the Congratulation from the husband

Geniality generously
You light up all,
Ulybkoju cloudy
Day you endow.
So let with you
Meets more often,
Idle time terrestrial
So the necessary happiness.
Always young and
Fervent you be,
About that you the grandmother
Forget to think.
Fun and pleasure
Always and everywhere,
All good
I wish you.

Thanks that you a necessary minute find words which please, console, idolise me. I wish to drink that you are!

the Leader : And now there comes the solemn moment. From all aforesaid council of pensioners resolves to you, Lyudmila Mironovna to enter party of pensioners. For this purpose you should say an oath.

the Oath

the Birthday woman : I..., joining the ranks of pensioners in the face of native, friends, colleagues, the husband and children solemnly I swear: to be hot with great feeling the heart to a true word as the party learns pensionerskaja. Strictly to observe and carry out party duties. To fill up the with seven creations by means of the children on pleasure to us, to spite of enemies, counter to neighbours. I swear! I swear! I swear!

(the oath Text should be printed in advance. Also here it is possible to hand over the comic admission in party of pensioners with a photo and the press.)

the Leader : Well, and now I wish to acquaint the young pensioner with duties and the rights.

  • Duties : to Rise, wash. To sit down, eat.
    To receive visitors,
    Not to forget friends.
    To put brazhonku on distillation.
    To go in for sports this year.
    To be ready to defence and work.

  • the Rights : When I want - then I rise.
    Dokol I want - dotol I lie.
    And I will want - so to hard drinking.
    I will go there where I want.
    When I want - then I sleep.
    Whom I want - that I love.

(It is possible to drink for new "яЁюяѕёъ".)

  • the Leader : From the bottom of the heart we wish good luck
    And let each hour will be joyful.
    Let the party bypass you misfortunes,
    Let children, grandsons love you more strong.

So, I ask to speak to Lyudmila Mironovny's children.

This day, lovely mum,
Accept pozdravlenja from us, from children.
For us you as before the most important,
Though we also became a little more adult.
You are the kindest woman in the world,
Anywhere there are no on light more perfectly eyes,
And your hands, as huge wings,
Always protect from a misfortune us.
Years have passed, the head has turned grey,
It is a lot of cares and alarms behind,
Only what business to age,
If hot heart in a breast.

(the gift from children Is handed over.)

the Leader : And now I suggest to pass to dances, outdoor games.

(At that time while there are dances, games the leader brings the big box, for example, from under the TV on which it is written "…рэфхЁюыі". And also brings telegrammes.)

the Leader : Now, while all had fun postman Petchkin came. As you guess probably, on юбилярши address telegrammes and even the parcel post have come. He has refused to come, as is afraid that a bicycle will steal and has entrusted me to read telegrammes.


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Babulja hi, do not long,
Sweets have come to an end, consider
I have made onions, socks a land,
Two days the letter to you I write,
And on a window a sparrow,
Well everything, I finish.

Your grandson Sergey.

Moscow, the Ministry of Finance.

The Budget in deep deficiency,
In the Ministry of Finance of money do not search,
To send to me to you transfer,
Yes the Duma of money does not give. To you 55?
And you are fervent!
You happy birthday!



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From Petersburg I send greetings,
I wish Ljude of long years.
Here to me your early age,
Would arrange jumble.
Love, calmnesses, success
You in an anniversary I wish.


The USA, Washington.

Between us all borders,
are erased My words fly, as birds.
You are congratulated by our States,
You try to live richly,
Not naporites on impeachment,
Health to you, udach and food!
For you I have tasted a wine-glass. You with an anniversary.

Clinton Bill

Moscow, LDPR Headquarters.

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Yes, unequivocally, this day
Is obliged to love even a stub.
I wish you all good,
Though costs will be and nedeshevo.
Well, to begin with, for example,
To all of you to enter LDPR.
Forgive, if humour flat.
You with an anniversary!


the Parcel post

(it is necessary to put manual To each gift. JUbiljar opens the parcel post, shows a gift and will read all to manual.)

That the happiness in the house was,
That native you loved all,
That the house was a full bowl,
Take for memory a pot for porridge.

And still take a pen,
To copy vnuchat,
That you took them on handles
Also has heard as shout.

Jubiljarsha our Ljuda,
With the husband lived that in a harmony
Accept from us a frying pan.

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To protect good, heat,
Ljuda, drink wine was able,
You the limit know well,
Superfluous charki do not suffice,
The sobering-up station has decided to help,
The gift has presented,
It will remind
How many it is necessary to take in norm. (a thimble.)

You throw expensive shoulders with the Orenburg down scarf. (a gauze piece.)

That on light the nobility, newspapers it is necessary to read all. (the newspaper.)

After a wine-glass to have a snack
Business very important,
Here, Ljuda, instead of a sleeve
Salfetochka the paper.

(the Parcel post can bring both colleagues and to read the text to all gifts.)

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    the Leader : Be all time beautiful -
    And soul and self,
    Be all time favourite -
    Both in the winter and in the spring.
    Be not declined by a mountain ash,
    If there will be a trouble.
    Remain happy
    This day and always.
  • the Leader : And now I wish to give a reciprocal word jubiljaru.

(Jubiljar thanks visitors.)

  • the Leader : Our evening comes to an end. I suggest to sing for jubiljara some songs.

(Texts of songs are printed and multiplied in advance. To distribute to visitors.)


On a melody "Грьхёр=хыіэ№щ ёюёхф"

We have gathered today here
All behind a celebratory table.
We congratulate Lyudmila
With anniversary this day.
You, native so it is fine
Both today, and always.
Well and the main thing, of course,
You - the kindest soul.

the Refrain: Pam-pam, a pas-pas-pas-pas-pam-pam,
To pam-steams-pases-pam-pam,

And still to you it is desirable
To be healthy for ever,
And with hospitals not to be known -
Unless only sometimes.
Become tempered, rubbed off
In the morning, in the evening and in the afternoon.
And relatives do not doubt -
We to you will come.


On V.Soloveva-Sedogo's melody "¤юЁр in a way фюЁюуѕ"

Tonight, in the evening, in the evening
The pleasant duty on shoulders to us has laid down.
We give honour to Lyudmila
For this celebratory table,
And this song for it now we will sing.

the Refrain : Ah, darling Ljuda,
You we can not, we should love.
Same, as Lyudmila
Anywhere and never can be.

Ljuda is pleasant, pleasant, pleasant To us,
And it by right is famous for the kindness.
And this day, and in this hour
To you will confirm any of us,
That jubiljarsha ours it is simple a class!

the Refrain: Ah, Ljudiny of a hand
Are able to wash a floor, soup to weld, the kitchen garden to sit down.
Same, as Lyudmila
Anywhere and never can be.

We visitors gallant, gallant, gallant,
You happy birthday to congratulate we are very glad.
Now for Ljudiny of year we will drink time and we will drink two,
But that the head tomorrow was not ill.

(Evening comes to an end with songs, dances.)


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