50-year-old anniversary of the woman

the Meeting jubiljara

(Visitors stand in a row on three-four persons, part on words of the leader. Into a hall enters jubiljar and stops against "чтхчфэющ фюЁюцъш".)

  • the Leader : Part, friends, part,
    During this instant with all the heart smile,
    Pass forward without a doubt
    You of at whom birthday.

(Leaves jubiljar.)

  • Dear...!
    Today you brightly shine all visitors,
    After all on them you direct reflexions of the star.
    So let your beams and endow us henceforth with caress,
    Also it seems to us a life the big magic fairy tale.

(the Applause.)

  • That this fairy tale to us to prolong,
    At least on a little bit,
    You slowly, manage to pass
    Star path.
    Each star it is simple a riddle,
    From you one answer is required only.
    More safely follow a star way
    Also guess though something!
    Each of us dreams of it,
    I think that including you,
    To receive from hands of the man
    Now the fine... (flowers)

(Give a bunch of flowers)

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    To recollect then your biography.
    We will make now this ... (Photo)
  • The husband henceforth indulge more often,
    After all it gives you the... (kiss)

(the Husband kisses the birthday woman)

  • For all heros of the festivities
    In such here the moments,
    To give, we are ready endlessly... (an applause.)

(the Applause of visitors)

  • Miracles today to us not to bypass,
    Let it is strewed from the sky now... (confetti.)

(the star is attached To a ceiling from confetti. One of visitors pulls a string, the confetti showers the birthday woman.)

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    To be always with friends together,
    It is necessary to execute to all of us... (a song.)

(Visitors sing a song "Happybirthdaytoyou".)

  • Also it is a high time in honour of these minutes
    To hear to us here the anniversary... (Salute.)

(Visitors, piercing balloons, simulate salute).

  • the Leader : you have passed Tests, the birthday woman, splendidly.
    We want, that you for a table of all have invited visitors. Mi

(the Birthday woman invites all for a table. Visitors take seats.)

the Feast

  • the Leader : In December, when a cold and a strong frost,
    There is for holidays different a surprising demand.
    Someone is glad to Day of the magician, someone to Day ozhivlenja,
    And we celebrate today mum's Birthday.
    I with all the heart welcome gathered visitors,
    Also I open with pleasure mum's anniversary!

(fanfares Sound. An applause of visitors. Sparks-garlands on the main registration of a back are lighted.)

  • the Leader : Let this day will become history forever,
    And the birthday woman only the pleasure will bring,
    And visitors have fun let carelessly,
    Anybody, I hope, sad since an anniversary will not leave.
    That a celebration to begin, as it is necessary,
    To fill with all glasses it is offered.

(Music. Visitors fill glasses.)

I Suggest the first toast to drink standing.

the Toast

Happy birthday, mum, with an anniversary!
This evening together we with you.
And good words we will not regret
For you favourite and native!
For a long time our evening is shrouded winter tmoju,
You, mum, with us, you - our star.
And let your holiday is marked by us in winter,
We wish all you: shine always!
For you, expensive mummy!

(Visitors drink. A musical pause.)

the Leader : dear visitors! Knowingly say that the woman is a source of heat and light, and for the family - a guiding star which helps to go confidently on life road.

  • the Star by name of Tatyana
    Already in my hands.
    And all in it, as if, flawless,
    I am ready to confirm it not only in words.
    Here all beams warmly so strongly radiate,
    That visitors to touch them for a long time wish.

I suggest present to choose any beam of a star and to express the relation to the mistress of a tonight.

(the Leader approaches to visitors with beautifully issued "чтхчфющ" to which beams strips of a paper with the text are attached and suggests it to read in a certain order.)

  1. Tatyana! What does the name mean?
  2. And that it seduces all.
  3. Character firm, strong-willed.
  4. At first sight it not idle time.
  5. But basically the optimistical.
  6. Has a sight at things the personal.
  7. Nature is devoted, proud.
  8. Goes on a life without special work.
  9. We Tanej, the truth, all admire for a long time.
  10. And feelings to express in this day we will try.

the Toast

That feelings always overflowed the birthday woman,
I would like, that we now bokalchiki have lifted!

(Visitors drink.)

(the Musical pause.)

the Leader : expensive birthday woman! Such date mark only once in a life. And we very much would like, that you this day were in the seventh heaven. We hope that the special pleasure to you will be presented by our cloud of wishes.

(the Leader shows a volume paper cloud with an inscription "…ѕфі, as ours юсыръю".)

the Leader : Friends! I think that with your help this cloud will get notable weight and will fall on hands to the culprit of a today's celebration. I suggest you to name the wishes-adjectives beginning on these letters. The one who will offer the best variant, will be noted by a prize. So, please!

(Filling of a cloud with wishes. Rewarding of the best.)

  • the Leader : expensive mummy!
    We give a cloud of hopes and wishes,
    That it is more in you opened natural talents!

(cloud Delivery.)

the Toast

  • Visitors! Wine-glasses pour more full,
    For jubiljarshu all to the bottom amicably drink.

(Visitors drink)

  • the Leader : the cloud in the sky,
    Has disappeared But angels at all in anger.
    They go down from heavens,
    In a minute will be here.

(There are angels.)

  • the First angel : Here we, curly angels,
    In hands at us congratulatory leaflets.

(Open rolls, read.)

  • the Second angel : expensive birthday woman!
    With an anniversary it is congratulated,
    As before we protect.
    The first angel: we Will save up from different troubles
    Still forward on one hundred years.
  • the Second angel : the national rumour,
    Has a reputation That we the big musicians,
    It is necessary to show for you
    All latent talents.

(sing a song under a soundtrack "-ыѕсэшёър".)

the Song

In birthday such
Duet meet clockwork,
Mood at you
In a moment that hour will rise.
In an anniversary for all visitors
The birthday woman is more important.
Here therefore, friends,
Echo us of a word.

the Refrain: On date it is congratulated - aha, aha …
With all the heart we wish - aha, aha...
Happiness personal, boundless... Yes-yes-yes!

(the Refrain repeats two times.)

  • the Leader : expensive birthday woman!
    Let's not do long deviations,
    Let's begin now with warm congratulations.
    It is known that from constellation "Р=Ёюш=хыі"
    Your head has come to congratulate you.

(the Congratulation of the chief.)

  • the Leader : the Collective would like to know,
    When he will congratulate.
    Your turn has come.
    Begin, misters!

(a collective Congratulation.)

  • the Leader : dear visitors!
    All of you witnesses that in our sky
    One star light now does not grow dim.
    And by the way, there is among us one admirer,
    Which studies it many years.

The Word is given to the loved one - to the husband of the birthday woman.

(the soundtrack of a song of Sulejmana Sounds. Leaves. Sulejman, sings.)

the Song

I unique in the east
Shib-dab-dy-ba-yes. (2 times)
Who gives magics lessons
Shib-dab-dy-ba-yes. (2 times)
At wizard Sulejmana
All on fair, without a deceit (2 times)
At wizard Sulejmana.

(the Soundtrack calms down, the Sulejman-husband says words.)

Sulejman : About, a star of my eyes! You have subdued me at first sight...

(Sulejman leaves. The song soundtrack "¦№ to you sounds have arrived on ёрё". Group "…ыхё= Ёшх". Children of the birthday woman in wigs from a New Year's rain, with guitars in hands simulate song execution - the first couplet and a refrain after that speak words...)

  • the First : We stars of this children the presents,
    And call us simply "сыхё= Ёшх".

  • the Second : we Are known as platform stars,
    Us once again to represent all it is not necessary.

  • the Third : As we people musical, the Congratulation will issue the special.

  • the First : expensive mummy! Kirkorov in an anniversary has sent you a bouquet.
  • (Gives flowers.)

  • the Second : His wife - greetings. (Send "яючхыѕщ".)

  • the Third : Christina - a photo from a cover. (Give a photo from a cover.)
  • The First: Bulanov - beautiful boots.

    (Give boots from Barbie.)

    • the Second : Gazmanov - gentle words.

    • the Third : And Gubin... Has not solved while.

    • the First : But we advance it
      And the present is handed over.

    • the Second : From Sulejmana and from "…ыхё= Ёш§"
      From the son-in-law, the daughter - in-law, grandsons here standing,
      We give this miracle - to look novelties of Hollywood.

    (Grandsons take out a box from under the TV on the hall middle. "…ыхё= Ёшх" pretend that get the TV.)

    • the Third : Checking the new TV, we should be convinced of quality of the image of channels. So, we press the button. ("-рцшьр¦=" the TV button. There is an announcer.)
    • the Announcer : Good afternoon, dear televiewers! On air the program "+ш, yes  !" all interested persons, including you can become which participants. I invite in studio of three most courageous women and three men.


    • the Announcer : Dear participants! I ask you to be distributed on steams. Women will act in a role of players, men - in a role of buttons. I explain game rules: the leader asks a question to all players simultaneously. The participant the answer knowing on it, should press on "ъэюяъѕ" which that hour "шчфрё=" the musical signal, and only after that can answer. I ask to confer and choose in steams an original musical signal, for example: "ь ѕ-ь ѕ" "яшъ-яшъ" etc. (¦ѕцёшэрь-"ъэюяърьш" to put on a head berets.)

    Attention, questions:

    1. How many letters in a word "¦сшыхщ"? (Six.)
    2. Name a date of birth of the birthday woman?
    3. As call the younger son of the hero of the festivities?
    4. What city is the native land jubiljara?
    5. How many floors in the house where the birthday woman lives?
    6. As the car which is in a family jubiljara is called?
    7. Name the river which proceeds in a city where there lives the birthday woman?
    8. What vegetable occupies the greatest space in a kitchen garden of the hero of the festivities?
    9. In what month the birthday woman meets autumn?

    10. What newspaper notifies jubiljarshu on a life of our city?

    • the Announcer : It was last question. Time up has come to sum. The best experts on a steel...

    (Rewarding of winners.)

    • the Announcer : On it we finish transfer "+ш yes  !". With you there was incomparable Ellochka.

    ("…ыхё= Ёшх" "т№ъы¦ёр¦=" the TV, hand over from it the passport jubiljarshe.)

    • "…ыхё= Ёшх": expensive mum! The TV "ПрЁя" - the best in the world! Let it costs always in your apartment.

    ("…ыхё= Ёшх" leave a hall.)

    • the Leader : About pozdravlenjah, visitors, I ask you not to forget.
      At you now minute to have a bite.


    • the Leader : Today to the birthday woman with bow low
      The constellation,
      addresses That belongs to the family.

    (Congratulations of relatives.)

    • the Leader : Among all constellations is brighter, more cheerful
      We observe here constellation of friends.
      It hastens to wish happy birthday
      And to state to the girlfriend pozdravlene.

    (Congratulations of friends.)

    • the Leader : Gifts, cards and congratulations -
      It causes fine sensation.
      That pleasure this to us to prolong,
      Glasses need to be poured.

    (Visitors fill glasses.)

    the Toast

    I drink to your wishes!

    (Visitors drink.)

    • the Leader : Friends!
      We continue our holiday further,
      The birthday woman with the spouse to dance it is invited.

    (Dance of spouses.)

    (Dancing branch.)

    • the Leader : dear visitors! If we look at the star sky we will be convinced that the birthday woman was born under the badge of the zodiac "Р=Ёхыхч". Therefore I ask to welcome the person having a direct bearing on this sign.

    (the hunter on miniskis in a cap with ear-flaps Enters, behind a shoulder - a gun.)

    • the Hunter : Happy birthday, the Sagittarius!
      It is visible at once, you are a fighter.
      And good luck
      To wish you it is time.
      By a holiday I was late,
      The gift chose all,
      That the purposes to me to reach,
      It was necessary to hunt on game.
      Here zajchatinki has brought,
      Perhaps on it here demand.

    (two visitors who have been changed clothes for suits of hares Run out, sing a song.)

    the Song

    1. Every year this day we gather.
    Not then, again to sit behind a table:
    In your birthday we without falseness and flattery
    With all the heart and with mood we will sing about that...

    the Refrain: And to all of us it is equal, and to all of us it is equal,
    That we will eat that we will drink.
    We know for a long time so it is got,
    Your birthday the kind should be.

    2. To you we On a visit go at all for a supper,
    We had time to learn generosity of the kind soul,
    Your birthday for this purpose also is necessary to us,
    That you could congratulate and to you to tell...

    • the Leader : the Hunter I with game ask not to lag behind,
      To dance razveselyj visitors of all to invite.


    • the Leader : Dear visitors! The most light dance of our evening appears. We invite steams wishing to take in it part.

    the Condition: before the beginning of dances all steams light Bengal fires. Music sounds. Steams dance. In the end of dances the prize is received by that pair at which the burning Bengal fire will long hold on.

    (Competition. Rewarding.)


    • the Leader : we wish to continue the Feast, friends,
      We ask to take behind a table all places. (visitors take places behind a table.)

    • the Leader : dear visitors! We always admire shining stars in the night sky. Especially our attention is involved with constellations of the Big and Small She-bear which in the people simply name a ladle. We have managed to extract these star ladles from the sky, and we offer you, friends to enjoy from them a star drink, having toasted in honour of ours jubiljara.

    (the Toast from visitors.)

    • the Leader : It would be desirable to wish our birthday woman that her life always remained a full bowl, as this ladle, shining to us from the fine night sky. (An applause.) looking at the mistress of a tonight, it is possible to tell that it as the star, is simultaneously close and far for us.

    To reach a star of this far
    It is necessary to make flight,
    And to each feast on a rocket fast
    I suggest to receive forward.

    (the Leader gives out two breadboard models of a rocket.)

    So, attention, flight rules: on a signal of the leader the first participant, looks out in a window, loudly says: "Р ¦сшыххь!" also transfers a rocket to the to the neighbour. The second, looking out, speaks: "¤ючфЁрты хь!" the third: "Р ¦сшыххь!" etc., while the rocket will not bypass each visitor behind the half of table. We will look, whose rocket will fast reach the birthday woman.

    • the Leader : But, before to go to flight, allow to confirm lists of crews. The request to visitors: to answer with chorus.

    • the Leader : Us plus, a minus 42.
      All are ready to flight?... Visitors: Yes!

    • the Leader : For anxiety there is no reason.
      Confirm all...

    • Men : Men!

    • the Leader : Well, and women in the answer Tell: you are afraid?...

    • Women : No!

    • the Leader : Rockets are ready. Commands on a place.
      To flight we go amicably all together.
      5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Start-up!

    (Game "¤юых= Ёръх=№". Summarizing.)

    • the Leader : Today for the birthday woman is solving, a turning-point in her life. After all each great occasion is a present hour of triumph which defines our further life.

    So, the mistress of a celebration,
    Your hour of triumph comes.
    Now you in a deity role,
    And to listen to you all hall wishes.

    (the Reciprocal word of the mistress.)

    • the Leader : I Ask, visitors to drink you
      For the come hour of triumph!

    (Visitors drink.)

    • the Leader : Friends! About music do not forget, All dances amicably execute. (dances.)

    • the Leader : I Suggest visitors to light some new stars in our sky.

    the Task: to all participants of a command serially to light candles which are established in the form of a star. Whose command will cope with the task faster?

    (Game. Rewarding.)

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      the Leader : Dear visitors!
      Who conducts to all stars of an abacus?
      Well, of course, the astrologer!
      Only will flash where a star,
      It arrives there.

    (There is an astrologer.)

    • the Astrologer : Good evening, dear visitors and hozjajushka!
      To the birthday woman from heavens
      I have got a miracle from miracles.
      With an anniversary I congratulate.
      I hand over this pie to it.
      On it set of stars.
      To blow into them many forces are necessary.
      Expensive birthday woman!
      At a command "=Ёш-ёх=№Ёх!" - it is necessary to smile more widely.
      And on "Ёрч!" or on "фтр" - to prepare at first.
      As I will tell "эрёшэр=і!" - it is possible to blow into candles.

    (Jubiljar on command blows into candles. The pie and the lighted candles after competition put on with

    • the Leader : we Ask visitors to sit down for tables of all,
      After all it is necessary to drink and a little to eat.

    (Visitors take places.)

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      the Leader : This holiday-birthday.
      Simply nice anniversary.
      That fun,
      has proceeded To everyone I will tell: "Pour! ' "

    (Visitors fill glasses.)

    the Toast

    in glasses wine Let sparkles.
    With an anniversary Tatyana is congratulated by it.

    (Visitors drink.)

    • the Leader : expensive birthday woman! In a life there are many pleasures. And we wish you, of course, in birthday their whole one hundred. But, itself you understand, not all desires come true. Therefore we should find out, what of hundred pleasures of a life precisely wait for you forthcoming year before following birthday.
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    We will suit a meteoric shower,
    Catch stars all successively.
    How many you here will catch them,
    So much pleasures you learn.

    (the Leader throws stars on which are written "Ёрфюё=ш цшчэш" the birthday woman tries to catch them.)

    Inscriptions on stars:

    1. Pleasure from presence at a philharmonic concert.
    2. the Tranquil pleasure after crops of seeds in a wooden box on a window sill.

    Violent triumph after a victory in a cup match of a favorite team.

    1. the Pleasant cognizance about the sum of the percent which have run on the bank account.
    2. the Absolute relaxation during stay in a 100-degree sauna.

    Exotic pleasure from employment by love in unadapted for this purpose a place.

    1. Pleasure from "°юяшэур" (circulations on shops) in foreign capital.
    2. Primitive delight during hunting for a duck.
    3. Impetuous fun on a drunk and stupid party.
    4. Quivering expectation of a compliment during time potchevanija visitors solenjami and varenjami house preparation.

    Mercenary pleasure from personal acquaintance to the known.

    1. Blissful frenzy from sitting with mormyshkoj in hands on ice near lunki.
    2. the Pleasant ache in joints after okuchivanija a potato plantation.

    (Inscriptions on the stars caught by the birthday woman, are disclosed for all. Then what she has missed will become engrossed in reading.)

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      the Leader : From the asterisk sky have fallen,
      And to visitors all have punished,
      That from them without promedlenja
      Here have collected a necklace.

    Two persons for competition in creation of a star necklace Are invited. On a signal it is necessary to attach asterisks by means of paper clips on a thread of a New Year's rain. Who will manage to use the greatest quantity of stars and will cope with the task faster, that and will be considered as the winner.

    (Game. Summarising. Rewarding. Delivery of a necklace to the birthday woman.)

    • the Leader : Friends! In honour of a today's holiday draw of a black box is spent. The one who names contents of this box, becomes its owner. The leader has the right to answer questions of visitors words "фр" and "эх=".

    (Variants "ёюфхЁцшьюую": 1. Cognac - a star drink, 2. - the Audiocassette - voices of stars of a platform.) (draw. Delivery "ёюфхЁцшьюую".)

    the Toast

    For that. That henceforth so all carried
    Let's pour now all gramme on hundred.

    (Visitors drink.)

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      the Leader : Without music in any way it is impossible,
      Let's dance cheerfully, friends!


    • the Leader : Anniversary has approached for a long time to the end, friends,
      To leave hard, but already it is time.
      I hope in a year this day and hour
      At the mistress behind a table again a meeting you.

    (music Sounds. Visitors go home.)


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