50-year-old anniversary of the man

Leading 1

This day has gathered us and has united,
The birthday man in a place of honour of all itself has eclipsed,
After all not without reason it is awarded today by destiny
This date that in the people we call gold.

Leading 2 Not a secret that lived jubiljarom years are present riches which are estimated not in money, and kind acts. Therefore, looking at the hero of the festivities, it is possible to tell safely that before us the gold person, and we all love it and уважаем*.
Leading 1

Let behind a window the beginning of the century,
We will not change traditions,
For expensive person
Wine glass now we will taste.
I suggest all visitors to fill glasses!

(Visitors fill glasses.)

the Toast

Dear jubiljar! We congratulate you with gold anniversary! Let gold will remain all next years your life, and it means - the house will be a full gold bowl, successes in work - the largest nuggets, health strong, as a gold ingot! Let's drink for jubiljara and its present birthday!

the Leader 2 : Respected...!
You were born a late autumn time,
When sheet for a long time disgraces gold,
White snow has surrounded all in a court yard...
From under snow we give sheet to you.

Let this gold sheet will keep heat in your soul and will fill a life with pleasant memoirs.

the Toast

We Will wish, dear visitors, to ours jubiljaru so much happy days, how many multi-coloured leaves cover the earth with a mellow autumn, and we will fill for it glasses.

(Visitors drink, and jubiljaru the sheet of a maple issued by gold gift packing, in which centre a family photo jubiljara is handed over.)

Leading 1 Dear visitors! Today we very much would like, that jubiljar felt, as the king on a throne. Therefore we with pleasure hand over it a gold crown (dress on jubiljara) and we suggest to listen to the priblizhenngh.
Leading 2 After all for the birthday man birthday is an annual gift to be glad to love and an arrangement which are fed for it with relatives and friends, and for us - an occasion to come to the person, its friends and to tell that is on heart.
Leading 1 So, in all honesty, find kind words to ours jubiljara, having deciphered the card chosen by you.


  4. DOW
  5. TASS
  6. KPU
  7. PMK
  8. UPI
  9. SINH
  10. NTV
  11. RTR
  12. VAZ
  13. ZIL
  14. OKA
  15. DRSU

For example: OVD - it is adored to the Value for a long time. (The song soundtrack "Гюыю=юх ёхЁфчх" Sounds; performed by S.Rotaru, visitors choose the cards attached to a soft toy in the form of heart, decipher an abbreviation and name that at them has turned out.)

the Leader 2 : Friends! It seems to me that the birthday man is very touched your words and compliments. I think that its heart is always opened for you. And that you have been assured of it, I suggest jubiljaru to hand over to each of you gold keys from the heart which are in this casket.

(Jubiljar distributes to all visitors an iris "Гюыю=ющ ъы¦ёшъ". Each sweet is numbered by quantity of visitors.)

the Leader 1 : Sense here not so in an open door, How many in gold human heart. Such heart at ours jubiljara.

(the soft toy in the form of heart in, from brocade Is handed over jubiljaru.)

the Leader 2 : dear visitors! Recollect, please, all figures connected with a date of birth of our birthday man.

(Visitors name.)

the Leader 1 : Pay attention to the gold keys. Who on sweets has a named figure, receive memorable prizes. (The leader shows a card 28.11.1951г.) Accordingly 1, 2, 5, 8, 9 - happy figures.

(Delivery of prizes.)

the Leader 2 : the Today's holiday is conceived uneasy. We ask visitors to be prepared for a toast.

(Fill glasses.)

the Toast

We drink to the owner of our party, for its hospitality! And for its heart from pure gold of the higher test!

(Visitors drink.)

the Leader 1 : road jubiljar! It is a pity that is not visible in the late autumn of gold of parks, But we hand over you a gold scattering of gifts.


That the youth has for a long time remained yours,
Drink tea you in the mornings "Гюыю=р  ёр°р".

(Hand over tea.)

That there was at you a happy person,
Receive in a gift this gold egg!

(Hand over the kinder-surprise.)

That your house was bypassed by troubles,
Accept from us gold coins.

(Hand over chocolate coins in a gold foil.)

Not to put congratulations an end,
Unpack all today "Гюыю=ѕ¦ сюёъѕ".

(Hand over beer.)

the Leader 2 : Congratulations, there will be we hope, to continue. I think that all are ready to act with a toast.

(the Leader asks visitors to speak for a congratulation, delivery of gifts.)

the Leader 1 : Today, this anniversary day, gold words about the son mum jubiljara will tell... (The Congratulation of mother.)

the Leader 2 : Happy birthday expensive and favourite person is congratulated by the wife and the son. (Family congratulations.)

the Leader 1 : road jubiljar! Accept congratulations from close relatives.

(Relatives in number of seven persons change clothes in suits of gnomes. Under an easy melody execute dance movements "-х=ър-хэ·ър" also address to visitors in an age order. At most "ё=рЁ°хую уэюьр" in hands the drawn big wrapper of chocolate " Alpgn +юыф" covered with gold gift packing.)

7th gnome : In a thicket dense
Kamyshlovsky pine forest
There lived gnomes a family,
Dug all without analysis.
1st gnome : They are known for a long time for all.
Them under the account exactly seven.
2nd gnome :
(Represents the first):
the Senior - the wisest gnome,
He cares of that,
That there were tools
At brothers during the necessary moments.
3rd gnome :
(Represents the second):
the Brother is less - the gnome serious,
Efficient and funny.
4th gnome :
(Represents the third):
the Third gnome - that merry fellow,
It will make laugh you though as.
5th gnome :
(Represents the fourth):
And the fourth - that dreamer,
Different treasures dobyvatel.
6th gnome :
(Represents the fifth):
the Fifth gnome - interesting,
Zavlekatelnyj, grandiose.
1st gnome :
(Represents the sixth):
the Gnome of the sixth - the slogger kind,
Searches for gold here and there.
1st gnome :
(Represents the seventh):
That the seventh without promedlenja
Could count each gramme.
5th gnome : yesterday we have received your telegramme, we for a day have pitted 50 deep mines.
7th gnome : How many gold sends, All with itself have brought.
(Show "чюыю=ю" - a gift in size with Whatman paper half-sheet in gift packing.)
7th gnome : For jubiljara here a riddle.
What there?. It is a chocolate!
(Remove gift packing, and there - the big wrapper of a chocolate "+ы·яхэ уюыф" drawn on a Whatman paper.)
5th gnome : "+ыіяхэ уюыф" it nazvane, Our hands it starane.
7th gnome : Jubiljar, you look,
Here stuffings exactly three.
(Overturn a wrapper, and on other party three kinds of chocolate of the same name envelopes from three families with money.)
5th gnome : Is with a nut, is with raisin,
Is and simply chocolate.
We hope that it
You will receive Ra
1st family : Chocolate dairy is had control over by us,
It to you will help udach to reach with affairs.
(Hand over "ъюэтхЁ=№".)
2nd family : Chocolate with raisin are glad to present,
That for the highlight you could have a reputation always.
(Hand over "ъюэтхЁ=".)
3rd family : Here to you a nut in glaze,
That you strong were always,
And then to your nature,
Years will be it doesn't matter!
(Hand over "ъюэтхЁ=".)
5th gnome : It suggested by all to pour, That presents to wash.
(Visitors fill glasses, "уэюь№" them join.)
the Leader 2 : With 50-year-old anniversary congratulate the birthday man of the fellow worker.
(the Congratulation of colleagues.)
the Leader 1 : the Dear birthday man! Accept warm wishes from the close friends.
(Wishes of friends.)
the Leader 2 : Dear visitors! There is such aphorism: "Гюыю=ю check fire, the woman - gold, and the man - цхэЁшэющ!" we Will try to be convinced of the validity of it, statements.
(to Jubiljaru and his wife envelopes with cards are handed over. In one of them - questions, in other - answers. The wife asks questions to the husband by means of cards, the husband answers it in the same way.)


  1. Zolotko, you will give me huge bouquets of roses for each holiday?
  2. the Darling, you can sometime believe that "цхэр on a sofa is a gold in ърЁьрэх?"
  3. Favourite, you would like to become in the future the gold digger?
  4. Buying a gold ring, you can dare to give to its first comer?


  1. I secretly dream of it.
  2. Without a bottle here not to understand.
  3. It can happen only in the sleep.
  4. Without ceremony! But then you have only yourself to blame...

the Leader 1 : Thanks! God grant, that in your family always there were answers to all questions, and gold was not a stumbling-block.

the Leader 2 : Friends! Each of us though time in a life dreamt to catch a goldfish that it has granted three treasured desires. And now I offer you this unique possibility. (the leader bypasses visitors with a sack in which there are the small fishes who have been cut out from a cardboard. One of them - gold, also suggests to choose any, without looking in a sack. The owner "чюыю=ющ Ё№съш" have the right to sound three desires, having chosen them among the cards offered leaders. But before he names among visitors of any "шёяюыэш=хы ".)


  1. I want, that the toast in honour jubiljara in which there would be three times a word "¦сшыхщ".
  2. has now sounded
  3. I want, that any subject being on a table has been handed over the birthday man as a memorable gift with value.
  4. I want, that your neighbours on the right and at the left have told chorus a children's poem.
  5. I want, that you have shaken hands jubiljaru and have ridden on one foot on the place.
  6. I want, that you have sung to visitors motive of a familiar song, and they have guessed its name.

(Rewarding "шёяюыэш=хыхщ" desires.)

the Toast

For all gold words,
Which have sounded today!
They after all to a shower of each of us
With itself overflowed.
Let's drink and for that,
That jubiljar has collected us together.
In a life that we call
We zolotoju the middle.

(Visitors drink.)

(Music. Dances.)


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