30-year-old anniversary

the Meeting jubiljara. Visitors rise a corridor (with spheres.) The birthday man (under fanfares) enters.

the Leader: Birthday special date!
This holiday with what not to compare,
Who wise has thought up that once
To the birthday man pleasure to give.
Let there will be a happiness and fun
After all only it we live,
Also we speak: "Р in the Afternoon of a birth! With light and joyful фэхь!"

(Visitors three times shout: "¤ючфЁрты хь!)

the Leader:

Also it is a high time in honour of these minutes
To hear to us here anniversary salute!

And now, expensive birthday woman, visitors in honour of an anniversary have prepared for you a magic drink, infused on forty grasses of love, good mood and the best wishes (jubiljar drinks a drink to the applause of visitors).

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the Leader: a word jubiljaru.

1st feast: In one song it is sung "-хэі births - sad яЁрчфэшъ!". And after all for the birthday man birthday is an annual gift to be glad to love and an arrangement which are fed for it with relatives and friends, and for us - an occasion to come to the person, its friends and to tell that is on heart!

the Toast jubiljaru:

With an anniversary, Julenka,
We congratulate with all the heart!
Toast to lift for your happiness
We already hasten for a long time.
Let all hardship
And grieves let will leave,
Only pleasure to you, Julja,
Your years let bear.
Be cheerful and happy,
And beautiful, as now.
Let good luck
accompanies Every day and each hour.

In: And I now suggest visitors to rise from the places and by tradition to drink standing up for an anniversary of our birthday woman!

In: Dear friends, and now I to you suggest to hear to behaviour rules on our anniversary. To be exact the charter of anniversary! (The charter)


In: Today during an anniversary there is the closest and native person of the birthday man mum! this day, respected......, very much it would be desirable to tell to you such good kind words:

There are gold domes,
There are gold grasses,
But there is more perfectly nothing,
Than hands of my mum!
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Dear visitors! Give an amicable loud applause we will greet mum … … …. After all it today too the birthday woman!

Dear friends! 30 years ago.... July 19., angels have descended from heavens and the great miracle has come true, on light there was a charming kid, the first-born in a family, the girl-......!

In: Respected..... (The reference to mum)! And you remember that day when you have brought........ From maternity home? What it was? Have passed years - what you it remember in 7 years? And what it was in 18 years? And what you it see already now?

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(the Congratulation of mum and the daddy) - a toast!!!

the Toast: Let's fill glasses and by tradition we will drink standing up for parents - they of it are worthy!

In: Dear friends! There is such good tradition in all imeninnye holidays to light a candle because fire is a symbol of a life, heat, a cosiness, beauty and good. I offer you......., too to light a candle. Let the flame of this spark never dies away giving light and heat your favourite and to relatives, and let on this spark also as well as today the people most favourite and expensive to you gather only.

In: Behind our table there is younger sister of our birthday woman ! You grew in one family, two girls. Two most close girl-friends. For certain, you trusted each other the most secret secrets, shared secrets. Tell to us the most memorable, most unforgettable moments of the childhood.

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the Toast of sister!!!

Game musical "РхЁфчх"

In: And today behind our celebratory table there is the charming little girl, the closest and native little man a daughter, and we now learn, what on heart at the Katyusha? What mum at you?

the Congratulation of the daughter!

In: Game with visitors: "РьѕЁхээ№щ шьхэшээшъ".

Dear friends, I wish to ask you what in day of the birth should be jubiljar - happy, cheerful, and thus it should be still slightly (what?) and who names definitions more will receive from jubiljara a prize!

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the Toast: for sincere wishes of visitors! - a kiss from jubiljara!

the Break: a musical pause.

2nd feast:

In: It is necessary to tell that our birthday woman - the happy person, round it today has gathered so many good close friends, relatives who throughout all life went near to it, together were both in a grief and in pleasure. And now I wish to transfer a microphone to near relations........!

Game with visitors: the Bunch of flowers from muses. Compositions

In: Congratulations of visitors!

Game with visitors: Who knows the birthday woman - 2 steams, questions and answers is better.

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In: Congratulations of visitors

In: the National proverb says: "-х have hundred roubles, and have hundred фЁѕчхщ". Today girlfriends have come to congratulate our birthday woman.

Game with visitors: today already so has much sounded good words and congratulations in юбиляра address, and now give all together with you we will think also I suggest you to name the best human qualities jubiljara on the letter "+" who names words will win a prize from jubiljara more.

In: Congratulations of visitors

the Break: a musical pause. (A streamlet, Parovozik, Gipsies, "¤юяѕЁЁш" dance with a kerchief, "-хэ=№")

3 feast:

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In: As well as any other woman, our birthday woman likes to receive kisses, and give we now we will try to kiss together all it (visitors on command should transfer chok and a kiss jubiljaru - 2 commands) - a toast for jubiljara!!!

Game with visitors: the Superprize from jubiljara (a wine bottle);

Game with visitors: Auction (on riddles jubiljara) - for auction to prepare: a can of beer, pants the husband., an apron, an apple;

Songs (in envelopes), from words to combine a couplet of a song and to execute it for jubiljara;

the Suit: "-рчръш"

Musical ярѕчр:а"ИрсЁшър" dances with spheres, game with a kerchief - who will more in an original way fasten a kerchief.

Final words of the leader.

Happy birthday!


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